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Mitt Romney's Poverty of Ideas.

Updated on January 18, 2013
Mitt Romney. He's all talk and no substance.
Mitt Romney. He's all talk and no substance.

In the shady world of politics, it is usually best to listen to each and every candidate and determine for oneself whether that candidate has any substance. A look at Mitt Romney's campaign so far does not bode well for the presumptuous Republican nominee. The shorthand description of his campaign would be this; Mitt blames Obama for the economy. Mitt blames Obama for apologizing for America (sic). Mitt blames Obama for gas prices...

Lets start with the economy. First of all, it must be said that the economy is no where near where anyone wants it to be. With a rate of unemployment at 8.3%, far too many people are still suffering from the misguided policies of George W. Bush. To put these numbers in perspective, however, it is necessary to look at where we were in 2008. True, the unemployment rate at the beginning of that year was 7.9%. However, the unemployment rate was rising rapid, even as the country was undergoing a power transition between George Bush and Barack Obama. By the time Obama was in office, the unemployment rate had climbed as high as 9%.

The economy as a whole was on a crash course towards another Great Depression. Only the economic stimulus, signed by George W. Bush, and later further implemented by Obama, averted disaster. The unemployment rate then began to fall to as low as 8.2%. What explains the recent rise? The number of unemployed Americans has just now rejoined the labor market, that is, more people are looking for work. And 163,000 jobs were added to the labor force in July. And wages are now higher than they were in 2011.

One of Romney's more ludicrous claims is that he would have let GM and Chrysler go bankrupt. Apart from upsetting Clint Eastwood, and losing Romney Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota, what would the impact to the economy have been? Those supporting bankruptcy might be interested to know that had one or both auto-dealerships gone under, the effect on taxpayers would have been very large. What's more, fewer cars on the market would have caused prices for new automobiles to rise. And the fall of the great companies would almost certainly have had a domino effect of epic proportions. With millions unemployed, the economy would have taken a huge turn for the worse.

Thankfully, that did not happen, because of the Auto Bailout. Romney's next argument for election is that Obama has "apologized" for America. If that is Mitt's best argument for his foreign policy credentials, it is no wonder that Obama leads so magnificently in foreign policy. If foreign polls count, then Obama has been steadily losing favor with the Arab world. The reason? They believe that he has been to fair with Israel. It is fair to point out that Obama has failed to bring peace between Israel and Palestine. That just about continues a trend that has been carried from President Truman on...

Arabs aside, the Chinese and the Russians aren't too fond of us either. For one thing, both were always critical of Obama in a way that other countries were not. And when, in 2010, Obama promised to stiffen American opposition to China's currency manipulation policies, the Chinese were even less enamored of him. Obama's own relationship with Vladimir Putin has always been strained. And the attitudes of both the Chinese and Russian citizens at large are less favorable to Obama then some other countries. If President Obama has been apologizing for America's role in the world, then he certainly has not been doing it very well.

Finally, some Republicans have been trying to blame rising gas prices on Obama. Never mind the fact that gas prices have fallen to 6% since June, and that they may continue to fall as low a $3.00 a barrel by the fall. The idea that any President can influence the price of gas in any given month is utterly laughable. If anything sets gas prices, it is the oil companies and the availability of oil at home and abroad.

Since Congressional Republicans, Paul Ryan among them have blocked the Presidents "American Jobs Act" of 2011, and have themselves offered few, if any, alternatives, they have relinquished their right to any credibility in the jobs debate. And they misrepresented Obama's "you didn't build that" remark, which has become infamous. Obama was referring to infrastructure, not businesses.

Romney and the Republicans are desperately hoping to distract voters from their own poverty of ideas. They offer us a promise of a change in administration, followed by four more years of what one might call "nothing". And that is because they have put nothing of substance on the table.


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    • Nathan Orf profile image

      Nathan Orf 5 years ago


      Thanks for commenting, and following! Yes, Romney sure looks like he is trying to buy the White House. But I think he still has an uphill battle.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      There was no Bush bashing. It was genuine outrage for what he's done. The bashing was on the people who stood up against him: "anti-American", "un-American", "traitors", "don't support the troops"....just for speaking out against Bushco!

      And I hate to tell you, but RMoney is a felon. As Gordon Duff said, Adelson and Koch have kept his white butt out of jail.

