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More thoughts on what the Fox spews.....chicken guts.

Updated on November 11, 2009

Televised viewers on any given week:

CNN – 489,000 viewers

MSNBC –385,000 viewers

CNBC – 187,000 viewers

HLN – 282,000 viewers

P2+ Prime Time

FNC – 2,389,000viewers

CNN— 604,000 viewers

MSNBC –799,000 viewers

CNBC – a scratch w/ 101,000 viewers

HLN – 475,000 viewers = about 32 million who watch anything but Fox.

IN RESPONSE TO THE TOUTING OF THE FACT THAT 5 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED O'REILLY ON FOX AFTER THE FT. HOOD SHOOTINGS. ...while approximately 32 million prefer to watch something a little more truthful.

Dear Tea Bagger:

32 million beats even five million any hour....5 Mill is still a "minority" of the people, in a dwindling republican party.

I will not even stain your hub with some of the nasty, racist, hateful, threatening and traitorous dogma that your so called parents and grandparents carried on signs and tee shirts this year and last at your clean and green tea events.

I was not aware of a Pelosi Nazi comment but it sounds like a fox fabrication. I'll look for the sound bite.

Just because people watch something doesn't guarantee superiority, note the Jerry Springer show. It also got people's dander up.

Fox should write fiction on the side, projections of all of the horror we will be forced to live under, when Obama seals the borders, and enslaves us to a freedomless society, while killing off the old people with death squads, and brainwashing our kids through school speeches, and spending us into bankruptcy, much like bush did but worse.

I'm sorry but ...The majority of Americans out here that see through this

"say anything to get folks to watch".

We are intelligent people, who know that Obama is probably the most scrutunized, and harrassed president ever, and not one of us would ever stand by and allow your so called marxist...communist rule, under Obama that Fox says is coming, nor would we allow any "real" loss of our freedoms, other then those privacy rights lost under Bush. I am an ex-marine sharpshooter, who would defend to the death our freedoms from anyone who seeks to remove it.

Exaggarations and fabrications that stir up a specific group of disgruntled election losers, is an old tatic to make sure the mid term elections lean a bit more towards the republican side...that's what all of this rhetoric is truly about.

We have seen all of this before, with attacks on Al Gore, Kerry, and every other opposing candidate.

But sadly brainwashing is very effective, to those who have lost their leadership and direction, and wander in splintered groups, under the soothing voice, and the oh so the scary voices of a bunch of blathering radio and T.V. talking heads. Some of them with no more than a high school diploma, like Glen Beck, whose intelligence is fueled more by rage, than education. That's enough.

I would rather not waste time trying to reach those already lost to some fictional, Orwellian hopeless future.

I would rather choose to direct my energy and writing to those who are the majority, who believe in America rather than some sly fox stirring up the chickens over a sky that is not falling, so that he can get them out of thier henhouses enmass and then devour the ratings.



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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      excellent article, very true that the whining and rage is holding up and maybe preventing the vure for our dilemmas. It is unpatriotic to behave in such a way, even though they believe they are fighting for their country, they are actually fighting against what the country needs. It is the sore loser mentality, to be supreme regardless of the cost, to regain the office, long before it is even up for grabs, by turning the people themnselves against the leadership. Thanksd for your comment. ~MFB III

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Deficit Hawk Hysteria by Willam Greider in The Nation