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Updated on June 28, 2010


This piece originally appeared as


A Homily by Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi at CIWA Chaplaincy on January 1, 2006

Nothing was added, and nothing has been removed. Only the title has changed.

Today, the church commemorates the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Today also we have just found ourselves at the threshold of a brand New Year. Today also is Sunday – the Day of the Lord. The whole celebration has three dimensions: Mother of God, a new Easter and a New Year.

Mary is the mother of God because she gave birth to Jesus Christ who is God. Through her virginal conception Mary gave birth to a human being. But then Jesus is not a split personality or a half human being and a half God. He is fully God and fully Man. If somebody is privileged to buy a 504 car, and it happens that the 504 car has a double engine – the 504 engine and the powerful engine of an aeroplane put together in the same car, it will be an act of injustice and envy to deny him the ownership of the aircraft engine. What more, if the whole thing is not an accident but something that came by a deliberate divine action targeted directly at the beneficiary.

And so, because Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ; and because Jesus Christ is both human and divine; and because these two natures are found in the one and the same person; and cannot be separated without having two Jesus Christs; and because it is not possible to have two Jesus Christs but only one; and since Mary is the mother of this one and only one Jesus Christ who is God, then there is no over flogging the fact that Mary is the Mother of God. It is a little too much for a human being, what more a woman. But then God knew this more than any one else and started right from the beginning to prepare her for this task – the law and the prophets bore witnesses to this. It is the power of grace finding total and unalloyed co-operation in a woman.

Co-operation with grace is the meaning of obedience. And there is a reward for obedience. Again, God is extremely extravagant in His gift. Personally, I am not surprised that God allowed her to be honoured with the title –Mother Of God. Why wouldn’t God do it? I am only surprised and embarrassed at the inestimable depth of God’s generosity and extravagancy of grace. Have you listened to the track “Exravagance Of Grace” in the Album “Women Of Faith”? Coo-peration with grace brings about a lavish of miracles, testimonies, high honours and titles. God is the author of his children’s blessings. And he does not leave this to chance. He leaves specific instructions on how his people are to be blessed. The first reading says – this is how you are to bless my people. May God leave specific instructions on how you are to be blessed in this year 2006. Amen.

It takes maturity and single – mindedness to co-operate with the grace of God. Mary is a woman of great maturity and substance. She is a woman of strong Christian character. This means knowing what God wants for your life and standing on it. This is the true definition of obedience.

In the words of T. D. Jakes, God spoke to Solomon about morality and character. Character is one of the greatest assets a man can have. Real men and women who could be said to belong to God may not need be found within the church premises everyday trying to please this parish priest or that pastor, they must not have to wear the rosaries and scapular on their fingers and carry bibles on their shoulders; they must not be seen to be dressed in a N1,500.00 super print wrapper when they can afford something better and modest. They must not be going about speaking-in–tongues and commanding devils everywhere – even though these are princely Christian engagements. On the other hand, wisdom and discretion may be beckoning on them to tow an alternative line of action, which may not include, neither does it contradict any of these things I have mentioned. Such people are men of character whose disciplined actions and approaches to issues of life have been the sole driving force of truth and faith in the society and in the church.

At this level, T.D.Jakes conitinues, we are not just talking about being spiritual, emotionally high in the Lord or gyrating, but we are talking about spirituality and faith that have crystallized into character- a believer who is real to some challenging issues and would not shy away from it, but must take a stand. Don’t let the plans of the Lord be contaminated by well – wishers who may not have the mind of the Lord for that particular situation. Don’t be confused by the manipulations of others. Some men are so indecisive that they are difficult to follow. Men who never make definite decisions allow the enemy to shift God’s agenda right out of their lives. Make a commitment to stand in God’s strength, regardless of the challenges of or questions life brings, and regardless of how hard you are hit. You may feel the sting of the devil’s blows, and you may even wince in pain, but give him a clear message with fire in your eyes – There will be no towel – throwing in this fight. If life has dealt you some tough cards, don’t give up. You may be down, but bless God, you are not out. Strengthen the things that remain and go on. You will never survive the challenges of life if you make decisions without consulting God. As his own, God wants to teach you the significance and power of daily commun with him. This is the secret of success in the New Year.

