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Michael Brown's Misguided Ways

Updated on December 8, 2014

Lack of a Loving Home and Parenting Skills

First lets give respect to the Brown family for their loss. After seeing Michael Brown's stepfather act like a wild person in front of Cameras and crowds just to prove his is lack of respect for the law I now understand why M B acted as he did in the store pushing and shoving around the store owner / clerk as he did after stealing from him and then not doing as the Officer asked him to do by moving to the side of the road. It's the way he was raised.

We are a country of Laws and when a Police Officer says move to the side of the road or get on the ground, that is what you do. not disrespect the the Officer's request and I take it that is what Michael Brown was raised to do like the world owes him something when he has broken the law.

Obama and the Attorney General have done nothing but fan the flames buy sticking their noses where they don't belong. What the heck is Obama going to do but run his mouth where it is not needed! To join them is big mouth Sharpton who only comes out of the woodwork when there is a problem that he can heighten the anger by saying things such as the grand jury system was misused in the case of Michael Brown, If it had been handled any other way and with the same evidence, with the same results, the same actions by these uncivilized people would have brought about the same results.

People like Sharpton, Jackson,and the Government for years have played the Race Card allowing the Black Race to act as if they are owed something because their own race sold them to the French and others during the slave period. The Black's of today have the same opportunities as the White Race bit it is tp easy to sell drugs and break the law as Michael Brown did and think their are no repercussions for their actions.

I won't keep the NAACP out, they do deserve dishonorable mention. What has the NAACP done for the advancement of Black people. Absolutely nothing. That was easy to answer and that is disappointing to know your own people have no interest in your advancement. Don't get me wrong there are lots of successful people of color. They did not put up with their own saying they were to white because they were doing good in school as happens every day to the one's that are trying to succeed in life and not trying to go to jail or live off the hard working middle class tax dollars. Obama has been a huge disappointment in advancing America. The Black's have a tendency to lean toward not working and that is something I don't understand. When I was in the retail business back in the early to mid 70's there would be customer's from the Black community with two or three names that they would receive welfare checks for and have layaway's that they would not remember which name they used. Very disappointing!

You did not see the White neighborhood going out and burning down their own business area when O J Simpson was let free and everyone knew he committed murder but got off because of something having nothing to do with the case! Why because they are not stupid and abstain from breaking the law and respect the local business owners and enjoy shopping their stores.

BASICALLY THEY GIVE A DAMN AND THERE NEEDS TO BE CHANGE AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMA'S "HOPE AND CHANGE CRAP"! There needs to be a caring change in the black community and the NAACP needs to step up for a change.

Slavery has been over as far as the Black's are concerned for a long time here in the States. No one owes anything for the past. If it had not been for slavery the USA would not have been as populated as it is with the Black community so in ways people suffered for a good thing. Think about it and tell me what you think.


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