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Voting Day

Updated on October 31, 2020
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Making sense of life and all of its trauma and sharing some of my thoughts and experiences along the way!

US Presidential election results are responsible for thrilling approximately half of the citizens in the United States of America - at the same time angering the other approximate half of US citizens - once every four years.

A United States president can serve a maximum of two four year terms as president.

Once a citizen of the United States reaches the age of 18, they may vote in any and/or all political elections provided that they timely and properly register to vote and cast their ballot at the proper polling location.

Citizens of the United States are not required to vote, but they are highly encouraged to do so as it is one way of "making their voice heard" in The United States of America!

On Election Day 2012, voters across the country were weighing in with their voting stories, and some of them were pretty disheartening. There were tales of voting machines changing votes and people being discouraged from voting. I, however, had a great experience at the polls, and I didn't want to miss the chance to share it. I wish that everyone in America could have the same type of "5 Star" experience that I had on election day 2012 in Wichita, KS!

Evergreen Recreation Center
Evergreen Recreation Center | Source
5 stars for Evergreen Polling Center Wichita, KS

Where To Vote on Election Day

If you are not sure where to register or cast your vote, I suggest you visit for more information.

As I approached my designated polling place, I was happy to see the American flag was waving proudly. The polling center was well marked with a large yard sign that included an arrow and the instructions "VOTE HERE". Even someone who was new to the area would have been able to easily find the polling center.

I was a little anxious about having to wait in long lines once I arrived, but the polling center was not incredibly busy when I arrived at approximately 11:30 am central time. There were many cars in the parking lot, but the there was definitely room for at least twice as many more.

My anxiety started to build as I got out of my car and approached the building. Did I bring everything? Will I have any problems? Where am I supposed to go once I get inside?

My anxiety began to dissipate once I entered the building and approached the check-in table. The young man smiled as I approached and pointed to two separate books on the table. He said, "If your last name begins with A-K, start here. If your last name begins with L- Z, start there. I got into the appropriate line, which consisted of only me, and I presented my identification.

Get out the vote 2012!

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Downtown Wichita, KSready to get out the vote!my polling center in wichita, ksit wouldn't stick to my clothes!Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, KS
Downtown Wichita, KS
Downtown Wichita, KS | Source
ready to get out the vote!
ready to get out the vote! | Source
my polling center in wichita, ks
my polling center in wichita, ks | Source
it wouldn't stick to my clothes!
it wouldn't stick to my clothes! | Source
Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, KS
Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, KS | Source

Election Day 2012

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Voting Process

I was asked to verify my address verbally, which I did. I was then asked to sign the line in the book next to my name, which I also did. I was then asked if I would be voting on the machines or using a paper ballot. I chose to vote using a paper ballot. It was about this time that I noticed the another man sitting behind the check-in table, but he was only observing as people checked in. His name tag had the word "monitor" on it, so I am guessing he was monitoring the check-in process.

After choosing to vote by paper ballot, I was given a slip of paper and directed over to "those two ladies at that table right there". As I approached the table, I was greeted by both women with a smile. I handed one of them the little slip of paper I had received at the check-in table, and she handed me a paper ballot. She then directed me to a long table that was set up to accommodate approximately twelve voters.

There were pens readily available, and I sat down at the table to review my ballot and make my selections. As I sat there reviewing the ballot, the lines at the check-in table started to grow. I was thankful that I had arrived when I did so that I didn't have to wait in line. I could hear the people working the polling center directing people to the appropriate places. The workers were all very friendly and professional.

Once I finished making my choices, I returned to the table where I had received my paper ballot. The woman at the table stood up and smiled as I approached and directed me to a machine sitting right next to the tale, where she instructed me to put the ballot. I fed the ballot through the machine, and after a few seconds, she smiled at me and said, "Ok! You are counted!" Then, she handed me my "I VOTED" sticker, which I proudly wore for the rest of the day (on my forehead, since it didn't seem to want to stick anywhere!

My Overall Impression

As I left the polling center, I was asked by a young man in passing how everything went today at the polls. I shook my head, smiled, and gave him "two thumbs up" as I walked by. He smiled back, nodded, and gave me "two thumbs up" right back.

Overall, my experience at the Evergreen Recreation polling center was excellent. The polling center was well-organized and well-equipped. The polling center workers were helpful, attentive, friendly, and professional. I wish that every American - every person - could have the same voting experience that I had today every time we go to the polls!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Tiffany Delite


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