You are in the ring with a formidable opponent who wants to take you out right now. Your enemy knows that God has predestined you for greatness. He would love to destroy you with a single blow. But he doesn’t have the power to take out a man who knows his God. For Dan. 11:32 says that “those who know their God achieve exploits’. This is the message of the first reading. If God sets a goal for you, go out and accomplish it . Don’t be fidgety!

Mother of God! Mother of the Church! Mother of Us All!

On Monday the 26th Decenmber, 2005, the Feast of St. Stephen the First Martyr, during a 3 hour adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady told me that “God is in need! She herself is in need! The Church is in need! All of us – children of God, children of the Church and children of Mary are in need! This year 2006,God, His Mother, His Church and His Children are in an urgent and practical need that is far larger than fiscal cash. In the first reading, God defined an agenda of Blessing for His people. This blessing found its fullest realization in the New Born Bouncing Baby Boy, Jesus Christ. The shepherds went there and saw everything just as they have been told. We stand in need of men and women of integrity, character and substance like Moses, Aaron, Solomon, Joseph and Mary who would unfold God’s agenda for his people in our families, offices, church and the nation; men and women who constitute a veritable instrument of God’s blessing for his children; men and women who would not allow that such blessings be contaminated, adulterated and altered in any way. Our greatest blessing is JESUS CHRIST – our newborn king. There is no substitute for Jesus Christ. This is the emphasis of John Paul’s powerful encyclical “Dominus lesus”. Mohammed, Krishna, Olumba, Amorc, the gurus, money, good jobs, magnificent cathedrals, beautiful presbyteries, titles, name, recognition, miracles, prosperity ---none of these is a substitute for Jesus. It is only when we have seen and appreciated the person of our LORD JESUS CHRIST as GOD born by the Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit that our joy can be complete. This is the beginning of every other thing we posses and, or can posses.

The past year was one of tension and suspense. Exactly six months ago I delivered a homily, part of which, Our Lady has recycled and reconfirmed.

This is her message to her children in Nigeria.

My dear friends, to tell the truth, the poisonous terrorist air bags that are breeding in the creeks of the Niger Delta, in the hinterlands of the South East, and those more outlandish forms that wear pretentious religious outlooks in the North and a cultural one in the South West must be seen to constitute the greatest threats to the sovereignty and integrity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These terrorist air bags are often times a necessary occurrence for the performance of some critical functions that advance the course of history. At the same time, they are unfortunate and extremely risky. They are factors strongly twisting the muscles of the Nigerian Armed Forces. You see, this is very risky and suicidal indeed.

The issues of Resource Control, Biafra (understood as the liberation of Igbos within the context of one Nigeria), religious and cultural revivalism are indeed weighty national issues that test our collective will and resolve to continue to exist together as one nation. Beyond this, they compel us to a new task in the definition of the concepts of justice and equity. These enormous tasks cannot be allowed to be drowned by the ocean of satanic impulses and Guerrilla sentiments.

The Anti-corruption War and the National Political Reform Conference are a necessary follow – up. No matter how pretentious and inadequate, that War and the conference must continue . What was needed was for someone to start them. Whichever direction and whatever dimensions they will eventually assume are all to freedom’s own advantage. They are larger and more powerful than those who started them. It is so shameful and scandalous for this great nation to excuse herself from the role she incurred at birth as the custodian of the continent’s pride and honour in the committee of nations. I strongly believe that our Muslim brothers understand the lofty significance of a United Nigeria especially at this time when the whole content of global cooperation or globalization constitute a costly agenda for actors who have no one to fly the flag at the international scene on behalf of their religion. To avert this shame, Nigeria must stay as one. The love and faith of our Christian brothers and sisters in the North challenges us to stay together. We must rescue them from the Islamic Concentration Camps in the North and extinguish those cancerous flames there. If it was greed that compelled our colonial masters to bring these irreconcilable ethnicities together, Providence, I think, has made something different out of it and contrary to it. Unity is not uniformity. It is distinct persons entering into communion or brotherhood, yet remaining separate in themselves. This is the meaning of solidarity. That is the implication of Christian brotherhood. The struggle to keep Nigeria one is a Christian struggle. If terrorists who hide under the cloak of religion would not want us to go because they feed fat on our mineral reserves we must not let them go because of the security of our Christian brothers and sisters in the North. Nigeria must stay as one. Those who work against the unity of Nigeria will surely regret it. This is not a threat but a matter of fact and prophecy. However, truth should be our bond ,not intimidation. Freedom should be our ground, not oppression.

