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Which of Your Beliefs Were Implanted Using Mind Control?

Updated on September 15, 2018

Mind Control is Easy

Mind control is easier than you think. Here are two examples:

1. From an article in Men's Health published years ago: To get a girl to go out with you, you can create an advantage using classical conditioning. Ask three questions about her favorite things, things she really likes.

"What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?"

"Oh, I really like strawberry."

Then, the dishonest male is directed to repeat the answer while drawing attention to some other object, like a salt shaker.

"You really like strawberry," he says as he spins the salt shaker on the table.

Do this three times, with three questions. "What is your favorite vacation destination?" And, "What is your favorite song?"

Finally, the slimy man is told to ask the lady on a date, "So, would you like to have dinner with me Friday night?" As he asks, he is instructed to spin the salt shaker, or repeat whatever object-action he used as his "tag" (conditioned response).

2. How to beat a black belt. More than a decade ago, my black belt room mate invited me to spar at his dojo. I took my gi and my white belt and met him for a 6 o'clock training session. I was matched up with a black belt from this mixed arts school.

I beat him consistently using an easy trick I learned reading a book written by a Japanese sword master. The idea is to train your opponent how to respond. It is easy!

We bowed and I advanced with a left-right strike combo to the face. He easily blocked these. The last strike of my three-punch combo was toward his gut. He stepped forward and blocked this also with a downward block. Immediately, I jumped back, out of range of his response.

We moved toward each other. When I reached almost close enough to hit him, I repeated the exact same three-punch combo, He blocked them all, and I sprung back, out of range.

Now, I already conditioned him. I moved forward, threw the left and the right, shifted my weight and swung my right leg around and kicked him on the side of his left thigh. As my leg connected, his own weight was on that leg as he performed a downward block for the gut-punch that never came.

Basically, someone with very little training and effort can manipulate and control another person's response. The immoral Romeo caused the woman to feel some of the same desire and positivity she holds for strawberry ice cream, her favorite movie, and her favorite place. He manipulated her emotions. In the dojo, a novice student can fool an opponent's muscle memory and/or the bodies tendency toward rhythm.

This tesseract is not new to science fiction. You can read about a tesseract in "A Wrinkle in Time", a book for 4th and 5th graders. The sketch here, I screen captured via Netflix. The drawing is one version of a theoretical 4th dimensional hypercube
This tesseract is not new to science fiction. You can read about a tesseract in "A Wrinkle in Time", a book for 4th and 5th graders. The sketch here, I screen captured via Netflix. The drawing is one version of a theoretical 4th dimensional hypercube

Subliminal Messages in Movies

Psychologists well know a phenomenon they call front loading. Front loading happens when someone receives a preconception about how a subsequent event is supposed to transpire. To overcome this, blind studies and double-blind studies are used. In a blind study, the subject being observed has no idea what the test or experiment is about. In a double-blind study, neither the subject nor the person directly conducting the experiment knows the goal of the study.

Front loading happens when someone is told how to interpret an event. For example, a major problem in leadership today results when one member of a conflict visits a person with authority and power and tells a slanted, even untrue, version of events. Then, the leader (almost always, sadly) goes to the second person in the conflict and punishes or reprimands the accused without listening. The leader thinks he/she knew what happened and trusts the head knowledge over personal observations- despite the truth that the information is often incorrect.

This is conducted in movies by use of repetition. As some American politicians have said, "Repeat a lie enough times, and they will believe it." (Originally attributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels).

Here are some ideas inserted into American thought via movies. You will note these statements and ideas in dialogue across a wide variety of movies. In my personal experience, they arrive in clusters. A series of movies will cover the same movie theme, or have the same phrase, altered slightly, in two or more movies. The goal is to get the idea recorded into the subconscious.

1. The time to lose virginity is the night of the high school prom. (As opposed to your wedding night).

2. The time to "experiment sexually" is in college. (It's really a time to form the foundation for a professional career.)

3. Genetically modified humans are superior.

4. Creation and belief in God are notions of fools; Evolution has too much factual information to ignore (not true, there is none conclusive.)

5. A parent should not be a friend to a child. The parent's job is to discipline only. (This is false. Love between parents and children should be absolute. The relationship surpasses friendship.)

Strange Front Loading

These are things I have noticed because the Holy Spirit first showed them to me in dreams. However, the theme plays in many movies.

The Savior of Mankind is an Alien or Alien Race

Here are movies in which a hostile alien force attacks earth. The humans fail to defeat the enemy on their own. However, another alien or even another alien race, or a small group of another alien race, save the humans.

And then, those aliens remain with humanity, living on earth.

Here are some movies in which this happens:

Aliens in Movies who Live on Earth

Bad Aliens
Good Aliens
Aliens Remain on Earth?
The Fifth Element
Dark planet
1 ship/Leelu
Green Lantern
the Lantern Corps
I am Number 4
Loric race remnant
Cowboys vs. Aliens
alien miners ("demons")
Ella Swenson
Legend of the Guardians
Pure Ones
Guardians/ Owls of Gha'hoole
The Watch
planet destroyers
Jamarcus (a defector)
Loki/ Frost Giants
Thor & friends
Wrath of the Titans
Chimera, Kronos, Kraken, Titans
demigods & gods
yes, demigods
The Avengers
Loki & Frost Giants
Superman II
General Zod, Non, and Ursa
yes, Kal-el, aka Clark Kent

Examples of movies in which earth is saved only by intervention of "good" aliens. What is the movie industry conditioning humanity to think and believe?

A New World Order

Take this warning seriously. Another common phrase uttered in the majority of these alien movies is "a new world" or "a new world order" or something like, "to bring order to a new world". These paraphrase the phrase, "New World Order", which comes from the Satanic Bible.

Front Loading to Expect Alien Help

This idea is very real. Many New Agers who claim to channel aliens (demons, really), believe there are "good" aliens. And, they already believe some kind of natural calamity will befall the earth. They believe in that time, the good aliens will arrive to save them.

It is just like the movies.

Those New Agers are directly deceived. However, others, atheists and even Christians, are being set up to believe a lie.

The truth is, no matter what the problem, no matter how great the challenge, even angels coming from the heavens and teaching a different gospel (that aliens created mankind), our reaction should be to humble ourselves, turn to Almighty God, and pray (Gal 1:8; 2 Chron 7:14).

One silver screen version of this good alien arriving to help fight bad aliens is Thor. In the flick, Loki arrives to open a worm hole and teleport an alien army. Thor arrives to fight Loki. Repeated versions of this theme create a strong interpretation bias (a form of idea and thought control.)

A bad alien race and a good alien race fight it out on earth.
A bad alien race and a good alien race fight it out on earth.

A Dream about a Fake Rapture- An Alien Rescue

Front Loading for Super Humans?

Recently, I noticed there have been several films about people with superhuman abilities. With the help of a question posted on Yahoo! Answers, the following list is provided:

  1. The 4400 (television series)
  2. Heroes (HBO)
  3. I am Number 4
  4. Fringe
  5. Jumper (with Christian Hayden)
  6. Three Inches
  7. slew of comic book hero movies: Spider Man, Batman, Green Lantern, et al.


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