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Money Troubles in the Heartland

Updated on October 8, 2012
The Truth be told by one of their own
The Truth be told by one of their own | Source
This was an estimated figure in 2011
This was an estimated figure in 2011 | Source
Highway Robbery comes to mind!
Highway Robbery comes to mind! | Source
The Secretary of Explaining Stuff!
The Secretary of Explaining Stuff! | Source

In Our Best Interests

With the releasing of the recent September Unemployment / Jobs Numbers, members of the GOP are freaking out for three reasons plain and simple. First and foremost, because it's a sure sign that the economy is slowly yet actually improving despite their obstructionist tactics. Secondly, it makes President Obama look good because he's fighting an uphill battle with GOP Congressional members and their obstructionism. Thirdly, this really does show just how their hatred or animosity towards President Obama as well as their actions are not in the best interest of all Americans.

Surely politics at it's essence should never be as complicated as astrophysics, but here's an image that I want you to think long and hard about. Where exactly would our economy be had they, the GOP Congressional Leadership actually passed "The American Jobs Act" or "Infrastructure Bill" or "Teachers & First Responders Bill". Minus all of the GOP posturing and filibusters or obstructing any of the aforementioned Bills or anything proposed by President Obama. Futher examples that the GOP more specifically the Tea Party Movement (Members) are acting in contrast to what's in the country's interest as a whole.

This whole small government, less taxation in theory sounds great to the uninformed which is why I think they're relentlessly pushing it on the masses. The founding principles as well as the architects of our US Constitution in my personal interpretation, believed that our democratic government was to be an instrument by which we use to govern ourselves as a nation. The Ryan Budget in it's purest form is the antithesis of why the need for our creating our very own government. To ensure domestic tranquility,, liberty and pursuit of happiness. A loose translation; equal rights and a fair & level playing field for all.

Really who stands to benefit the most from the Romney/Ryan plan, short answer....the very rich! When guys like Romney who makes over 20 plus million a year from investment income but doesn't want to pay any capital gains taxes on that kind money annually. Then has the audacity to complain about paying less taxes on his income than someone who punches a timeclock to make right around $60K a year. Correct me if I'm wrong but for a guy pulling down damn near 335 times the annual income in question, to pay a lesser tax rate is beyond fundamentally flawed. It's not class warfare it's just simple ARITHMETIC, and it doesn't add up.

The GOP Bottomline

On the whole it appears that the GOP and their spin doctors are counting on average Americans to vote against what's in their own best interests by sugar coating the Republican party agenda. What is painfully clear, is that they'll use any and every underhanded, dirty and low down trick available to them. They have even said that the Romney Campaign, will not let itself be burdened by fact checkers. So that means that they're definitely not above using flat-out blatant lies to try and influence the general public to vote for them.

So I'll say this for them, they are definitely counting on people to literally be like sheep being lead to slaughter by voting against their best interest. But they really are committed to the game of charades that they're playing. And the truth is that they know Mitt Romney is a political liability, yet they're willing to spend some political capital to try and unseat President Obama. If Mitt Romney should actually become President, the cliche┬┤ "the rich get richer" may very well become a twisted reality. Ultimately we can keep the GOP's presidential candidate (puppet) out of the Oval Office by simply exercising our GOD given right as Americans and vote for what's in your best interest.


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