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Debt, Guns, and Taxes: Montana Republican Party Platform Quiz

Updated on August 24, 2018

“Whereas ... the Montana GOP Platform provides a great narrative tool for discussing our beliefs...”

Party platform conventions are like family gatherings--candidates vie for attention, people pound stakes into far corners, delegates cock their ears at loud cousins.

This document tells us a lot about the goals--and maturity--of the party faithful.

Unless they're in caucus behind closed doors, many state legislators treat the platform like crazy Uncle Charles at Thanksgiving dinner. Listen, nod, and feed him enough American apple pie to make him docile.

Take five minutes to see how well you know the Montana Republican Party Platform!

1. Which of these policies is endorsed in the Montana Republican Party:

A. Privatize public services wherever possible.

B. Oppose “gun free zones” in any form, except detention facilities.

C. the repeal of the Equal Access to Justice Act.

D. All of the above.

2. The Montana Republican Party platform endorses which of the following policy positions:

A. "Oppose the irresponsible accumulation of federal debt and federal deficit spending."

B. “Enact a simplified tax code.”

C. “Support free market principles that expand markets for trade.”

D. Agree with the Republican-passed budget, tax law, and Trump's tarriffs.

E. Everything but D

F. A, B, C, D

3. Which of these clauses is NOT in the Republican Party Platform?

A. "We recognize that independent journalism is critical to the preservation of the Republic."

B. “WHEREAS, Republican solidarity in opposition to the Democrat Socialist agenda is necessary to preserve the security of our country"…

C. “We recognize the insidious nature of United Nations 21/2030.”

D. All of the above.

E. B & C

4. Which statement is NOT part of the Montana Republican Party Platform:

A. “We urge congress to repeal the Equal Access to Justice Act, the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act in favor of state-based policies.”

B. “We oppose any federal or state government mandate to purchase or subsidize energy development in any form. We oppose any tax on carbon emissions. We oppose any classification of CO2 or other greenhouse gasses as dangerous gasses or pollutants.”

C. “The family farm and ranch is the backbone of our small-town, rural way of life, and as our population ages, sustaining the family farm or ranch becomes more challenging. We regard family farming and ranching as a cornerstone of our heritage and economy that must be preserved.

D. A and B.

E. All of the above

5. Are churches mentioned in the Montana Republican Party Platform?

A. Yes

B. No

6. Are mosques or synagogues mentioned in the Montana Republican Party Platform?

  1. Yes
  2. No

7. True or False: The Montana Republican Party supports the definition of marriage as only between one man and one woman.

A. True

B. False

8. Which clause (s) are in Montana's GOP Platform?

A. "The development of natural resource utilization is the best source of property tax burden reduction and high wage earning potential."

B. "Economic impacts are just as important as environmental impacts."

C. "Montana's extractable riches have historically left taxpayers with a huge environmental and economic burden. Policies that encourage renewable resource development--solar, wind, geothermal, etc., merit serious consideration and support."

D. A and B.

E. All of the above.

9. Which clause (s) are in Montana's GOP Platform?

A. “We urge congress to repeal the Equal Access to Justice Act, the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act in favor of state-based policies.”

B. “We encourage the de-listing of the grizzly bear from the Endangered Species Act.”

C. "Economic impacts are just as important as environmental impacts."

D. “We oppose the federal government’s war on dams, coal and other carbon fuels.”

E. All of the above.

10. Does the Montana Republican Party Platform offer a stern rebuke to the United Nations?

A. Yes. "The Montana Republican Party officially requests the withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations."

B. Yes. The Montana Republican Party "recognize(s) the insidious nature of United Nations 21/2030."

C. Both of the above.

11. Which of the following most accurately describes Montana's GOP position on private and home schools?

A. "Preserve the autonomy of private and home school institutions.”

B. "Require annual testing of private and home school students to assure grade-level performance."

C. "Require the filing of an written annual curriculum and provide state-funded standard testing in fifth and eighth grade."

12. What is the Montana Republican policy on healthcare?

A. “(We) oppose assisted suicide."

B. "(We) oppose assisted suicide except in cases where the suffering of terminal illness merits mercy."

C. "(We) believe that healthcare is a human right."

D. "(We support) the repeal of Obamacare."

E. A & D

F. B & C

BONUS QUESTION: The platform states that Republicans support "all life is sacred" policies, with one exception:

A. "Democrats".

B. "the death penalty.”

C. Too close to call.

Disclaimer: This is the 2016 Platform. I was unable to access the 2018 platform online.


  1. D
  2. E
  3. A
  4. D (C is part of the Montana Democratic platform).
  5. Yes
  6. No
  7. A
  8. D
  9. E
  10. B
  11. A
  12. E

How'd You Do?

0-6 correct answers? It's okay. Hardly anyone reads this stuff.

7-10 correct answers? Close enough! If these policies make you happy, pull the lever.

11-13 correct answers? Either you were a delegate to Montana's Republican convention, or you're studying to run for party whip.


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