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Modern Slavery: Evolution, Ignorance, and Prison

Updated on February 10, 2014

You Are a Slave.

It sounds insulting, someone telling you “you're a slave,” how dare they? You may say, “I don't feel like a slave” and brush it off like the notion is a foolish jest at your expense; you may believe the sentiment nothing more than ramblings from a modern zealot of the conspiracy cult. And you may not believe the current writer when he says that you are a slave, but be warned, for the moment you ignore his claims without hearing them out, is the very moment that you have allowed slavery to exist in your world, not just for you, but for others around the globe...

Nothing could be more averse to the minds of modern man and woman, than the notion that their work, and all their value in this world, belongs to another, a master they neither know, nor gleam a hint of respect from; that they are a slave, and have not a clue how. Our country, having been founded on slavery, as every empire throughout time, has once again resorted to the unscrupulous act of enslaving people for the purpose of developing a so-called civilization. Nonetheless, that slavery exists today, and in one form or another, must be addressed, discussed, and given credence, for it does exist today as the current writer will attempt to convey to the reader in this article. (Without such a dialogue, allowing slavery to be ignored, the issue of modern slavery merely cast aside without an argument, the tragedy of slavery continues.)

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Truer Words


The Revolution of History

Without understanding the history of slavery, we are doomed to repeat it. Slavery existed long before America, and in different ways than the racist brutality of the southern plantations. At first, slavery was enacted on the people that could not contribute to society, by the aristocrats and the elite, in order to actualize their plans and desires. Using the brute strength of the slave, the Egyptians were able to construct massive stone structures that have lasted many years. In Greece, the slave was either the contraband of war, or a highly skilled, even highly educated person, but stripped of the rights to vote, and the right to personal ownership of property.


  • Slavery--modern or in history--is a symptom of a society that chooses military and war over education. In fact, today it would be more accurate to say that our society has been merged with the military industrial complex, and regressed back into a pre-civil war era. The difference is that the prisons are the new plantations, and race--while there is a huge bent towards colored people, still--is not a factor.


The Evolution of Slavery

In Greece, the Helots were the closest version of slavery to those of the black slaves of America. The Helots were treated as sub human, and on a day called Crypteia, the helots could be killed by a Spartan citizen without any repercussion. In contrast the Penestae, a subjugated people by tradition that were reduced to servility to the land by invading tribes from Thesprotia; this was a situation where decedents of a people that were invaded, became normalized to the notion that their servitude was just, and indeed they became rich off the land that they worked. Nonetheless, this was a case of slavery, and one in which the slaves were happy to be enslaved.

Auldus Heuxley, years after writing his book, a Brave New World, stated that he believed that a world in which one could be convinced to love his or her slavery was coming, and that it would be heralded with the advent of a pharmacological industry that would chemically induce a sense of pleasure in the place of pain, so that one could overlook their discontent and despondency about life in an oppressive world. Further, through entertainment and consumption, combined with a chemically induced state of complacency, one “would love their servitude” as Huxley stated.

In the world of human nature, there are an anathema of distractions, which in themselves are not harmful to the individual, nor the collective, but rather they are the cause of stagnancy and delusion. Stagnancy, in the form of apathy, has reduced the population of westernized countries to a dull whimper; in the face of technology, an eerie glow of hypnotizing flicker rates repeats the pattern of bread and circuses once again. The delusion that freedom can be sustained and maintained whence a public is distracted at such an unprecedented scale shows a vast ignorance of history and reality.



In an analysis of modern slavery with regards to prison populations, and the racial and political factors involved Kim Gilmore, in her essay Slavery and Prison—Understanding the Connections, states:

The connections between slavery and imprisonment have been used by abolitionists as a historical explanation and as part of a radical political strategy that questions the feasibility of "reform" as an appropriate response to prison expansion. As a leader in the creation of this new abolitionist movement, Angela Davis (1996: 26) has written, "I choose the word `abolitionist' deliberately. The 13th Amendment, when it abolished slavery, did so except for convicts. Through the prison system, the vestiges of slavery have persisted. It thus makes sense to use a word that has this historical resonance."

Moreover, according to the Population Reference Bureau, titled The U.S. Has World's Highest Incarceration Rate:

...Since 2002, the United States has had the highest incarceration rate in the world. Although prison populations are increasing in some parts of the world, the natural rate of incarceration for countries comparable to the United States tends to stay around 100 prisoners per 100,000 population. The U.S. rate is 500 prisoners per 100,000 residents, or about 1.6 million prisoners in 2010, according to the latest available data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

These statistics represent a startling trend that with closer inspection, reveals a major disparity towards people of color. This trend, to the present writer, presents a reality that represents a regression from one state of slavery to another; in other words, once the people of color were freed, and granted the equal station as full citizens of this country, they were within decades returned to a condition deplorable to any decent standard of life. Essentially, prison has been used, along with the courts and the gerrymandering of law and custom, to return the people of color to a state of blatant slavery.

If one is not a blatant slave, as those in the prisons, they are a passive servant of the corporate masters who own them as stock, as human resources. Therefore, in one abject version, slavery is blatant, and in the other, slavery is subtle and legalized through banking and corporate structures, which supersede the legislation of our government. Both versions are a tragedy, and the evidence is clear that the slave state has devoured our sanity for minor luxury, as we have surrendered any valuable virtue for the scraps of conspicuous consumption.

