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My only tool

Updated on September 17, 2013

I grew up in an environment where the order of the day is turned up side down, an environment where the rich gets richer and the poor poorer. An environment where leaders are doing the wrong thing.

As a little boy, i learned fair play, my Father left the print in my heart so i grew up knowing that the best way to deal with every situation is balancing the truth with every other thing around it but there is a big problem setting back my desire for a good and cordial environment.

I desire an environment where there will be Equity and Justice.
I desire an environment where there will be freedom and unity.
I desire an environment where there will be basic human amenities.
I desire an environment where there will be rule of law and democracy.

I found myself helpless but that not withstanding, i decided to use the only tool i have to pursue my desire for a godly society perhaps if what i can do is only the spread of the good news then someone else will be the change.

My only tool of making things known is by story telling, by film making because i have gained the energy to address the problems facing my environment by writing about them and addressing them in my movies.

Charles Taylor is charged today for crime against humanity, war crime. Have you wonder why he is charged and have you sort for the other side of it.

One of my future Film entitle 'The other side of the coin' will highlight issues about Liberia (Then and now) and about Taylor;as a Militant and as a President and also about the rise and fall of one of his commanders who is the center of the story.


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