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All Muslims Are Not Our Enemies

Updated on May 20, 2016

Stereotyping, in layman terms, means to form a negative attitude towards someone on the basis of their membership of a particular category. This means an individual who is prejudiced stereotypes people, overgeneralises certain traits and behaviours, and is constantly under the impression that, for example, all Indians can't speak English, all Italians are fraud, all English are reserved, all women are weak, and the like.

Muslims are stereotyped exaggeratedly in the twenty-first century. Do you hate Muslims? If you answer in the affirmative and are proud of your answer, ask yourself why. When you say it's because "they" are so and "they" are such, are you not pointing a finger at all of them in general? Does not your use of "they" reflect you have an idea about what a typical Muslim is, and you think this idea pertains to all Muslims, overgeneralising your idea of what a Muslim is like.

You know the truth, and the truth is this: some Muslims lie, some Muslims are terrorists, some Muslims are not to be trusted in shopping malls and public parks. But this is a truth that applies to all societies and to no particular society of men.

Battle your prejudice. Conquer your logic. And above all, like Atticus Finch, "do your best to love everybody", Muslim or not.

God be with you.


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