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Mueller Is Getting Closer to the Con Man.

Updated on November 30, 2018
Bob  Paul Connors profile image

I have been publishing anti-GOP political articles since 2001.

Mueller is getting closer to the con man.

Mueller doesn’t need Putin to expose trump. The former spy doesn’t want to burn an asset—the con man, but Putin is now making trump squirm. Maybe he thinks trump is spoiled and might be in the stage of enjoying his discomfort, before ultimately burning trump.

Mueller has been cooperating witnesses—Gates and Flynn most notably, for a year. He also has added Cohen recently. He doesn’t need Manafort, Stone and his lackey Corsi, or Don Jr. Mueller is using them only to corroborate evidence he has already amassed.

JFK attracted true paragons of virtue into his administration. Contrast that with the vile crooks the con man has. The con man has Manafort, Stone--and his lackey Corsi, and Don Jr. specifically because they would commit crimes for the mob boss.

Think about what Cohen has given Mueller regarding ongoing discussions with Russians about trump tower in Moscow, after trump was the GOP presidential candidate. It proves Putin had kompromat—the con man’s bribe of a $50,000,000 penthouse suite being the most glaring example, while his Russian hackers were giving trump damaging information about Hillary Clinton.


Mueller is getting closer to the con man, and he probably has intercepts of Putin that incriminate the con man.

The con man knows Putin has kompromat on him and Putin is now openly putting his boot on trump’s neck. Russian President Vladimir Putin's government questioned the "true reason" tump canceled their scheduled meeting at the G-20 summit in Argentina this weekend, suggesting the decision had more to do with U.S. politics than growing tensions between Moscow and Ukraine.

"Was Ukraine’s provocation in the Kerch Strait the true reason for the cancellation? We have heard the official explanation and taken note of it," Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told state media "But is it true? I think the true reason is rooted in the domestic political situation in the United States, which is crucial for decision-making."

Any other US President would have confronted Putin over Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, but Putin has kompromat on the con man, who is saving his own hide rather than acting in the interests of the US and the world.


As part of Cohen’s plea, he admitted to falsely claiming that efforts to build a trump-tower in Moscow ended in January 2016, when in fact discussions continued through June of that year, the filing said.

trump, in his written answers to Mueller admitted that there were ongoing discussions with Russians about the trump tower in Moscow, after June 2016, thus proving again the con man lied to America.

trump is accusing Cohen of being a liar about the ongoing communication with Russians about trump tower in Moscow, but trump, in his written answers to Mueller admitted to them. The con man’s lies are exhausting and confusing.

“Michael Cohen is lying and he’s trying to get a reduced sentence for things that have nothing to do with me,” the con man said on 11/29/18 about the ongoing communication with Russians about trump tower in Moscow. Why should we believe anything the con man says? How dumb are his supporters? The con man's written answers to Mueller, according to Rudy, line up with Cohen's in regard to Trump Tower Moscow. trump accused Cohen of lying, but in doing so he's saying he is also.

Cohen had said the project stalled in January 2016, prompting him to email a top aide to Putin, Dmitry Peskov, seeking help. Cohen previously said that he never received a response and that the project was halted that month. In fact, according to Thursday’s court filing, the Russians did respond and Cohen discussed the project for 20 minutes on the phone with an assistant to Peskov.

Prosecutors also said that Cohen continued to have contact into summer 2016 with Felix Sater, a Russian-born developer assisting with the project. In June 2016, Sater invited Cohen to attend a conference in St. Petersburg, assuring Cohen that he could be introduced to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, top financial leaders and perhaps Putin.

Sater has been cooperating with the Mueller investigation for more than a year, providing emails and other documents. So, if you don’t believe Cohen, Sater can substantiate his claims.

The document also says Cohen discussed in May 2016 the possibility he might travel to Russia before the Republican National Convention and that trump might travel there after the convention, but a month later, he told Sater that he would not be making such a trip.

The Steele dossier said that Putin wanted to develop business connection with trump. Cohen verifies that Putin was doing as trump was a presidential candidate.

The Steele dossier said Cohen traveled to Prague to meet with Kremlin representatives to discuss how to "clean up the mess" resulting from revelations about former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former campaign adviser Carter Page in the summer of 2016.

Putin wanted to develop back channels to trump, as Kushner wanted to do with Russia. Business connections with Russians are back channels, and that is what Cohen is verifying.

Mueller has had 7 proffering sessions with Cohen and you have to know the con man will blow up soon as he ruminates about what was discussed.


Mueller says Manafort lied after pleading guilty, and should be sentenced immediately. It is a shame Mueller couldn’t get more information about Manafort holding secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy immediately before joining trump campaign.

Manafort is a triple agent. He was installed by Putin into the trump campaign. He is providing information to the con man about the Mueller investigation through the Manafort-Trump joint defense arrangement. He’s hoping the con man commutes his sentence through this obstruction of justice.

Giuliani acknowledged the Manafort-Trump joint defense arrangement and defended it as a source of valuable insights into the special counsel’s inquiry and where it was headed. Such information could help shape a legal defense strategy, and it also appeared to give the con man ammunition in their public relations campaign against the special counsel’s office.

Giuliani said Manafort’s lawyer Kevin M. Downing told him that prosecutors hammered away at whether the president knew about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting where Russians promised to deliver damaging information on Hillary Clinton to his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. The president has long denied knowing about the meeting in advance. “He wants Manafort to incriminate Trump,” Mr. Giuliani declared of Mr. Mueller.

