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Maoists Massacre - Minister in Mess.

Updated on February 18, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Who are the Maoists.

The Maoist with a AK47 perhaps killing his own men on his own land.
The Maoist with a AK47 perhaps killing his own men on his own land.

Do or Die.[ Please Watch the VIDEO'S]

The Maoists are massacring our police and para military men day after day.To the Maoists the police and the paramilitary forces are their enemies and killing an enemy is therefore their right.The Human Right Activists are nowhere in the picture here to talk to them.Let our Army kill them they will cry foul and make a mess not for the Home Minister but for our country in taking up the unwanted killing of civilians who are fighting for a cause.

The Immediate action will be by none other than USA who will impose sanctions on everything including MTR from importing the ready to eat food packets from India and exporting from their country all products including GOLF balls.

Our Minister who so ever takes a decision to send the Army to kill these Maoists will be in a Mess and Hot Soup.Opposition party's will call for a nation wide bundh,which they do for a day and go back to their seats in the Parliament Hall next day thinking when they should arrange the next bundh either on a national level or state level.

TV channels of all languages in all regions will broadcast it for 2 or 3 days hour after hour till they find that some school teacher or minister has raped a minor and that the rapist has been granted immediate conditional bail,which means he can carry on with his work as if nothing has happened.Indeed the TV channels play a fair game they show the raped girl's parents crying beating their chests and wanting justice and full compensation for the crime commited by the whosoever is the person.There will be a token protest by some persons who will be paid by some political party for conducting the token protest.

We are going away from our main subject.Who are the Maoists and from where did they come.Their Commander is shown facing his back to the TV camera and talking to the TV reporter but that Commander cannot be caught by our CBI who are experts in catching major drug smuggler's who carry the drug and cash.The cash of course goes missing some where on the way.

The Maoists are our people who were neglected by our govt for over 50 years depriving them any sort of help in vast regions of our country.They are innocent men who were driven to guns as they could not get jobs or other facilities to which they are entitled.They lived in huts while our ministers lived in their millions of Rs. spent mansions in nations capital and state capitols and went around in imported cars.

Why not ask the Maoists what they want in one corner of their strong hold and give everything instantaneously on war footing at any cost,with out bargaining like a lady in Bendhi Bazar.Let there be no talks on who did it,who said to do it,why there was no discussions in the parliament and such gotala.Can they do it.Will it work.Why not try it and then take action with out any hesitation.If Human Rights Organization want they should not oppose such a humanitarian rehabilitation so let us send one Maoists family to every one in the HRA all over the world as their guest for few months.Let us allow the Maoists to carry his AK 47 with sufficient ammunition and arrange for free supply if need be.Let the HRA organizations keep them give them all help and make them good citizens.Let us tell the HRA that no action will be taken on the Maoist Guest given to them for any violations of our IPC or of their country's.{ Are there HRA in CHINA ),there should be as that country is infested with men from USA,may be China can take all our Maoists and give them Yellow Card if not Green.They can do what they want to do we will not interfere in their internal affairs.



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