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Modi's reply

Updated on March 17, 2017

Narendra Modi


The report

"Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. Thought leadership and the party's popularity is increasing in strength." Amit Shah, BJP President

The Congress won 309 seats in undivided Uttar Pradesh in the year 1980. Surpassing the 300 in the same group as the story end there. 37 years later, again climbed the fence of the 312 seats in the 300-is usurped Congress's main rival, the BJP won the Lucknow. Uttarakhand as a bonus, a and gave a landslide victory (57 seats out of 70). This is a huge win not only the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi. The campaign has progressed, so has increased its role. 24 total in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said in rally. The result is proof, 2014 Modi, the storm still continues. Modi called successful brand story. What was the key element of the story?

Whatever does not cancel the decision regarding Demonetisation of the opposition and intellectuals, Modi has been able to establish to the public that he is fighting against black money. And he was or was not a friend of the poor, against of the affluent. Has established that he inherited a very conscious was did not come into politics, Rahul Gandhi or Akhilesh, which applies to. Different parts of the Hindu Dalits under the umbrella of surprise and strategy utilizing the highlighted Modi himself as a representative of the majority. While several Dalit organizations, Valmiki temple worship and the development of this slogan has been confladed with Hinduism. Now the question is what are the basic problems can be solved? Let's try to answer the following discussion.

Modi Recipes

Modi's emergence as a leader in the fight for RSS, BJP symbol - corporate and large business with authentic communal agenda in the interest of a great cocktail. Ambani, Mittal said Modi openly industrialists like others would like to see as prime minister. Whether that country can be run like a corporate CEO.

Modi is a unique mixture of toxic symbol of Hindutva and the interests of large businesses, which originally recipe fascism - the development of the 'Gujarat model.' Anyone familiar with the history of fascism Modi will be marked as a fascist. Modi led the BJP to ballyhoo in the independent India's first fascist occupation is hard to describe as a brazen attempt. The slaughter of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, he was the mastermind of the actions of the main stream. He came to the organization of the RSS, whose central aim is to establish a Hindu state. Indeed, his vision of communal and fascist stance. Outside, there is a close connection with the investment capital of the foregoing factors. Modi's straightforward neo-liberalism. Reckless. Aggressive. Where there is no 'human face' hypocrisy.

Fairytale about him in the media. Deleted the controversial images as a "statesman worthy" as a desperate attempt to justify. Modi is no longer untouchable. Modi is now mainstream. Modi's image is reconstructed.

Modi is now a modernist fascist. Britain, the European Union's concept has changed so that they are normalizing relation with Modi.

Time magazine cover article titled: "Modi means business, but can he lead India." Report generous certificate, "a controversial, ambitious, brilliant politicians all round."

RSS activist Modi

Narendra Modi (left) & Lakshmanrao Inamdar
Narendra Modi (left) & Lakshmanrao Inamdar | Source


Saffron brigade
Saffron brigade | Source

Background Arithmetic/Many Background

What is the number of winning? What is the role of RSS? Krishna Gopal, assistant General Secretary, RSS, stated, "RSS has no connection with politics. Yet the goal of much of the country's political parties to create RSS-free India. Then took the role of RSS activists in Uttar Pradesh and so on." How? Krishna Gopal informed, 20 to 15 per thousand population who are selected in local influential. He added, "The name of the vote did not smell. Many people feel that denote nationality of staff Brahman, Kshatriya, Tanner, Dalit from this feeling. Have not seen the equal rights of citizens to vote-bank told RSS. People have accepted."

Candidate in the special technique of choice was taken. RSS leader's word, "The all parties are looking for 'community leader'. But BJP select 'leaders in the community' as the candidate after a long search. People voted on the basis of their qualifications." RSS news, team leaders and ministers of the broadcast from the front. Have propagation can not hold up if it is not tempered organization, the RSS leaders are understood.

The organic growth strategy. 15 per cent of the vote, which was at times 2012, 40 per cent which is out now. 11.6 per cent of the seats increased to 80 per cent. Or the many Muslim women who voted Narendra Modi, seeking cancellation of the practice of divorce, The All India Muslim Women Personal Board in Lucknow President Shaista Amber said media itself.

19 per cent of this is a state where Muslims, Dalits 21 per cent, lagging 40 per cent. If the decision of the selection, pluralism who cares, Uttar Pradesh, is engaged in the development, seeking to recover the saffron Cared.

Modi and the Middle class

The middle class, who are Modi's words, "In the last ten years has been the development of the fruit-leavened, the progress of the useful." They are not ordinary people. They are hoping that the government does not help, "They are just waiting for the opportunity to apply, as a result, they benefit from economic liberalization in the vicious cycle of poverty through the ranks of the middle class have enrolled."

Almost a quarter of a percent of the total voters in the state slogan of the neo-middle class who are caught. Modi's vote bank of the citizens.

In order to promote his own image instead of the traditional media device Modi has chosen the three-D technology. Speaking directly with voters. Carefully "trimmed" beards. Rimless glasses. Fab up colors India fashion brand short-sleeved kurta, writes a regular blog. Twitter-friendly. Has its own website.

Who are the new middle class? The first generation of extreme aspiring middle class, who have benefited from economic liberalization: That means turning away from politics as well as political leaders fed up politics, philosophy of politics, Modi honest with them.

Right-wing economically, socially conservatives: the strength of the emerging middle class, Modi's rise. A flatter corporate or communal or authoritarian mentality is tolerated - indeed, demonstrates his courage. The old-fashioned sense of the Congress regime to youth: the politics of caste, minority adulation, ministers of corruption, the Gandhian hypocrisy. This means that the new BJP in India, terribly fanatical consumer public. Minorities are being explained to them in this country, where there is no place in the social protest movement. There are shopping malls in the explosion. Restaurant packed out, increasing the car showroom, the road of mutual fund hoardings. Modi is the man of the middle class to develop. Unquestionable champion.

Fascist character assessment

Marxist Leninists who oppose fascism to bourgeois theorists focus blur. The third international or commintern definition of fascism to identify the right way, the capital of the most reactionary fascism, chauvinist and most imperialists open terrorist dictatorship of the parts.

The international capital market investments, such bargaining to get the approval of the RSS, the BJP has openly argued strongly in favour of a liberal economy. In some cases, such as retail trade, foreign investment, despite the objections of the continuing efforts to expand the scope of foreign investment. This works in the interest of the international invest capital.

RSS hard line Hindu Modi's beloved family. Modi, Advani had objected, the objection blew RSS. Unprecedented interference in the internal affairs of the BJP. RSS Head Mohan Bhagvat announced leader like Modi.

Normal. Modi met the two main conditions of fascism.

A: Its class character - despite an aggressive way, which is the source of its petty-bourgeois follower corporate.

B: The public character - that is the source of nationalism, virulent prejudice, race-hatred and human suffering because of some unfortunate as minorities involved.

In its support behind the bourgeois class. In politics, there is support for RSS.


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