      He can pay his way out of anything.....that's the way the game's played in Amurrica.

      And he supports the right gang, so he's protected.

      Oh,and Bain Capital is working with China...on spy technology.

      The only ones drooling for a war are Bibi and Mittens.

    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

      Good hub! I thought the title was particularly bright - a poverty of ideas. Brilliant. I'm quite fearful that Romney's idea of a solution is to simply purchase it. He has the money afterall. Will he spend ours the with the same frivolity? Most likely.

    • Nathan Orf profile image

      Nathan Orf 5 years ago

      Michele Travis,

      Thanks for the link. I will definitely be checking it out.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Now he is going back and forth about his issues about China.

      Please read this one.

    • Nathan Orf profile image

      Nathan Orf 5 years ago

      Thanks all for commenting. I was busy, so I did not have time to respond to any individual comments. To make this real short...

      I am going to have to agree with SassySue about the gas prices thing. I don't think its fair when Republicans bash Obama about it. It was not fair when Democrats bashed Bush about it. But whats up with the recession ending before Bush was out of office? Funny, I rather thought Mitt Romney and the Republicans were complaining hard about the lack of economic recovery?

      And lovemychris is right, in a way. Romney has not been a very inspiring Republican candidate, given the fact that Michele Bachmann, Hermann Cain and Rick Perry and Rick Santorum were all ahead in the polls during the primaries. Romney beat them because he outspent them.

      And Michele Travis has a fair point about Romney's foreign policy record, or rather, lack thereof.

      I think you all have good points. I would be interested to hear more of them.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Well one of Mitts problems is he goes back and forth on what he votes for. He tells us a few of the things he is going to do. My concern is China. Mitt wants to be tough on China. That is a huge mistake. China gives nuclear material to Iran in exchange for oil. Iran really wants to attack Israel. Israel can nuke Iran into nothing in a few seconds. But, what will happen after that? Mitt doesn't know much about foreign policy. That is a huge problem. He is also an egomaniac. Those 2 things do not go well together.

      That is just what I have been thinking about. But the media does not say anything about it. Just look it up on the internet. He wants to be tougher than Obama.

    • profile image

      SassySue1963 5 years ago


      Funny. It was alright in 2008 when it was a bash Bush festival and most of the vote was just an anti-Bush vote.

      Further, a disagreement in policy is not "bashing". If we want to really discuss "bashing" perhaps we should talk about equating your opponent with a felon, making baseless claims about not paying taxes for 10 years (and using the Senate floor to do so), laughing about your opponent's wife horse therapy for MS, and basically saying your responsible for the death of someone's wife (already completely debunked).

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 5 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Face it....for much of America, all he has to do is bash Obama. Done Deal.

      Frankenstein could be on the ballot, and they'd vote for him/it. Planet ABO.

      Do not think, just react. Easy to accomplish, what with 20+ years of hate radio, and now a decade or so of hate tv.

      But what I can't stand are the sly manipulators. Errm--you're not that sly. Pretending to ponder *great* questions, like whether Obama is a muslim terrorist, or hates white people, doesn't make you an intellectual. And you're quasi-slyness is quite apparent.

      It's the old "so--do you still beat your wife?" routine.

      Now we have Obama "raiding" and "stealing".

      Look to the policies of 2000-2008 if you want to see raiding. And look to even more if RMoney and Rayan get in.

    • profile image

      SassySue1963 5 years ago

      "the idea that any President can influence the price of gas is so laughable" ....

      that the Democrats used it as one of their talking points during the 2008 election campaign. That it was all Bush who had the gas prices so high. Um..and you might want to check on that gas price. It's already headed back up.

      As for his "you didn't build that" comment. No, he was saying that any successful person needed to "give something back" because "government built the roads etc etc". Forgetting that they'd actually paid for those infrastructures with their tax dollars.

      Hard to say what would have happened because Ford did not take a dime of government bail out money and they survived.

      Sorry. The official end of the recession came before Obama took office. The "lets blame Bush" act just does not hold water when he had two years with a Dem controlled Congress to do anything at all he wanted. And it's gotten us nowhere.

      The rise in unemployment is certainly not due to more people in the work force. In fact, more people went on SS disability in June than jobs were created. The number of jobs created during Obama's entire term as President do not even keep pace with population growth.


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