The con man’s team is saying this highly unusual Manafort-Trump joint defense arrangement was used to gain a strategic advantage—obstruct justice. It isn’t even pretending these were harmless status updates. Giuliani is gloating about having gamed the legal system.

Of course, the Manafort-Trump joint defense arrangement will backfire on the con man. This isn’t a banana republic. Mueller will haul these scam artists before the grand jury and when these clowns testify under oath, they will incriminate themselves.

Mueller will offer a detailed sentencing submission,” outlining “the nature of Manafort’s crimes and lies.” Mueller is very professional—consequentially this will be more informed, more knowledgeable, and more detailed than anyone anticipates. The con man is acting more irrationally as he knows Mueller is getting closer to incriminating him.

Speculation is that the con man answered Mueller’s questions utilizing lies that Manafort fed him. Of course, this will backfire on the con man. Knowing the con man’s vileness when it’s proven he lied he will then claim that Mueller tricked him into a perjury trap.

The con man tells New York Post that a pardon for Manafort isn’t off the table. Dangling a pardon is obstruction of justice. The authoritarian con man isn’t scamming his way out of another of the myriad of court cases he has been involved in the past, he’s going against Mueller and the US justice system, and the tactics he’s now using will fail.

trump lies to Mueller’s questions were couched by the con man saying he was answering to the best of his recollection, which clearly shows that his lawyers wrote his answers. Can you imagine the blustering con man saying that?


trump told special counsel Robert Mueller in writing that Roger Stone did not tell him about WikiLeaks, nor was he told about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between his son, campaign officials and a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. Since he’s a reality TV star con man you have to expect him to lie.

Conservative author Jerome Corsi emailed Stone about WikiLeaks’s plans nearly 10 weeks before the group published Podesta’s hacked emails in October, according to special counsel Mueller’s plea agreement documentation, which was prepared by as part of plea negotiations with Corsi that have collapsed. “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging,” Corsi wrote in the email quoted in the draft document, referring to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been living in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London since 2012. The political trickster, Stone, is lying that doesn’t show a linkage to. Assange or WikiLeaks.

Giuliani said the con man doesn’t recall ever speaking to either Stone or Corsi about WikiLeaks. He said trump’s legal team obtained a copy of the Corsi document earlier this month and lodged a complaint with the Justice Department about the inclusion of Trump’s name in the draft filing. The episode delayed the delivery of Trump’s written responses to questions posed by the special counsel. Giuliani is lying.

Communications between Stone and trump have come under intensifying scrutiny as special counsel Mueller investigation bores into whether Stone served as a bridge between trump and WikiLeaks according to a draft court document revealed this week.

In recent months, the Trump Organization turned over to Mueller’s team phone and contact logs that show multiple calls between the then-candidate and Stone in 2016.

Stone said he never discussed WikiLeaks with Trump and diminished the importance of any phone records, saying “unless Mueller has tape recordings of the phone calls, what would that prove?” The con man associates with vile individuals that he can identify with, and the political trickster Stone is no exception.

The political trickster, Stone, and the con man are lying—what else can they do, and their duplicity is transparent.

Giuliani says the con man has a joint defense arrangement with 32 others being investigated by Mueller, including Corsi, Stone’s ally and the conspiracy theorist who helped the con man develop the birther racist attack of President Obama.

Don Jr.

Rep. Adam Schiff said his House Intelligence Committee will get phone records that would show whether the blocked phone number — logged as Trump Jr. was arranging a meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower — belonged to his con man father. Now the American public will have to see the con man offer up and disown his own son.

Don Jr.'s testimony to Congress about his family's real estate negotiations with Putin is a lie as it doesn’t comport with the new version laid out by trump's ex-attorney Michael Cohen, official transcripts show. Don Jr. is a chip off the old block as he’s a con man.

Jr. told the Senate Judiciary Committee in September 2017 that although there had been negotiations surrounding a prospective Trump Tower in Moscow, they concluded without result "at the end" of 2014. Cohen’s plea noted he had given Jr. updates as late as June 2016.

trump can’t evade Mueller

It is not only Putin, Manafort, Stone and Cohen who can incriminate the con man, but also Don Jr. and Ivanka.

The con man complained in a tweet that “While the disgusting Fake News is doing everything within their power not to report it that way, at least 3 major players are intimating that the Angry Mueller Gang of Dems is viciously telling witnesses to lie about facts & they will get relief.” The con man will destroy anyone to evade Mueller.

The con man accused eleven people, including his own deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, of treason on Wednesday, posting a meme to his Twitter feed that shows an image of Rosenstein and a slew of Trump critics behind bars. Their picture was overlaid with the words, “Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?” The con man isn’t acting rationally, and Mueller is calmly collecting evidence against him.

Federal agents have reportedly raided the Chicago City Hall office of a lawyer who previously did tax work for trump. US banks wouldn’t lend the con man money because he wouldn’t pay it back. Is it a coincidence that the bank that lent him money, Deutsche Bank AG, was also raided? Mueller already has the con man’s taxes and this information will amplify what he has withheld from the American public.

That trump is mendacious, repulsive and corrupt is apparent. The reason we want to remove him from office is because we trust that he will sacrifice the US’ interest for his financial gain. This is illustrated by him trying to get a Moscow trump tower while he was campaigning as a presidential candidate, and openly asking for Russian help in that.

In Cohen’s plea documentation the con man is referred to as Individual 1. Soon, the con man will be Defendant 1.


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