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Modern Problems: Equality Without Equity

Updated on April 20, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

Social issues can only be remedied by a collective acceptance of those opinions we view as opposing our own.


There is no individual who can factually argue that we live in a world that demands equality and equity, balance, and yet equality is the only thing that I see present. Now, I'm not about to sit here and cry for equality and equity using racist, radical terms like "privilege" and other comparable buzz-phrases; but I am going to discuss why it is I feel equity is unarguably lacking in the world. The reason may shock and stun you, because it isn't the systems we toil under as equal slaves, it is the slaves themselves.

Equality is great, except when equity is absent. In equity's absence we become as slaves to our own hatred, then blame our neighbors for problems we created ourselves.

— Kyler J Falk

The Problem

The problem we face as a human society today, and perhaps since humanity's inception, is our inability as individuals to offer equity. Uh-oh, yes, another one of these articles blaming the self, namely you, the individual in society, for all of society's problems. Now settle down, relax your sphincter, no need to burst a blood vessel; it is unarguable that you are a problem, that I am a problem, that we as a whole are the problem with equity and equality in society.

We as a society are all equal as slaves, toiling away as we compare ourselves to one another. Each action, opinion, and gain being something we either accept or reject within another individual. Now we have come to the problem, the lack of equity you desire within your own mind. This is not some sort of institutional, anti-equity conspiracy happening, this is society as a whole refusing to be anything more than slaves.

When slaves gather for their own strength, to overcome their masters in a show of equality and equity within society, serious gains for all come about. However, in order to gather, you must first be willing to realize and be capable of realizing that your lack of self-equity for the world is society's biggest problem!


Defining Equality

As defined by the Oxford Dictionary: Equality is "The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities."

To me, my interpretation of this definition that is, equality means that no matter our circumstances we will all be equal. Now, this is impossible unless we all want to be poor, starving, and weak; I could never agree with such a sentiment. However, equality is possible as it concerns the seeking of acceptance, and willingness to understand and accept others. This is where society is failing, and where equity must come into play.

Defining Equity

As defined by the Oxford Dictionary: Equity is "The quality of being fair and impartial."

"Fair and impartial," wow, might I say it again and boldly for emphasis, wow! I don't see much of this mentality going on in society. The only thing I see is rigidity, adherence to principles set forth by others, most of the time not even in our best interests. This is never more apparent than when we look at the topic of politics.

When was the last time you read over a five-hundred page bill from the government, I mean really read through it rather than depending on some article or ad lib of it from the news? Never, would be the factual answer from more than 99% of the world at large, even those who signed the bill into law don't read anything but the sections that support or go against their desires and beliefs. Yet, you'll all sit and argue who is right and wrong, hating people without any knowledge on the topic yourself, let alone any real power to change the outcome.

Equity, by definition, is unarguably absent in the individuals that make up society, unless that equity comes in the form of gathering around the same hateful, ignorant ideals. You'd sooner cast out someone you don't agree with, inexorably breeding regression, than let them have their own opinions and say.

Would you describe society as generally fair and impartial?

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When people say the words, "fair and impartial," I can't help but laugh. Thus I pose this option, be the evidence for change, not the proof of evil. Only then will I cease my laughter and pity.

— Kyler J Falk

Simple Solution

Here is the simple solution for you, and it is an easy one I want you to practice each and every day. Make no mistake it is a practice, not an ideal, as ideologues are the ones who got us to this pitiable point in culture in the first place. I want you to focus on the community around you, the ones who could be there for you in a time of need, the ones that go no further than where you could reach on foot.

Bring equity into your immediate community, because it is less than 1% of the population that has any control over national and international goings on, and you needn't delude yourself into thinking that you have some sort of sway in the game of geopolitics. Your immediate community however, they depend on you and you depend on them.

I mean, we don't encourage children to jump from "A to Z" without first addressing the letters in between; so why would you want to heal the world before you can even heal your own community?

Healing begins with your ability to be equitable, to provide the equity that is so lacking in the world on the small scale, in hopes that it may bleed into every facet of life!


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