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Mike Pence Takes Immigration Lies to the Media

Updated on July 14, 2019
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Vice President Mike Pence lies to the American people once again. Team Trump doesn't seem to know how to tell the truth.

The Republican Party can't tell the truth

Mike Pence took to the airwaves today and who did he do an interview with? As Trump like to call them, CNN Fake News. Why? To try to convince the American people who don't support Trump that they are doing the right thing.

In an interview that lasted six minutes and fifty-one seconds, he managed to blame the Democrats 4 times and Congress 9 times.

What Pence needs to remember and CNN watchers will hold him accountable to is the fact that he and President Trump controlled the House and the Senate for 2 years and did nothing for immigration. They had all the votes to pass the funding for the Wall and they did nothing except use the American people and the migrants as a political tool that has backfired.

Checkpoints, stop illegal immigrants and drugs from coming into the United States.
Checkpoints, stop illegal immigrants and drugs from coming into the United States.
Trump administration and DHS close down highway check points in Texas and New Mexico
Trump administration and DHS close down highway check points in Texas and New Mexico
Will Hurd, Texas  Republican Congressman
Will Hurd, Texas Republican Congressman

Closed Checkpoints put America in danger

Donald J. Trump created a crisis on the border with his rhetoric and his actions. In 2016, the border crossing had a decrease in numbers for the 3rd year in a row prior to the Trump border wall rhetoric. Mike Pence tries to shift the blame to the Democrats, calling out the Democrats and Congress on the "manufactured crisis" comment.

Reality check: Fox News says, a high ranking and knowledgeable Texas Congressman who oversees 800 miles of the southern border in his district; denied that Trumps "crisis" in the border is a myth.

Congressman Will Hurd of Texas went on to claim that El Paso, Presidio, Del Rio and Eagle Pass are some of the safest cities in the United States.

"A wall from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security."---Will Hurd

Donald Trump himself, all but called it a manufactured crisis when he called it a state of emergency and said, "I didn't need to do this, but I'd rather do it much faster."

In a lawsuit filed by Democrats and other organizations to keep Trump from moving $2.5 billion dollars from the military budget to build a border wall that he campaigned on; a judge denied the reallocation of funds. This month, an appeals court judge made the blocking of reallocation of military funds permanent.

Today, the unforseen actions of the Trump administration and the Republican Party to use immigration as a political tool for the 2020 election has left the American border security in shambles. Not being able to legally obtain the funds for the border wall and the desperation of immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to make it into America before the border is closed off; Trump has created a major crisis on the border.

There are 48 US border crossings. 29 in Texas alone. 3 on the border of New Mexico and Texas. Due to the mismanagement of staff and funds, major highway checkpoints have been closed temporarily of as of March of 2019. These checkpoints are used for checking to make sure all passengers coming through are American citizens as well as checking for drugs being brought into the country. Today these sit closed and unmanned.

In New Mexico, a major checkpoint for drug smugglers has been closed and the Governor of New Mexico is calling for it to be reopened because Cartel's are thriving right now as there is nothing and no one to stop them from bringing their drugs into our country.

From January to March, there was an increase of 374% in families seeking asylum at the southern border. According to Hector Garza, a border patrol agent as well as the Vice-President of the National Border Patrol Council has stated that about 75% of the agents are being used for processing, transferring and caring for asylum seekers instead of what they were hired for; which is border security.

Fiscal Year 2017 which ended in October of 2018 showed that of the 19,437 border patrol agents in the United States, 16,605 were on the southern border. Weakening our other border protection, while many of Trump's donors make extreme sums of money by building and housing immigrants in their camps.

The GEO group and subsidiaries have donated over $1 million to Trump through PACs and organizations. With others following suit.
The GEO group and subsidiaries have donated over $1 million to Trump through PACs and organizations. With others following suit.

They aren't Mexican's, they aren't animals and Democrats weren't responsible for it

Trump's campaign rhetoric about Mexico not sending us their best, sending us their drug dealers and murders was for the benefit of his supporters. The conservative media helped his cause by calling them an "invading horde" and "a full scale invasion by hostile forces." These people aren't even Mexican and Mexico isn't sending them here.

A Honduran politician said it best when he said, "the migrants do not run after the American dream, they flee the Honduran nightmare."

