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Mueller Agreed with Everything Dems Could Have Hoped for!

Updated on July 25, 2019
Bob  Paul Connors profile image

Have published liberal articles for generations as only Dems care about the 99%!

Mueller agreed with everything Dems could have hoped for!

Fittingly Mueller agreed with everything Dems could have hoped for, but then retracted it!

Before the Roy Cohnlike AG ordered him to retract it, Mueller agreed with Congressman Lieu’s opinion that but for the OLC memo, the mob boss would have been indicted for obstruction of justice.

“I’d like to ask you the reason, again, that you did not indict Donald trump is because of OLC [Office of Legal Counsel] opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct?” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) asked Mueller.

Mueller’s response was straightforward: “That is correct.”

With that remark Mueller became the Messiah that the Dems had hoped for, but after being ordered by the Roy Cohnlike AG to do so, Mueller dashed the Dems hopes as he later clarified his response to Lieu at the start of the House Intelligence Committee hearing hours later. This was orchestrated in this manner in order that Barr and the mob boss could spew lies about Mueller exonerating trump independent of the OLC opinion!

“I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu who said, and I quote, ‘you didn’t charge the president because of the OLC opinion.’ That is not the correct way to say it,” Mueller said in his statement. “As we say in the report and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.”

There will never be a statement from the Roy Cohnlike AG that he issued the statement for Mueller, but what other remark did Mueller make that wasn’t monosyllabic?

Mueller explains in the report, a charge of obstruction of justice requires three elements: an obstructive act, a nexus with an official proceeding, and corrupt intent. And in the report, Mueller’s team laid out several cases where trump committed an obstructive act, in connection with an official proceeding, with what Mueller’s team concluded could be a corrupt intent.

Both Hakeem Jeffries and Lieu showed that the mob boss committed all three elements necessary for obstruction of justice.

Jeffries delineated that all three elements necessary for obstruction of justice, concerning Don McGahn’s efforts to fire the special counsel, existed.

Mueller, seeing the trick, tried to cut it off. “Let me just say, if I might, I don’t subscribe necessarily to your—the way you analyzed that. I’m not saying it’s out of the ballpark, but I’m not supportive of that analytical charge,” he said

After Leiu listed the "elements" of possible obstruction found in the report, Mueller said he wanted to be clear that just because those elements are listed does not mean that he would necessarily agree with Lieu's effort to prove that trump did obstruct justice.

Schiff made Mueller implicate trump as Mueller admitted that all of the following were true:

  • Russia engaged in a sweeping and systematic effort to influence the 2016 election.
  • Russia reached out to the Trump campaign as they were trying to accomplish this.
  • The Trump campaign welcomed help from Russia.
  • Donald Trump Jr. said the campaign would “love” dirt on Hillary Clinton provided by Russia.
  • Trump called on Russia to hack Clinton’s emails.
  • Trump praised Russia’s release of the Democratic emails hacked by WikiLeaks.
  • Trump’s campaign based a messaging strategy around the hacked materials.
  • Members of the Trump campaign were trying to enrich themselves personally during the campaign and transition.
  • Paul Manafort was trying to achieve debt forgiveness from a Russia oligarch.
  • Michael Flynn was trying to make money from Turkey.
  • Trump was trying to make money from a Trump Tower in Moscow.
  • Numerous Trump associates lied about this, including Flynn, Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, and George Papadopolous.
  • Manafort encouraged others to lie.
  • Mueller’s investigation was not a “witch hunt,” as Trump has claimed.
  • Russian interference was not a “hoax,” as Trump has claimed.
  • Russia wanted Trump to win the election.
  • Russia informed Trump campaign officials of this intention.
  • Russia committed federal crimes in order to help trump win.
  • The trump campaign lied to cover up their dealings with Russia during the campaign.

The mob boss’ GOP minions in the most devoted their time to proving they loved their ‘big brother’ mob boss’, but one of them likely is getting thrown out of the club and faces a primary challenger.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) asked Mueller if he could indict the president on obstruction charges.

The former special counsel’s answer was simple: “Yes.”

Mueller’s position is that he didn’t consider indicting trump solely because of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) ruling saying sitting presidents can’t be indicted. But trump won’t be president forever, and Mueller’s view is that once trump is out of office, prosecutors could charge him with obstruction if they believe the facts laid out in the report warrant it.

The mob boss ordered his chief legal lackey to muzzle Mueller as he feared that there were dolts such as Buck, who might force Mueller to make remarks that would inculpate him. Roy Cohnlike AG muzzled Mueller with an order stating “Finally, any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report because matters within the scope of your investigation were covered by executive privilege, including information protected by law enforcement, deliberative process, attorney work product, and presidential communications privileges. These privileges would include discussion about investigative steps or decisions made during your investigation not otherwise described in the public version of your report. Consistent with standard practice, Department witnesses should decline to address potentially privileged matters, thus affording the Department the full importunity at a later date to consider particular questions and possible accommodations that may fulfill the committees’ legitimate need for information while protecting Executive Branch confidentiality interests.”

National security lawyer Bradley P. Moss, for his part, commented that “As a matter of law, DOJ cannot mandate Mueller limit his testimony for anything aside from classified information. The courts have made this clear over and over regarding former employees.”

“Now, there likely are ethical reasons why Mueller will not release unclassified information redacted from the report as implicating executive privilege,” he added. “And there is a narrow grand jury information exception that has its own legal basis. But that’s it.”

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, who served during the Obama Administration, led the charge in this area, opining that the DOJ is trying to “dictate what Mueller can talk about, claiming anything not in public report is privileged.”

“Barr himself has said–since Mueller turned in report–Mueller could say if Trump committed crimes,” he continued. “The letter isn’t even signed by a high ranking DOJ official, and it certainly doesn’t take back what Barr said Mueller was able to do. DOJ now appears scared and resorting to their old playbook. Given their prior gross distortions of what Mueller found, hard to give credence here.”

The mob boss knows he has to win this election. He knows that the statute of limitations will determine whether he does time in prison; consequentially he is attempting his most adventuresome con to steal the 2020 election.

White supremacist mob boss

The reality TV star is desperate to bring us back to 1968 as he is masquerading to be the vile racist George Wallace.

trump must win this presidential campaign because he violated criminal campaign finance laws, and since he knowingly and willfully accepted more than $25,000 illegally, the violation is a felony. Who knows what the Epstein tapes will reveal?

trump doesn’t want to do hard time, so he will campaign more frantically than he has ever done. With the tactics he has already engaged in-- which were engaged in prior to the desperate straits trump is in currently, what depths of depravity will we experience? Will he implement apartheid policies to incite his base?

We already have become Mexicans, as we are paying for the wall. Is the mob boss planning to make us South Africans also by implementing apartheid policies to incite his base?

I say this out of love for the US: “Do us all a favor, including yourself, mob boss! Go back to where you came from!’

The mob boss will do anything to evade doing time in prison. His presidential campaign will reflect this and he’ll tear the country apart to win!

There must be legislation to prohibit racist campaigns. The complicit GOP won’t do this, just as they won’t consider legislation to prohibit campaigns from soliciting help from foreign adversaries, which erodes our system of checks and balances.

trumpism has to be confronted. Not impeaching the mob boss is an indictment of our populace’s ethics and intelligence, and the viability of our democracy!


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