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600,000 Americans Lost Their Jobs Last Month!

Updated on August 21, 2010

Today May 8, 2009, Yahoo News! again had another interesting article about unemployment! 600,000 Americans lost their jobs over the past two months and that's a lot of people. What is wrong with this picture? Government bailout money, stimulus package, companies filing for bankruptcy? Its no wonder why 600,000 Americans lost their jobs! So sad.

I'd like to know, who controls the U.S. government money and what I'm more interested in is, where does it really go? Are international finance lawyers the middle man for every before and after transaction that takes place between the federal reserve bank and a third party? What about off-shore banks that conceal "shell" accounts for money laundering purposes? There are so many tax and finance lawyers out there bending the rules with legal terminology that many of us U.S. citizens do not understand the big economic picture! All we understand is 600,000 Americans losing their jobs but there is no actual cause other than the stock market crashing. What caused the stock market to crash? I thought we learn from our mistakes but apparently, this is the second time the stock market crashed so its like we made the same mistake again.

Getting back to the topic here of 600,000 Americans losing their jobs is enormoustly crazy and suspicious. While big giant companies like AIG and General Motors cash their enormous bonus paychecks then file for bankruptcy, it is those companies that force small businesses to close and those workers become unemployed. When it comes time for the big company to file for bankruptcy, the government decides to help only the big company. It is catastrophically bizarre that someone can cash a paycheck that big in under an hour and have all the money that was given to them from the federal reserve bank deposited legally into their bank account. People don't make $7 million dollars in their lifetime or even reach that amount yet here is America's government handing out billions of dollars in the stimulus package to these companies that its completely pointless because those companies end up filing for bankruptcy anyway! It is pointless because its like the government let AIG and General Motors hold that bailout money for a month and then those two companies had to give that money back to the government when they filed for bankruptcy. Well, I'm a big company and I'm ready to file for bankruptcy, and I definitely want some of that billion dollars too!

What is going on here America?

This hub was published May 8, 2009.


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