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Mitt Romney's Stance on the War on Terror

Updated on May 31, 2013

As the coming 2012 elections looming over us, the American democratic-republic begins to wonder what effects might take over our society in the next few months. Already, the secret hands that turn the squeaky wheels of our government, have worked their magic into the mainstream media's. The signs are clear, from all the extra-focused activity on the two single candidates that those in control, would like you to believe, are you're only options for this presidential election.

And so, with the truth in mind, I feel it's time to ad my own two-cents into the political conversation, to give your mind something to seriously think about, if you're considering voting for any candidates in the main stream parties. That way, as you soak in all the propaganda being fed to you, you'll know somewhere in the back of your mind, that you always had a choice:

To Believe or Not to Believe.

Mitt Romney's Views on the War on Terrorism

Honestly, as much as I feel Romney is a total prat, I feel that from all the interviews he's ever given, he's a decent guy. In fact, I feel that way about almost all the candidates including Obama. Romney in particular, has followed his publicists advice closely, and maintains that he is only against "violent islam", which is still highly undefined to this day, but we all get the jist of what he is referring to. Romney has consistently said that he feels we should defend ourselves against the "terrorist threat" and be "tough on terror" but not peaceful and law abiding islamic people's (why the rest of the world wasn't included in that protection, I'm not sure...).

And while I may side with my libertarian vibe to avoid all wars and battles that leave our soil, I am not beyond seeing things from another persons point of view. The war on terror has been something that has separated this nation vastly, and everyone has a slightly different opinion on how things should be handled - hence why everyone wants to know what each presidential candidates stance on the W.O.T. is.

Why It ABSOLUTELY Does NOT Matter What Romney's Views Are

Here is a hard truth:

Romney's real views mean absolutely squat after he's elected.

Heck, they honestly don't mean a thing at the moment, because we don't play politics with individuals, we play politics with parties. That's why it appears that Romney is leading on the republican end of the polls. He actually has won very few earnest votes, but because so many people want to vote for candidates like Ron Paul or Roseanne, their votes are going to the party, and the party decides who gets to flash those votes around. As we well know from the last 12 years, whistle blower candidates like Ron Paul are loved by everyone EXCEPT the government, which means that they will do anything to make sure no surprise candidates win. That's why the system was changed to the party-centric delegate process in the first place. When you vote for someone, you actually vote for their Political Party, not for them specifically.

So regardless of whether Romney is a sweet innocent numbskull, or the worlds biggest boob, it will NOT matter. The mainstream political parties do not vote for people with REAL convictions. They could care less what each candidate really wants. All they are concerned with, is electing candidates who are either already on the payroll, or who are inexperienced enough to be bullied into following the status quo.


For those of you whom are happy with the bibles and guns ways of the Republicans, then there really is no reason for you not to vote for Romney or any other republican candidate that catches your eye. In the view of the parties, they are all the same.

Now... for those of you who either (a) Care about the future of our political system, or (b) just don't want Romney or Obama to get into office (or back into office as the case may be), I suggest one thing:

Know Your System Well, and Be ACTIVE

Take the time to research parties and candidates, and vote with your conscious, not with the mainstream thought of voting for the lesser evil. We should be voting for the right person for the job, or at very least, we should push the boundaries of our political system and evolve a bit, by getting another party into office - particularly one that might be more prone to fixing the system, so that we can vote for PEOPLE not Parties.


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