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Which four women would you like to see on Mt. Rushmore?

Updated on March 13, 2013

Let's say we can go back in time and commission Mount Rushmore all over again. However, the powers that be decide to put four women on the mountain. So, I ask "What four women would you put on Mount Rushmore?"

Well, I asked the question, so it's only fair that I answer it.

My first choice would be Clara Barton, the founder of the Red Cross. In 1877 Barton began her campaign to establish The American Red Cross. Finally in 1881 The American Association of the Red Cross was organized. Today the Red Cross provides relief to uncounted millions whenever a natural disaster or war occurs. They are usually the first responders to an emergency.

My second choice would be Mary Edwards Walker. Born in 1832 she is the first and only woman to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. At the beginning of the Civil War she volunteered for the Union army.She was allowed to become a nurse as the army allowed no female surgeons. Over the years she was appointed assistant surgeon of the 52nd Ohio Infantry.

During the war she was captured by the Confederates and charged with spying. She was later part of a prisoner swap. After the war she was an advocate for woman's rights.

Choice number three would be Betsy Ross. You may ask why a seamstress? Well she is the one that spent hours sewing our first flag. Up until Betsy's flag the American Government had many flags. It was important to unite the flag as well as the states. Betsy finished her flag in 1776. The Continental Congress adopted the flag on June 14 1777.

Fourth choice would have to be Susan B Anthony. Women in America wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for Susie. She began the Suffrage movement which eventually lead to women acquiring the right to vote. Us men have been paying the price ever since. Just joking.

Of course this topic could lead to many a heated discussion. There are so many woman that contributed towards making this country great. Others include Amelia Earhart, Mamie Eisenhower, You may even want to include Pocahontas, even though she wasn't an American.

So, there are my four choices for the female version of Mount Rushmore. You may agree or disagree. Either way I'm curious, Who would you put on the all female Mount Rushmore?

I'd like to apologize to mom. While you did a great job raising me, I don't think that qualifies as influencing history. Maybe at some point in the future, I'll ask the question, "What four moms would you put on Mount Rushmore?" Of course you'd be first Mom.

What are your choices for Mt Rushmore?

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