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Mindless Meanderings on a Late Monday Afternoon

Updated on July 21, 2015

Mindless Meanderings

Mindless Meanderings on a Late Monday Afternoon

All I can say is, very interesting times we live in.

Bill Cosby, national treasure, paragon of morality, and America’s father, is exposed as a serial rapist. And if you didn’t know this tasty little nugget, Cosby holds the Medal of Freedom, an honor granted to him by the United States government. Maybe Father Bill took the freedom part a bit too seriously--freedom to drug and have his way with young beautiful women.

A male Olympic decathlon champion is now a woman, and he, ah she, just received an ESPY courage award. I really don’t care one way or another, but what exactly is an ESPY?

Donald Trump, who says he is worth more than $10 billion, (not long ago, oh, about a month ago, he was worth $8.5 billion), is now running for the Republican nomination for president and he’s doing it in the most interesting way possible—telling everybody how rich he is--"really rich", and insulting everyone in sight, Mexicans, the Mexican government, President Obama, Jeb Bush, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, rupert Murdoch, the king of right wing media, and now most egregiously, national treasure and war hero, John McCain! “He’s no hero!” says Trump, “A hero to me is someone who doesn’t get caught.” I guess five and half years at the Hanoi Hilton isn’t enough for a man who spent years collecting rent at low income housing his daddy owned. Now, that's a heroic. And, get this, Trump’s poll numbers keep rising! Who is this man going to insult next?—Ronald Reagan?, Jesus Christ? How much can the right take before they get truly offended and kick this guy with the cotton candy hair to the curb? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

They finally took down the Confederate Flag in South Carolina! Confederate flag supporters can’t quite figure out why—for them it is not a symbol of hate or slavery, but a symbol of strong Southern heritage that American soldiers died for. Like my brother Professor Cornel West said, “Maybe it’s time they found a new heritage.”

But let’s not stop there. A white woman posing as a black woman resigns from her post as an area NAACP President. She says now, that she is not African American, but black. Interesting. Her white father and mother are not happy.

The Supreme Court of the United States approved gay marriage. Lindsey Graham, another Republican presidential candidate is not happy about this.

Standing in the background watching all this and taking notes, trying not to let anything get past her, is none other than Hillary Clinton, the anointed one and imminent Democratic Presidential nominee trying to figure out how to make it look like she always supported gay marriage; that she always supported an increased pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants; and, oh yea, let’s not forget, that she was always against the Iraq War—that little yes vote in favor of it should not be construed as her true position. So wrong, so late on so many issues, but what the heck her husband was the first black president and she will take her rightful place as the first woman president! Go Hillary!

No, let’s not be hasty. A devout socialist, Bernie Sanders, could rain on Hillary’s parade. He is picking up steam as a Democratic presidential contestant. I like Bernie. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him lie before; but I’m really not sure how this socialist thing is going to play out if he wins the nomination and makes it to the general election. Remember the rude things they said about Barack Obama, that socialist, commie, Nazi, and if you listened hard enough, I think there was a little N-word sprinkled in there as well. I’m just saying. Donald Trump even said Obama was not an American citizen. He also said that there are no records of Obama’s school records, or something like that; which is interesting as Trump over the years has said he, Trump, graduated number one in his Wharton Business School class. But those records do exist, and in reality he graduated somewhere in the middle of his class. But why should someone running for president tell the truth? That’s not much fun.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love Donald Trump. I know he’s very easy to make fun of, maybe he’s been a bit over the top lately, but what American can’t love a man who increased his net worth by close to 12% in less than a month! Wait, news report! Trump says he is now worth $15 billion! Now he's really really rich! That's the kind of president we really really need!


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