2016, Under the Obama administration, United States Aid to Central America was broken down into 3 areas. $131 million to Guatemala, $98 million to Honduras, $68 million to El Salvador. When Trump came into "power" he cut the aid to $69 million to Guatemala, $66 million to Honduras, $46 million to El Salvador. That was a cut of $116 million dollars to impoverished countries. Then he changed his mind and said he would not be sending them any thing. Trump cut financial aid for fiscal year 2017 (October 1, 2016- Sept 30, 2017) and fiscal year 2018 (October 1, 2017 - Sept 30, 2018). The last time they received financial aid was from the Obama administration.

On Nov 14, 2018, seven days after the Democrats won the House and almost two months before new members were sworn in, hundreds of migrants traveled from Central America on what was called Migrants Way of the Cross (Viacrusis del Migrante). This group that began their trek to America on Holy Week in 2017 was made up of 80% Hondurans. As they traveled, more people heard of their journey and joined them.

As soon as Donald Trump was sworn in, he made it clear with his Zero Tolerance agenda that letting anyone through the Mexican border, regardless if they came in illegally or legally, he was going to make it difficult for them to come in. April 2019, Trump tweeted, "The country is full, so turn around". March 2019, he and his administration have threatened to close the southern border, which logistically cannot be done, but for Trump to say it, it shores up the support of his base.

Gestapo raids, arrests and detention. ICE raids, arrests and detention.
Gestapo raids, arrests and detention. ICE raids, arrests and detention.

Pence deflects

Mike Pence said, "Congress must take the next step. Reform these asylum laws, close the loopholes and end this unprecedented migration.

Why is it congress' responsibility?

  • Congress under Republican control- 2 years and did nothing
  • Trump changed asylum laws and fear-mongering has created this unprecedented migration.
  • Mitch McConnell blocks anything that Congress attempts to pass
  • Congress passed a bill through the house to give border security funding for child care, medical care, hygiene care, $1 Billion to shelter and feed immigrants. Mitch McConnell would not push through the Senate.
  • Republican bill wanted money for the Pentagon, money for payroll and no detail of how they would spend money allocated for the care of the immigrant children.

Mike Pence is the Vice-President of the United States, shame on him for trying to deflect his responsibility.

Mike Pence also said, "People calling these concentration camps is an outrage.Nazi's kill people, our Border Patrol agents are saving lives."

The Gestapo was the Nazi's Secret Police who was run by Heinrich Himmler a Hitler loyalist. His Gestapo collected data on anti-Hitler and created an Anti-Jewish force. Arrested political opponents and those of an "un-pure" race. They had over 150,000 camps by 1933.

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), was created in 2003, by Republican President George Bush. They were created to help with immigration and illegal activities like human trafficking, drugs, etc. Under the Trump Administration, he fired the director in charge and brought in a loyalist, Thomas Homan as "acting" director. ICE is collecting data on private citizens through private businesses and tech companies. We have over 637 camps in the United States. 24 adults and 6 children have died in these camps; that we have been made aware of.

Mike Pence, Oscar Winning Performance
Mike Pence, Oscar Winning Performance

Oscar winning performace

Mike Pence gave an Oscar winning performance, but his lies were evident. The lie that jumped out the most:

When asked about the family facilities they toured that morning. He made it sound like they were checking into a bed and breakfast and how it was nothing like the media was talking about.

Making sure to hit every point of contention and give the impression that all their facilities were like this one. When the reporter mentioned the fact that it was newly built, he had a nervous laugh and said he could not account for the other facilities, but the one they saw that morning is one they built to handle the overcrowding and that it was built even before Congress funded that facility.

Was his trip only to have a photo-op at the new facility? As Vice President, he should have visited several facilities to make an accurate judgement of what needs to be done.

To set the record straight from those that are dealing with these facilities. A border patrol agent and a federal inspector.

Border Patrol agent:

  • Kids crying simultaneously on a regular basis
  • Smell of the people that have been there to long
  • We weren't built with showers for them to get the hygiene supplies they need.

Federal Inspectors:

  • Over crowding
  • Unsanitary
  • Worried about riots due to conditions

Americans deserve the truth, not an Oscar winning performance of lies.


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