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My Dream Country

Updated on June 2, 2020
Adam Modex profile image

My Name Is Adam Goujdami, I am a Citizen of the Moroccan Kingdom. Writing is one of my secret passions, and i love to share my new essays !

Much the same as Majority of Moroccan young people, having the option to move to another country is one of my greatest and most noteworthy dreams. In the event that by any possibility it occurs, It will have a major positive effect in my life, Or right? Moving abroad is a thought gathered in our adolescence and in the time of youth from loved ones… But Why? Is it a disgrace living in morocco? Don't we reserve the option to have an extraordinary future on the off chance that we stay living in our nation? There must be something incorrectly! Also, to discover what it is, we should return and investigate the nation and rank it on the planet. What's more, that what I am going to do in the following barely any lines.

To begin with, As of April 2020, the hour of composing this article, The Kingdom of Morocco is positioned the 100th out of 167 nation on the Legatum Prosperity Index, which isn't something to be respected or glad for since we are in the base of the rundown. Notwithstanding, it is something that we, Child and adolescents, must endeavor to Improve sooner rather than later. In any case, that must be anything but difficult to do, in light of the fact that birthrates are increasingly falling and that implies that guardians will have more opportunity to go through with us and raise us well. Well that is not the situation. The Women when all is said in done are getting progressively associated with society nowadays, and most of them like to have a profession more than Dozens of youngsters to raise. What's more, that doesn't leave them an opportunity to consider raising babies well. All things considered, To Fix That, we should fix the guardians conduct up first. Furthermore, that can be cultivated by: Teaching guardians or prospective guardians how to well bring up kids. Guardians are now and again excessively exacting, overprotective, or excessively merciful… Or possibly something contrary to all what I said. Which leads into Childs or youngsters being ruined or insolent and regularly prompts the connection between the different sides self-destructing or going downhill… The Actual key to fix The child rearing is to adjust between all of what I said previously. Since the stricter the guardians are, the more uncertain the kid will comply. Furthermore, The less exacting the guardians are, the more probable their youngster will get ruined or ill bred.

Presently, Let's return to our fundamental subject and discussion about the two primary spaces or fields that each nation depends on: Education and Healthcare.

In actuality, Morocco, According to the LPI, is positioned the 116th with regards to instruction, and it is too, as indicated by the UNESCO, one of the 21 least created nations in this field. In any case, Spending Billions of Dirhams Each Year, The Kingdom of morocco despite everything faces a great deal issues in the instructive segment, and that implies that we are not investing a ton of amounts of energy into it. This nation needs a reexamination into the instructive framework, since it is clearly not working. I would propose Focusing on the key and the core of training: Which is the instructor. Furthermore, I mean Improving the nature of the educators life, and that should be possible by raising their pay rates, giving enough preparing, offering the mental help … . I would likewise recommend Investing into Schooling; Morocco should expect to expand the financial plan for Education, Encourage Youth and teenagers to complete their investigations, Invest into organizations and Decrease Brain channel which is one of the obstructions that keeps Morocco down and not let it improve…

Then again, Healthcare is positioned 110th. Our social insurance framework isn't acceptable also, and I am certain that any individual who previously visited an open emergency clinic have seen that. Furthermore, that is the aftereffects of a few causes, for example, the absence of clinical gear, Absence of Doctors, Absence of reconnaissance, Expensive Medicines and at times Unavailability of a few… The Solutions that I proposed for training's issues should fix the social insurance issues. also, that should be possible by putting into new clinics, Obligation of health care coverage, Rewarding individuals to give blood, raising the financial plan for social insurance, preparing the specialists mentally before hypothetically, and Investing Into investigating which can prompt improving prescriptions for certain maladies, for example, dementia, which is increasingly influencing the elderlies and making issues for people in our area explicitly, since it doesn't depend on institutional consideration.

While those two fields are the most Important, there are a great deal of others that ought to be fixed too, for example, Social Capital, which is one of the most significant fields that we are really confronting a shortcoming into. With a normal of 35.34, and a position of 163rd out of 167 Countries.

Different Fields Include Governance, Natural Environment, Economic quality, Living Conditions, Safety and security, Personal Freedom, Market access and Infrastructure... Furthermore, Other Problems that ought, not exclusively be fixed, yet be must be battled Such as political debasement, Bribery, Money Violation…

Summarizing, Morocco faces numerous issues in a few fields, and we should make a solid effort to overcome them. Be that as it may, No Matter what are its aces or cons, I will consistently serve my nation, I will consistently remain faithful to it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Adam Modex


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