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Mitt Romney's NAACP Flop; Why We Shouldn't Care

Updated on July 22, 2012

This hub is no doubt a little late in coming, but if you follow politics, you will have already heard and read many opinions and analysis of Mitt Romney's little misadventure at his NAACP address. Republicans have tried to find a silver lining in the speech, noting that it may allow Romney to better appeal to white independent voters. Democrats have tried to state that the speech was tailor made to make President Obama's most loyal base look bad. A few have even claimed that the speech was meant to appeal to white racist voters because their votes are really hanging on the margins.(Sarcasm intended)

Set aside the fact that Mitt Romney really offended people when he mentioned cutting funding for programs that many black families desperately need, or that he tried to get away with saying Obamacare without anyone noticing. And ignore the fact that Romney told the mostly black audience at the NAACP rally that he would be a better President for black families than Obama has been (okay, really bad move, Mitt). Or that Romney received a standing ovation from the crowd as he left (maybe they agreed with something he said, or maybe they were just giving him credit for stepping out of his comfort zone). Why is this speech even a two day issue? It just shows how hungry the media is to create scandal.

This "issue" distracts us from the actual problems facing the country today. When November comes around, who will even remember, or care, that Romney was booed at an NAACP rally? The answer? No one. The issue of the day will be the economy. Not on whether Romney is a secret rascist or whether black people at NAACP rallies are rude (plenty of people boo at Obama too, probably). The media should show more respect for Americans intelligence than it has shown. We all deserve better.


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