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What About Us, With Our Non-God-Like Bodies?

Updated on February 28, 2020
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Don and his wife love to cook. They enjoy new and different recipes and experimenting with interesting combinations of ingredients.

Cook Healthy Dishes

A Healthy Homemade Dish.
A Healthy Homemade Dish. | Source

Things I can control and Things I cannot!

OK, I have a Cold and I don't feel very well, and that has a lot to do with my mood this morning.

Well, that plus the fact that I am just halfway into my first cup of Coffee; which to anyone who knows me, this means that I am not really, totally awake.

So, I'm warning you now, please take whatever I write here, that I hope resembles an intelligent opinion, with a grain of salt.

Plastic bottles and Can linings - BPA

Now, we all know that the lining of canned foods is made of that same nasty chemical (BPA) that drove me to stop drinking bottled water and even to look twice at my use of supermarket Milk.

The interesting thing to me is, studies showed that after eating a typical can of Soup, a persons level of this chemical in their body can be 10X the normal level.

But, they also said that after about 4-hours, the level in your body drops to normal?

Well, I have a few questions;

1- After all of the negative press that this chemical (BPA) has gotten in the past couple of years, why are food manufacturers still using it to line their cans?

2- If the level in the body goes away in 4-hours, why did this make the national news in th first place?

I look back at this, and all of the other things that I can/cannot use or eat or consume, or wear, or whatever, and I really just want to throw up my hands in frustration at our press today.

Food Confusions

As I look back, I see that it's quite easy to spend a lot of my personal time changing my lifestyle; the foods I eat, the clothes I wear and other such things; just because of the latest NEWS FLASH on my PC, on my TV and in my newspaper.

Our world is changing so fast and so many new discoveries are being made that you can almost guarantee anyone who still has a suit of clothes that is over, say, 5-years old is probably totally out of style.

The fear is that often they are probably wearing some type of material, lining, thread, zipper or button that is no longer considered to be safe in some way; and is now most likely dangerous to have in contact with the human body.

And then there is what we eat every day!

And, what we eat? OMG!

If you want to scare your kids, you don't need to read them a scary story anymore.

No sir, just pick up a can of beans and read them the ingrediants of what you thought was a sa\imple basic food that you believe is safe for everyone.

Take those long chemical words on the label and then interpret and explain them for your kids and they could be scarred for life.

Years ago, when I was much younger, we grew a small garden for fresh vegetables.

And, we would take some of our crop to the local cannery and preserve them, for us to eat in the winter.

If we had Green Beans, for example, we would process (cook) those beans with a few spices and water. Then we would can them.

Those canned beans were fantastic when we opened them months later to eat. They contained; Green Beans, salt, pepper, and water. That's it!

But, today, go read the label on a commercially produced and canned Green Beans.

Some of those things listed are not only unpronounceable, but when you look them up and what they could possibly do to your body? WoW!

Past Examples of things I changed

Then, add to the chemical information overload from labels with the conflicting statements about so many common foods in our life.

One news flash will say one thing, while if you look you will see conflicting and opposing information from yet another reputable source.

Here are a few examples ofjust a few things that throw my mind into conflict, after just one cup of Coffee;

1- COFFEE- Coffee is bad for me, but one or two cups a day is OK.

2- MILK- Milk is healthy but it must be raped of most of it's strength and flavor and used only in its SKIM or Fat FREE variants. While the Milk producers, take the stolen fat and place it into other foods.

3- ASPIRIN- Aspirin can make you bleed internally, but you should take a low-power (less than 100mg) aspirin every day to help prevent Heart Attacks.

4- ALCOHOL- Alcohol is very bad for you, but one or two glasses of wine a day is considered healthy.

5- SUGAR - We all eat too many desserts, and sweets in general, but even Diabetics are told that they should "treat" themselves with a nice dessert, occasionally.

6- SALT - We all eat too much Salt, but a certain amount of Salt is necessary for our bodies to function properly. And don't even get me started on the fact that in the US at least, Salt is how we get our daily dose of Iodine.

7- BREADS & PASTA- White Breads and bleached pastas, etc. are not good for us, but it is considered a food staple so we should eat Whole Grain versions when we do eat Breads and Pastas. Thus the old sayiing; "the whiter the Bread, the Sooner you're Dead"?

8- WATER - We all need to drink water to keep our bodies hydrated, but too much Water can flush out critical Vitamins and Minerals from our body.

9- EXERCISE- A certain amount of Exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy body, but, too much exercise can damage our joints beyond repair.

10- HEALTHY FOODS- We should always eat Healthy Foods that are low in; CALORIES,FATS, CARBOHYDRATES, SUGARS and are also high in FIBER. But, 99% of all restaurants have a menu where 90+% of the items they serve are tasty but very unhealthy foods, by these standards.

OK, I'll stop here at 10 items of crossed communication that I, being relatively health conscious, try to follow every day.

The thing is, I get the feeling, at times, that the media today are the ones without a clear focus on Health and health issues. They love to throw these tidbits of data to the public, as touted by their own network medical experts, without any concern about the confusion they cause.

And ON and ON!

Yoga taught by a Chiropractor?

By the way; I took the first Yoga Lesson of my life recently,

At the age of 65.

Taught by a licensed Chiropractor.

After the 1-hour class?

I was on Pain Medication for a week.

Yoga is supposed to be good for you, right? And this was a Beginners class. No more Yoga for me!

I am back to the Pool and walking.

It was my own fault. I went to person whose profession is to tend to bodily pains. And this person was teaching a Beginner's class in Yoga that invariable would cause pain. DUH!

You see, the people that recommend these variations on a "normal" lifestyle here in the US, are not part of a Committee or even a Club, that gets together and carefully weighs their statements against each other.

Nor do they typically give a range of recommendations for the whole population of people, considering age, heredity, health, lifestyle, etc. You know, those of us that live side by side in the US.

Nope, they make recommendations for "Normal and Typical" people. (Who are these Normal people anyway? And, where do they live?)

You know the ones you see in commercials with the six-pack abs, and the tiny waist, etc. that's what you look like, Right?


Nutrition and Healthy Eating

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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