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My Will ( The beginning of the end).

Updated on March 1, 2016

My Beloved Family, Bongiwe,Pheko Nkgwete and Thembani " Baby Joyce" Young Prof Tlailane


My Will.

This is my will.

‎Bongiwe if you had not been focused at university, completed your medical degree, I'd be dead, homeless, or committed in an asylum for the rest of my life, none of my glory could ever glow without your presence and mention.No LOVE is greater than mother to sibling.You are a miracle, may God keep you, cosy, healthy and away from harm, misfortune passes and makes us stronger should we learn from our mistakes.

This is my Will.‎

‎By God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Renascence Me Ngobese Ncala

01 March ‎2016 CAT 22H32.

Firstly I would be forever endebited‎ and thankful to hubpages for publishing my Hubs poetry and ideologies.My most thought provoking work was inspired by the publication of my first article March 2015 on hubpages.

All my written work from 2015 March till my last days on earth will be published under hubpages, for loyalty reasons, and to deal with one intellectual publication, making it easier for my sister and her siblings to claim royalties when I am no more as a human being.

My estate goes to my sister Dr Bongiwe Tlailane her husband Dr Pheko Tlailane their two children Nkgwete and Thembani "Young Prof " Baby Joyce my niece and nephew, all their children and generations to follow, may they inherit a portion of their wealth 5 years after completing their degrees.

May their wealth and inheritance be converted into property which they will inherit upon completing their university studies and three years of work experience, the same applies to their children.

There should be funds allocated to their education, medical care, leisure vocations from when their infants, as well as future generations to come .

I pray they may love knowledge above all, Sophia ( origin and meaning‎ of Greek Western Philosophy).

Should my heart beat no more, my mum and dad Joyce Thembani Ngobese "Acoustic Angel" Ncala and Jabu "Black Dillinger" Ncala ‎the last of the inheritance they left for us is a property a townhouse in Midrand, it is in me and my little sister Bongiwes custodian.

‎May Nkgwete inherit it, and may he pass it down to his first born, I pray it is a diligent baby girls who is stead fast to the law and wishes of her parents.

Should life be kind and God gives me courage through will and grace of choices, efforts and fortune, I will be starting to study a BA in Philosophy at UNISA ( The University of South Africa) from July 2016 to 2019 December should I pass all my courses.Then do my honours and masters.Digest all the knowledge I accumulated over the years in life and in educational institutions.

Lecture at UNISA for 10 years as gratitude for this once in a life time opportunity, may it come to life and pass Lord.

My Debt is no more than 80 000 in totalA repossed car ‎in 2005 a Toyota Tazz with 18 000 kms R15 000.A loan from Real People in 2008 R20 000I loan from African bank R35 000 in 2012.Johannesburg water and Rates R17 000

My sister Bongiwe and I our townhouse is currently worth R680 000.

Should the universe grant me time to fulfill the whispers of dreams in my heart into my world.I would like to settle my debt in full within the first year of being a lecturer at UNISA.

Then in the second year bestow my sister with R10 000 for her birthday.

Then R100 000 in my forth year of working, for her to pamper her self, a little gift, a token of appreciation for her being an amazing, obedient, delightful yet focused younger sister.

Bongiwe if you had not been focused at university, completed your medical degree, I'd be dead, homeless, or committed in an asylum for the rest of my life, none of my glory could ever glow without your presence and mention.No LOVE is greater than mother to sibling.You are a miracle, may God keep you, cosy, healthy and away from harm, misfortune passes and makes us stronger should we learn from our mistakes.

Once I am qualified Philosopher I will be approximately 43 years old. I should be saving no less R15 000 a month. R180 000 a month.R1 000 000 (1 million rand) in 5 yearsIn 10 years purchase my niece her townhouse a little gift from Uncle Nathi.I will have another R1 million saved.

Thembanis town house will be a ‎walking distance from her parents home, as her mum expressed her wishes for her to be close to home, as long as possible.

I will be 53 years.(2033)Thembani will be 18 years starting university‎

Purchase a R2 000 000 ( 2 million rand house which I will retire in with time and fate 58 (2038).

‎Purchase another home when I am 68(2048)

This dream excludes compound interest, inflation and salary increases.

Man, youth where dreams are born and shatter, ‎wisdom comes with experience and maturity who shall pick up the broken pieces of our path on earth? With grace and effort, support and being cautious we can witness paradise for self our loved ones and family on earth.

The father the son and the spirit.The father.Matter ( earth, water ).

‎The Son.Forces of nature‎ ( Air, wind, storms, fire, life) , " God".

‎The Spirit.The shadow every form of life that is living cast a shadow.

Where there is darkness and light, consciousness, motion, deeds, motives flourish on earth.

What ever lives in our minds manifests on earth, the physical realm.


Language ( speech, laughter, pain and tears of anguish).

Experience shapes the way we react when confronted with a situation pleasant or hurtful.No body wants to feel pain.Yet where there is joy Sorrow learks in the shadows, not every body in your life want to see you happy.

The greatest weapon is to protect your heart, is to tell the real from the phoney. Yet you need to get heart broken, stabbed in the back a few times to master the art of smelling a rat.

What is one to do with their gift of life?‎

What ever you desire?

Within the comfort or misfortune of our childhood our dreams are born.

The childhood shapes the man.

Falling in love at a tender age, and starting a family before you have had meaningful life experiences is the root cause of the chaos we witness as reality in our modern day and age.

We need to break the cycle of poverty.

Listen to the teachings of our parents.

Materalise our dreams.

Make the transition from childhood and youth‎ to maturity and adulthood where we have acquired wisdom, then we should entertain the gift or curse called love.‎

We are born out of love in most cases.Yet there is bondage through birth, weather planned or mishap.Fact at birth we inherit the class our parents inherited from our grand parents. Be it poverty, educated, middle class, Upper class, nobility, presidents, Kings and queens.

Before we take our first breath, we have a name and surname. We are a particular race, sex, and we inherit a mother tongue. We are born into a continent. We will receive a fluent or moderate education, which determines weather we will make a meaningful contribution to society.‎

Society.The world we live in is competitive. As Mankind we are all human, yet by the laws of survival we are not equal.

The basic needs.




Yet you need currency to acquire an eduction, a home, which affords you a job to purchase yourself a meaningful and better life.

Yet the reality is the symbols which live in our minds, manifest into reality.

Should one entertain jealousy, envy, resent, a spiteful‎ nature the mind is disturbed and thus there is no harmony. As long as man bears witness to violence and injustice peace and harmony in the community remains a long lost dream.

What are to do, earth is paradise‎?

Be cautious.

Acquire knowledge.

Implement what you have learned effectively.

We can reflect on yesterday, yet history haunts us. Today, what we do with our time today is the greatest gift, to shape a better tomorrow, for all species and for the preservation of mother earth.

God's Poet Nkosi‎

Nkosinthi ‎Renascence Me Ngobese Ncala‎


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