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Met Police Investigate Labour Anti-Semitism

Updated on November 2, 2018
Labour leader:  Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn. | Source
Labour Party Insignia.
Labour Party Insignia. | Source
Labour leader:  Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn | Source
Met Chief Cressida Dick with Theresa May.
Met Chief Cressida Dick with Theresa May. | Source

Alleged or real Anti-Semitism?

According to an article on Sky News's website, the Labour party are under investigation for anti-Semitism. The investigation was inspired by a dossier given to Met Police Chief Cressida Dick whilst she was on London based LBC Radio.

The Labour party itself so Sky understands has yet to be officially contacted by Scotland Yard. The dossier handed to Cressida Dick in September contains alleged or real messages from within the Labour party which are being interpreted as Anti-Semitic. The messages again according to Sky News contain references which are anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist.

The Met police are liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in order to carry this investigation forward.

The Labour party has had a stormy summer when it comes to allegations of Anti-Semitism. There were huge protests by Jews in the summer calling out what they saw as Anti-Semitism in the Labour party. Many Jews and others have accused Jeremy Corbyn himself of being an Anti-Semite and some even drew comparisons to Hitler. Labour Lord Alan Sugar himself a Jew and presenter of 'The Apprentice' posted on Twitter a picture of Jeremy Corbyn and Adolf Hitler sat side by side in an open top car. Of course, Hitler and Corbyn could never have met but the picture of Corbyn was photoshopped on another figure (probably Mussolini) to make it look like the Labour leader was sitting in the same car as Hitler. Alan Sugar was asked to remove the picture which he saw as a joke but obviously, others didn't.

Some time ago one female Labour MP a Muslim posted a picture of Israel but not in the Middle East in the United States. Naz Shah posted the picture which read Israel should be relocated from the Middle East to the US as there is plenty of room over there for the Jewish state. Ken Livingstone also ran into trouble when he said Hitler was a Zionist. So depending upon your view these are supposedly real anti-Semitic incidents and no doubt there have been other alleged incidents within the Labour party. Again what some would interpret as Anti-Semitic may not have been the intention of those involved or maybe it was.

Jeremy Corbyn has been called Anti-Semitic because of his links with Hamas and Hezbollah when he supposedly called these outfits 'his friends'. Does this prove Anti-Semitism though? Mr Corbyn would defend himself by saying he shared platforms with these people because he was engaging with them to bring about peace with Israel.

No doubt when the Met Police do contact the Labour party as part of their investigation it will be broadcast on all the news carriers in the UK.

It has to be said though the ordinary Joe (or Jo) in the street probably doesn't care about Labour and Anti-Semitism. All they want is a party to rescue them from the cutbacks and austerity of this Conservative party. Whether Labour is the party to achieve this in government remains to be seen.

Naz Shah: Bio

Naz Shah
Naz Shah | Source

1) Best known for her controversial anti-Israel posting.

2) Led to her suspension from the Labour party.

3) Is a campaigner for Palestinian rights.

4) Said some controversial things about English girls being groomed by Pakistani men.

5) MP for Bradford West in the north of England.

6) Was born and raised in Bradford.

7) She is the mother of 3 children.

8) Chairs a committee dealing with mental health.

9) She is a community champion.

10) Deals with the community and social issues.

11) Speaks out on inequality.

12) Speaks out on violence against women.

13) Speaks out against forced marriages in the Muslim community.

Newspaper highlights Attacks On Jews On The Rise.

Hate crimes against Jews.
Hate crimes against Jews. | Source

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