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My religion is the right one

Updated on April 13, 2015

My religion

I would like to start off saying this is only my opinion and it is only meant to provoke thought and even some discussion of your own beliefs.

I was once a christian and iv been through a couple religious in my life. I currently don't have a specific religion and instead picked out what I thought is the best part of certain religions just to help me live a better life.

I don't think of it like that though because I don't live by any religions or their beliefs i live by beliefs in the world that those religions claim as their own but they really are in us all.

Every religion

All religion for any person of any culture is made for the same reason. We all want to know what this is. What is life why are we here were are we going. I know none of these. No human knows any of these.

There are no words or even images that can explain it to us 100% clearly. So we make categories. Nothing is 100% clear to us so we try to label everything we possibly can.

Every culture does it and every individual does it. We always want to make ourselves feel better in some way so we label things to understand how to make ourselves feel at our best.

This thing we are in LIFE. it is so vast and so beautiful. There is so much to be enjoyed. So much to be shared and to learn.

There is also something else that we can't see that is also everything because we are apart of it. something so deep in us that when we bring it out it seems like such a big deal that we have to make it clear to the world exactly what it is. We have to show everyone what we found.

That's where religion becomes a problem. When I say that its not what religions represent ( a better understanding or just a better life in general) its what religions make us do ( fight each other, have many doubts about our being, and have trouble of seeing what is real.

My personal opinion is any individual does not have to have a religion.

Religion is only a word that can be bent by opinion. So it is not wrong to disagree with someone and have a religion of your own beliefs.

Just know this if you have a religion most of what you are doing is dis agreeing with someones beliefs.The truth that religions try to project can't be seen by us so it comes out through opinion which is why every religion ( in my opinion) is just an opinion of the same thing

So if you think one religion is right your not really living a better life because of that religion your just dis agreeing with another type of point of view. Your living a better life because you feel more at one with reality when you strongly believe in something.

The thing is if the world learned to "agree to disagree" or simply accept things for how they are then we would have less war and destruction. This is next to impossible it seems because only an individual can change themselves.

Also there will always be dis agreement and conflict in the world and in the human race. Unless we literally find a way to remove these genes from our DNA out of our brain which wouldn't be right.

So what I do is just accept that yes we are set up for destruction only because that's how we see it. If you really think about it the world, the solar system, and the universe all are made up of patterns of creation then destruction over and over again.

What if we don't see it as destruction. Lets try to see it from the universes point of view as a whole. From this angle it seems more like a piece of art like a dance. An eternal dance that we all are apart.

Anyone with no religion at all or no care to have beliefs will usually not feel as happy and generally won't be in the moment as someone who has strong faith in something.

What it comes down to is if you live life for the moment and try to better yourself as a person you won't need to think about your beliefs as much and you won't have to fear the unknown.

All you need to know is what you are doing in the moment and is that how you truly want to live your life? Don't over-think it just feel it. Does life feel right to you in the moment? Do you feel lost?

If you feel lost then you need to search more in life because you are in a circle of unhappiness that only when your thoughts stop running your life instead of your life running your thoughts then you will escape that endless circle.

Heaven or hell?

I love thinking deep into things using my imagination and letting my creativity get the best of me.

I also strive to be a very logical man on the other hand. When it comes to the topic of heaven and hell both these sides of me tend to mix together in a state of confusion.

My logical side would say yes at first it makes sense that if a being is good they deserve a good after life and the other way around for a bad being. Then my logical side would think deep into it and think that what we consider good and bad is only made up in our minds.

Also our knowledge of life in general is very very small so how can we even begin to understand another type of life (the after life).

Then I would realize that I am thinking to much and that life is meant to be lived not for thinking about what else there is.

Lets just say there is a heaven and a hell and that's our purpose to live life and go to these places. That would mean there would have to be an exact amount of good deeds to be done or a exact amount of faith to have in order to make it to heaven.

This is one reason why this theory causes trouble in our minds and keeps us in a never ending circle of unhappiness because how can you tell if you are good enough for heaven?

I have encountered what i would call a supernatural event that has really made me over-think a lot of things in the past. A couple times in my life. When i was younger i would say it was the work of the devil or a ghost or something out of this world. I now know that supernatural is just simply something not natural something out of the ordinary. Anything different anything in the unknown; it is another reason why people have came up with the theory of heaven and hell. People say they've seen demons, ghosts, spirits, angels, god, and the devil.

The reality of this is they have seen none of those things because all of those things are only words made by people that can be bent by opinion. The things that we know and see in reality have a definition that can not be read by us. We might be able to feel the answer of something through a moment but even feelings bend reality.

The best answer is to not think about it seriously because heaven and hell are just words made up and what ever is after life is very authentic and indescribable


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