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Ilhan Omar

Updated on September 16, 2019
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Trumps think just because he is the president nothing applies to him. Trump is a minus to society

Congresswoman Omar

awayIlhan Omar was born in 1982 in Somalia, at the age of eight her family ran from the civil war. Omar and her family lived 4years in a refugee company in Kenya before coming to America.

In 2018 Ilhan Omar was one of the first women serving as the United States Representative for Minnesota 5th Congressional District.

Omar First Day in Congress

Rep. Ilhan Omar's first day in Congress said this country was a place of hope and that she was thankful that the people of the 5th district for giving her a chance and the opportunity to serve them. Omar's is very opinionated when it comes to issues on different subjects. Some of the comments she made were not kind, but it was her opinion.

September 11/2001 in New York Trade Center was attacked by Islamic Terrorism,2,966 lives were lost and 6,000 was injured. Leaving New York at it's worse. New York City stood still with the world watching. This affected thousands as people stumble up and down streets running for safety. Omar's comment- Ilhan deflated the nine-eleven attack saying she didn't think of it as an attack against the United States.

After eighteen years September 11/2001 is a year that will be remembered by every American. Most of us watched our country at it's worse innocent people died leaving family members angry that this sort of thing could happen in America. It has been eighteen years and for some of us, the pain is as great as it was yesterday. Omar's has to apologize has to control her thinking.

Trump Lash Out

Trump is lashing out at Ilhan Omar's, about the anti-Semitic comments she made about 911. Trump has posted a video Tweets about 911 and Ilhan comment. Omar has received hundredth of death threats, with Trump calling on Democrats to get rid of her. Omar is blaming Trump.

Muslims Are Targets

Muslims are being targeted in this country in their homes business and their mosques because of President Donald Trump. Some Muslims girls are afraid to wear their hijab because of the rhetoric of the president. Trump said he was going to clean house and Muslims would be the first to go. Trump wanted to ban all Muslims from coming to the United States and will use this as a 20/20 slogan with his supporters.

Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was elected to Congress because the people believed in her. She has to Step back and listen to those who have been there for years instead of trying to take on Trump all by herself.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is president of the United States not because he deserves to be, he is president because of Russia (Vladimir Putin).


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