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Updated on February 23, 2011



On the 24th of December, 2010 about nine bombs exploded in the city of Jos, Plateau State. The toll is put at 80 dead and 109 wounded. These deaths and mayhems are unnecessary, should not have happened and should never happen again. Every social problem can be solved when the people are willing, honest and sincere. Truth, honesty and sincerity are the bedrocks on which social justice is founded. But unfortunately truth is the scarcest commodity in the Nigerian state or among its inhabitants. In fact the country and its people are allergic to truth, they abhor it.


Nigeria and Nigerians are the greatest lie and liars of all time. It is a country with the culture of lies, dishonesty and deceit. Nigeria as a country is a lie and it has continually lived up to its founding purpose. This Nigerian-culture-of-lie is true no matter how highly or lowly placed a Nigerian is. A Nigerian’s social, political and religious or any other status does not really make a difference, he tells and lives a lie all the same.


After the cowardly explosions in Jos and the killings in Maiduguri, the Jama’tu Ahlus-Sannah Lidda’Awati Waljihad also known as Boko Haram, an Islamic fundamentalist/terrorist group claimed responsibility for the murders and destructions.


Before the attack rumor had been rife in the state that there would be some very deadly Islamic jihadist attacks in the city of Jos during the Christmas period. Then the time came and the attacks were carried out as rumored on Friday the 24th of December, 2010. By the following Monday Boko Haram which is a local cell of the Osama bin Laden’s international al-Qaeda terrorist group claimed responsibility.


What followed is what is indeed wrong with Nigeria; the culture of lie and dishonesty, irrespective of a Nigerian’s station in life and society. By virtue of being the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Pastor Ayo Oritsejafo is the head of all Christians in Nigeria. And in the characteristic of Nigeria and all Nigerians he came out in the press after a meeting with some Islamic leaders and with a straight face, said that the acts were not carried out by the radical Islamic group who claimed responsibility. He said it was by a faceless politically motivated group. In Nigeria no matter how obvious things are they are shamefacedly distorted and it is business as usual afterwards. Nobody is ever held responsible for lies or deceits because the state itself is a lie.


This head of all Christians in Nigeria was only short of saying that the attacks of both the Maiduguri churches and worshippers, of same day, where six people were killed and the Jos Christmas Eve bombs were actually committed by Christians against fellow Christians and their places of worship.


On his own position as the governor of Plateau State; he is also a pastor as well as the governor; Pastor Jonah Jang said that since Muslims were also killed in the attacks then they were politically motivated. He would have also said that it was not committed by the radicalized Muslim jihadists who had consistently unleashed mayhems in the state as long as anyone can remember. Logically what follows is that those who are in position of responsibility in Nigeria are either oblivious of the dynamics of the societies they are supposed to oversee or they are outright liars. And because the country is a blatant lie it is easy to conclude that the later is the truth.


Some people have argued that these people in positions of influence are only playing the sordid politics of appeasement and pacifism. Or some believe that these unconscionable leaders actually benefit directly from the situations to the detriment of the people they are leading.


When in 1914 the British government merged the north and south of what is today’s Nigeria it was done for their administrative convenience and not out of any honesty of purpose or any parameter that reflected the reality of the indigenous peoples’ cultures and way of life. When in 1960 the same Britain handed the power of the so-called independent Nigeria to the Northerners it was through some very blatant and dishonest process.


And when in 1967 the British once again ganged up with Nigeria and other countries such as the Soviet Union (today’s Russia), Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab world with Egypt supplying combatants to commit the worst kind of genocide on the African continent on the Igbo/Biafrans it was based on a false premise. The British were taking orders from the Saudi Princes and being manipulated just like they did when Nigeria’s Yar’Adua was already dead in Saudi Arabia and the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC was busy airing a concocted news interview with the dead as living. They fed the world lies again about Nigeria because it is not their children or countrymen who die in the genocides.


With the passage of time, because the foundation has always been wrong, the Nigerian state and all its citizens have come to perfect this culture of lie and falsehood such that the natural off-springs are such things like genocide, fanatical Islamic jihadism, graft and corruption and unbelief in truths. There are over 250 different ethnic groups in Nigeria with distinct and in certain cases irreconcilable cultural differences. And based on this fact, Nigeria should not have been one country and must not remain one country. It must be divided into at least six separate countries. In a referendum the people must be allowed to choose either to continue as one country or go their separate ways.


In the past 50 years this so-called Nigeria’s unity has been maintained with the blood of millions of innocent children, women and men. In the Nigeria’s genocide in Biafra alone 3.1 million Biafrans were murdered. And since the end of that genocidal Biafra War in 1970 the unnecessary murders and destructions have continued unabated purely along the cultural divides of the various societies in the enclave. The population has remained restive and the real people who suffer the pains of this senseless culture of lie and dishonesty want an immediate end to their suffering. They are tired of the untruths and the politics of appeasement by their so-called leaders and the dictation of outsiders who are forcing down their throats the doctrine of deathly-unity because it is not the children of the outsiders that die in these wanton jihadisms.  








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    • Osita Ebiem profile image

      Osita Ebiem 6 years ago from New York

      Thanks THE DIVINE YOU I am happy that you agree with this truth of Nigeria being a lie and has killed millions of people in the process.

    • THE DIVINE YOU. profile image

      THE DIVINE YOU. 6 years ago

      No, Nigeria is a true. HA HA..... Do not mind the english...