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Does America Want Impeachment?

Updated on June 4, 2019
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When someone is willing to give their last breath for their country, it is treasonous to vilify them without merit.

June 1, 2019, California Democratic Convention

What's the hold up?

You hear people on the news, people saying that there is obstruction there, you see Trump's tweets and there's obstruction there. Trump treats his position like a dictator. Like in his business, he skirts the law, he ties things up in court and he divides the American people with his rhetoric. In less than 2 years he has undone programs that took decades to create.

We have mass destruction and flooding in our country due to 500 plus tornadoes in the last couple of weeks and where is the President of the United States? Playing golf and tweeting about a "witch hunt".

Yet, there is nothing being done to stop him. The Republicans have sold themselves to the Russian Party of Trump. The Democrats aren't sure whether to punt, pass or throw.

The American people are tired of Trump's lies and meddling, do they want impeachment? The polls show that 41 percent are now in favor of Impeachment. That is up by 4% last week and could continue to increase as the tariff's with Mexico take hold and more American people suffer.

Staple stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General just announced that their prices were going up due to the tariffs. Our military is beginning to pay more for everything from groceries to clothing as the tariffs take hold. The construction industry is beginning to have a 3rd round of increases in pricing and soon we will have a recession in the housing market like we did in 2008. The prices keep rising, people can't afford to build or buy homes.

Don't let fear get in the way

The Democrats are afraid that it will hurt them in the coming election of 2020. It's time to take politics out of the equation and do what is right.

  • If there is enough to start the process, it's time to get it done.
  • If the Democrats fight back, they will gain the respect and the enthusiasm needed for the 2020 election.
  • If the Democrats sit on their laurels and do nothing they are destined to lose.
  • The Republicans control the Senate, it's time to push for a change because with them in control, nothing will get past McConnell, but if he continues to block everything that can help American's, he can be replaced.
  • Trump is pretending to want the Democrats to impeach, so they don't. It's time to show him that true Patriot American's that support America and its core values, not Russia or Korea over our people; want a President that puts American values first.
  • Nancy Pelosi must step up to the plate and begin the process, the Democrats thought bill Clinton couldn't be impeached because he had 60% of the American people who didn't want it. And he was. It can be done.

It's time to let Nancy Pelosi know that it's time to get off the pot. Go to twitter and look for Speaker Pelosi.

A year ago

Trump at Michigan Rally

A year ago, Trump used impeachment to try to hold on the House. He said he would surely be impeached if they lost the House.

It's been a year and he hasn't been impeached and by the way, he didn't keep the House. His threats went in one ear and out the other. His supporters didn't step up to the plate.

After the jobs and economy, everything went down hill

This weeks rant on impeachment

Trump stopped for an impromptu talk with reporters. Started out pleasant, made his point about the economy and all the "great' things that we owe him for. Then he lost it when asked about impeachment.

He turned to calling Mueller names, threw out that typical Clinton and Obama Response. And as he put it, "There was no crime, no charge because he had no information". He didn't say that there wasn't a crime; what he said was, I didn't get caught.

Any politician that breaks the law, should not be allowed to run for office or stay in office.

The time to begin impeachment is now.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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