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Mosanto Ranks Low In Positive Impressions

Updated on June 12, 2014

Mosanto's Hunger Games


Investigative Reporting Shows Mosanto's True Colors

The Hard Truth Magazine has pegged the Mosanto corporation as one of the first entities with which their investigative reporting will show the cold hard truth about what's really going on. The article even mentions how many people suffered permanent and crippling disabilities that directly stemmed from products produced by the company.

There are many news and media outlets world wide reporting on the negative impact that Mosanto has had not only internationally, but locally with the little guy as well. From day one of the organization's introduction they've had their finger in some pretty dangerous and illicit things or activities. Their motives are purely for profit which is event in the long list of screwed up mishaps that they once were lobbying for. Agent orange? Come on, really?

Protesters make their opinion known at a rally in Mexico.
Protesters make their opinion known at a rally in Mexico. | Source

March Against Mosanto

Protests, Boycotts and Shut Outs.... Oh My!

It was estimated that nearly 2 million people participated in the world wide March Against Mosanto that included that involvement and participation of approximately 420 cities located within 50 different countries. The most recent march happened May 24th, 2014. The purpose behind the march is clearly described as a “a global call to action aimed at informing the public, calling into question long-term health risks of genetically modified foods and demanding that GMO products be labeled so that consumers can make informed decisions.”

For something to have such a large reach (you can't get any larger that world-wide!) it has to be backed with some hardcore evidence and proof that convinced their followers to support its worthy cause.


What's your opinion?

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Opinions Based on Actions

While there are many individuals who are appreciative of efforts made to assist in ridding our world of the international food shortage issue, there are still some who don't know just how involved Mosanto is with the entire situation. Yes, they are trying to find ways to ease the strain of hunger internationally, but they tend to forget to mention the fact that their reasoning for doing so is an attempt to gain higher profitability as well as the issue is something to which they helped create. Had they not lobbied so hard in the past for the development and production of biofuels, they wouldn't be thought of in such a negative way.

Mosanto, unethical?

Mosanto has actually been referred to in the media as a "devil in disguise" because of some of their actions being called in to question as being unethical.

They are well known for their achievements in genetically modifying seeds, and are just as well known for suing the farmers using said seeds for what they describe as being a patent infringement.

They also have their finger in many other genetically modified projects aimed to increase production in a shorter period of time. One would think that before introducing a product into the market using a chemical such as these that there would be a myriad of tests done to observe the effects of ingesting or coming into contact with the item. In 1993 Mosanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) was approved by the FDA after only a single unpublished study was submitted in which the effects of rBGH were observed in 30 rats after a short 90 time period. How ethical is that? That is for you, the consumer to decide.


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