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My Journey Towards Kids Feeding Outreach

Updated on July 22, 2012

the journey...


Few months ago, sometime in March 2012 when i first saw Dida, the little girl on my 1st pic in this album. After that is history as i went alone to Ulingan (Smokey Mountain) the very first time to see the place, see this kid and the many other kids that touched my heart. Pastor of Malaya Kids and his wife, along with a great supporter from SG, Thomas Tham of ELA welcomed me warmly and showed me around.

My name is Angela, i'm simple, single mom of two grown up girls who need not much of my attention that much anymore. Some people aren't happy and doesn't understand what i do or why i do these things instead of getting on with my life and my career and it thus disappoint and hurt my feelings. I chose though to remain calm and quiet, i seek answers thru my prayers, asking the Lord to guide me if this is to be my path. I believe that my sincere desire to help will find means and ways for me to accomplish at least simple things to help Malaya Kids Ministry to pull through with their Feeding programs. Grateful enough to have the support from some CouchSurfing local and foreign members in Manila, few families and friends who shares the same passion like mine in sharing what we can.

OUTREACH FEEDING, what do we do?

Our CS Manila group helps in sponsoring two Saturday Feedings in a month for about 100 kids in the slums of Baseco, Manila in coordination with Malaya Kids Ministries, the organization that handles about 100 Kids in the slums of Baseco, Tondo Manila, and about 300 Kids from the garbage dump area called Smokey Mountain or locally known as "Ulingan" or charcoal factory.

I create event invites where CS or non-CS volunteers can join any scheduled Outreach Feeding for the Kids. I prepare a meal plan that is not too costly, but balance and nutritious meals for the kids. We aim to nourish them with a complete healthy meal at least once a week. We conduct Kids Story-telling sessions with impromptu audience and volunteers re-enactment participation to make it more fun and appealing to the kids. We use bible based stories or kids stories that gives the children good lessons to learn and live by. We also engage the kids in Art Activities where they can write, draw and color and showcase their thoughts and talents.

After these activities, we do the thanksgiving prayer for the food and the people who had shared their time and blessings to the children.

Then food is served to the hungry and eager kids excited with the special meals we prepared for them on their feeding day.

Donors and volunteers sometimes brings some extra stuffs and sweets that we give to the kids before the end of the event.

It may be as simple as that, but to spend some time with these poor little kids and share some fun, lessons, gifts and good food to eat at least once in a week thus bring simple joy and smiles to them.


"Finding meaning in one's LIFE may be difficult to fathom. It needs spiritual guidance to lead oneself to know what makes one's life truly WORTHWHILE."

I just found mine. :-)

God bless thy kids. God bless ELA and MKM and all the wonderful people who supports Malaya Kids (MKM), Empowering Lives ASIA (ELA)..and CS Manila - Malaya Volunteers Philippines (MVP).

Kids like them need just a little love and care...

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    • angela martinez67 profile image

      Angela Martinez 5 years ago from Cavite, Philippines

      Hello Ricardo. Thank u for passing by my hub. Ur most welcome to join our Outreach Feeding during Saturdays. U can find our FB page, Malaya Volunteers Philippines or email me at so i can give u an update of our feeding schedules where we do all the above activities for these wonderful kids of Baseco and Ulingan. The feeling of being able to share lessons, fun and good food at least once a week is just amazing.

    • profile image

      Ricardo 5 years ago

      Hi, great great work you are doing... I'd love to join all of you bringing help, hope and smiles to so many children that is in need... is there any webpage or email where to find ways to join all of you?, thank u!

    • angela martinez67 profile image

      Angela Martinez 5 years ago from Cavite, Philippines

      @Juliet, thanks yethu for being able to see my hub. God bless u too with better health and all ur family as well. just one of the many who shares the passion for these children who needs at least a bit of our time and attention. Thank u for the best wishes my new hp friend. Namaste!

      @Jocelyn...thank u so much j0 for ur heartfelt comments. I know u would do much more if u can to be able to help. But ur kind thoughts and help no matter how little or how small is gladly appreciated. God bless and keep u safe in all ur journey.

      BLESSED Day to u ALL!!!

    • profile image

      jocelyn grajo 5 years ago

      hi angela .tears just fell again on my face while viewing all the pictures. kung mayaman lang talaga ako ito ang unang unang bibigyan ko ng really touches my heart when i saw all the kids in that kind of situation n your article it was really full of meaning , oR just thought there was deeper meaning of LIFE ANG KALIGAYAHAN NG TAO MINSAN AY WALA SA MAGAGARA OR MARARANGYANG KAGAMITAN.. THERE IS MORE TO IT!