In fact, our culture is a slave culture. We are required to seek permits to fish, to farm, to feed someone, and to marry someone among other things. In actuality, we are permitted, by that higher authority, to live, and that is not life at all if you ask me. This, in its simplicity, is not freedom, it is a limited band of existence, which in itself explains the cause for seeking entertainments, and living vicariously through video games, or whatever distractions provided by the corporate monstrosity to keep your mind in a coffin, insulated from the world of reality.


Liberation and Education

  • Slavery cannot exist in a society and culture of well educated citizens, capable of scrutinizing their systems of organization, and the structures of power.
  • Understanding your position in life is an implicit result of a critical mind.
  • The current school system works only as a foundation of enslavement, and the outcome of school nothing more than a well-trained, obedient worker.


Nonetheless, the siege of slavery has been waged universally upon the underprivileged slaves of America, though the bent rate of incarceration reflects the rooted racist leanings of the already established mentality towards fear, mistrust, and entitlement. The prisoner becoming the equal does not happen in a land founded on superiority and inequality, masquerading as the opposite. This is not the land of the free and home of the brave; it is land of the flee and home of the slave.

Slavery--modern or in history--is a symptom of a society that chooses military and war over education. In fact, today it would be more accurate to say that our society has been merged with the military industrial complex, and regressed back into a pre-civil war era. The difference is that the prisons are the new plantations, and race--while there is a huge bent towards colored people, still, it--is not a factor.

  • Education, removed from the school model, which only hinders learning and teaching, is the only solution to the ever-present problem of slavery into freedom.

Solutions to Slavery

The solution to slavery is not easy, but it is most necessary; and it may never be a permanent solution because history tells us that humanity is dynamic, but restoring the conditions of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness-- these most inalienable of rights-- must occur before humanity can be free.

What's worse is that the government under which all of this modern slavery takes place, the western European model taken to its absolute definition, is expanding itself to stretch over the face of the globe; we subtly and profoundly see, slowly the emergence of a global government, a New World Order: Neo-Feudalism, in the form of debt serfs, perpetually in a state of domination and control by others: their masters.

This is not new however, in fact it has been going on for a century through the Federal Reserve, and for centuries through the Bank of England.

Further information:

These ideas being left for you the reader to discover and determine, the current writer would now discuss his solutions to the problem of globalist masters of finance. The solution is actually to evolve the systems of economy, education, and political ethics. In the three articles below, the three solutions are presented respectively:



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    • faith-hope-love profile image

      John Ward 2 years ago from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

      Quite a number of years back there was a book published titled ``The Capitalist Manifesto`` in that book it was stated that all capital belonged to all the people in equal amounts. It also said that no true capitalism existed any place unless all citizens were adequately housed and fed and all received their equal share of the capital.

    • profile image

      Sanctuary 4 years ago

      If you and your lives are valueless that makes you a slave. If you work for nothing you our worth and attain nothing in life that also makes you a slave. One only has to do the math and realize your masters profit from your poverty and have no responsibility for your death. In fact they only profit more from it. We are meat on an assembly line and replaced on the hooks when ever they please with a limitless supply of meat. Every increase is only an increase in their profits as they take them away with each increase. Life is an endless book of lies and only a Ponzi scheme. We have never created money, only a system of dependency to rule over slaves. Truth and Responsibility is destroyed at every attempt. We are not living but only surviving in a system of prisons and good or bad employees. If you do not work for the wages of a slave, you will not be fed. You must pay for the mistakes of those who control the currency so that they may profit. Off shore bank accounts, tax breaks, higher profit margins for those who have more money then needs. They cause the need for social programs and scream that socialism is evil. They jump on charity band wagons and sell poison at the same time. They use charity to advertise and get a tax break. They never served a day in the military and claim they care about veterans. You know the people they sent as mercenary's to protect their interest and to buy new markets. Football is just the new coliseum and food stamps are just rich Romans giving the poor bread. Capitalism does not exist as the working class or slaves struggle to eat. We work in places we can not afford to even visit and spend our last dime getting their. We are employed and may as well not be employed at all. They punish us with poverty as they brag about their profits. Its rough out there and the economy stinks, but whose fault is that? I would like to think that all the greatest minds in business have screwed up and had no idea where they went wrong. I find that impossible to believe and can you believe the wages these people are getting? They even give bonuses for losing millions. Slaves do not get to make mistakes like this and I doubt that they get to either. One can only assume that this happened because they still profited.

    • Erick Adamantine profile image

      Erick Adamantine 4 years ago

      Two of the quotes I resonate with most in this piece: the face of technology, an eerie glow of hypnotizing flicker rates repeats the pattern of bread and circuses once again."

      "...the slave state has devoured our sanity for minor luxury, as we have surrendered any valuable virtue for the scraps of conspicuous consumption."

      It would be evident that anyone who uses their critical mind to scrutinize the life system we are living under would undoubtedly come to the same conclusions as well. I think these two ideas cut straight to and illuminate the worst parts of the matter.

      We know Rome fell because it could not provide enough bread and circuses for the populace. But in this day in age however, it seems the ability to create money to fund such projects indefinitely has already been fully realized, since we have been able to print whatever currency is needed to fund something. The situation would seem perilous then to the onlooker analyzing such a condition. How does one go about stopping such a powerful machine (economy) whose very necessity of existence is engrained upon the minds of the people it is successfully enslaving? It appears that since Roman times, the elite or aristocrats have perfected this art of manipulation and slavery by fooling the people be the very force that creates, sustains, and strengthens their chains via belief systems. (I need a job, how will I survive without money.. etc.) Beliefs are very powerful and I think it is indeed critical that people use their mind to question their beliefs they fiercely uphold and defend, and question if they were really THEIRS to begin with…

      Another great article sir. -Erick