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Micheal Kirby~ The Great Australian Dissenter

Updated on October 30, 2011
Micheal Kirby
Micheal Kirby

Hon Justice Micheal Kirby AC CMG

The Great Dissenter-As usual there is considerable media coverage and speculation on the nomination of a new Justice for the Supreme Court of the United States. Elena Kagan the Solicitor-General is the current Presidential nominee. Much has been made of Kagan's impeccable academic record. Some concern over her lack of Judicial experience. Some negative comment questioning her sexual preference. Here in Australia probably without doubt is the finest legal mind in Australia; Micheal Kirby AC CMG. At the present time Justice Kirby has four completed degrees and 13 honorary doctorates

Micheal Kirby AC CMG is without doubt one of the the finest legal minds alive in the world today. A recently retired Judge of the High Court of Australia. As well he was a Justice at the New South Wales Court of Appeal. Member of the International Panel of Jurist/s to name a few of his roles. In addition he was the youngest appointed Judicial officer of Australia when he was appointed President of the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission back in 1975.

Micheal Kirby AC CMG dissented in about of a third of the Judgments on the High Court. This is commented on by some notably in the media for being a dissenter. Micheal Kirby rightly points out that dissent is important to High Court of Australia. cases as their needs to be to get a case before them Usually a case has undergone considerable scrutiny to settle before it reaches the High Court otherwise their would be no point.

Until the year 2000 Micheal Kirby's had chosen as is his right to remain silent as to the sex of his partner. And rightly so who are we to judge in the usual contemptuous manner as we have historical done to homosexual preferences. Indeed Micheal Kirby concedes himself that had he "outed" himself much earlier is would be likely that his very eminent Judicial career who not have occurred.

Since his so called retirement from the High Court Bench Mr Kirby contnues to write attend legal forums lectures on the great dilemmas and challenges surrounding the law and society.


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