To disband Nigeria and allow the North go is to breed a fertile ground for Islamic Militarism – a security issue of an immense concern for the whole African continent – you and I inclusive. A united Nigeria at a genuine cost is the only effective security watchdog in Africa against terrorism and against neo-colonialism. It is only a United Nigeria that has the capacity to place an action that can have global influence in the Committee of Nations on behalf of Africa. Selfishness must not distract us from this responsibility. Greed must not deny us to this honour. A United Nigeria means economic vibrancy for Africa, and holds a lofty significance for global peace and security.

Oftentimes, President Obasanjo can be irritating and erratic like his NEPA, but for now and until 2007 (that date must be real), he is our only president. I know and strongly believe that his experience and resolve cannot be doubted, even though I cannot measure the level. Mystically, I pity our poor president. Like Odewale in Ola Rotimi’s play “The God’s Are Not To Blame”, Obasanjo stands a pawn in the hands of Ancient and Eternal Divine Consciousness. And he has no options. Obasanjo is a man of many predicaments, and a man in a dilemma. We must supply him with the bricks to build up a true federalist Nigeria. We must support him to deal with terrorists and secessionists. Terrorists and secessionists are not worth dying for, they are worth fighting against. We must support him to erect true democratic structures in Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Delta and Plateau States. These tasks are larger than allegiance, emotions and sentiments- individual and collective. At this critical moment in our national history, we must deny audience to those who have never known the pain of war, for they do not know the value of peace. We must compel Mr President to operate within the democratic ambience only. We must, with respect, which I think he deserves, squeeze positive results out of him especially as this relates to the significant issue of Biafra. We must share our national blames with him.

Our generous support for the President however wears on a red colour at the place where a “third term agenda” begins. At this point, honesty and integrity must stand guard over our hard worn democracy by rising up strongly against that hydra – headed dragon called” the third term”. This is the right attitude of a true godson. This is the only credible credential of a true statesman.

Again we must do everything to the point of a revolution to stop plans that occultisize our national calendar. By this I mean that Nigerians must rise up in arms against the 007 factor in Nigerian politics. More threatening than Third Term is the Luciferous Agenda. This is a satanic number incarnating in a former gap – toothed dictator. Such a man is only a greedy dwarf and a frustrated bystander on the road to national discovery and recovery. That is the meaning of “stepping aside”. And to all initiators of the “third term” that phrase serves as an advice, or for those who do not like advice, it sounds a warning. Our Lady warns that the gap-toothed retired General should not be given any opportunity to run for any office at all. She equally advices strongly that sympathy for him, either active or passive, constitutes an incontestable ground for disqualification from participation in the electoral process. In him, Nigerians are not dealing with a human dictator or fighting against the Northern or Islamic control . They are dealing directly with a Lucifer. Any candidate, be he Christian or Muslim , can come from the North in so far as he has no sympathy for him. The gap- toothed former dictator is the Lucifer in unequivocal terms. That is to say that the man is the devil , not just by attributions or in character only, but also in substance and or essence. We must not be fooled by pretentious benevolence. No matter what atrocities Obasanjo has committed and the things he has done wrong, Nigerians must forgive him and support him deal decisively with the dilemma of the Evil Genius once and for all. This is why those who are committed to the Nigerian cause as he himself is are begging him to shun the Third Term. For, while a process of total reversal against an incongruent and demon infested system is desirable but almost always impossible unless there is a conscious admission of and an unhealthy relapse to unpopular reactionary antecedents, the inauguration of a new culture that holds the key to development, is more important and rewarding.

To say the truth, the only workable alternative to a Satanic Presidency seems to rest with the Third Term. This is the truth in its simplest terms. Obasanjo may agree to go but what next? The answer to this question is not as easy as many are wont to believe. It is a mystical riddle. Everywhere he turns to for an answer, ugly dimensions of the problem rear their ugly head, even from his second – in – command. But to be candid, the Third Term looks highly reactionary and cowardly, and therefore misses the point. The plausible option to the Third Term is for Obasanjo to muster enough courage and decisively deal with the dilemma of the evil genius once and for all. Many hard instances would be taken in this regard. Of course, with Stella resting in the bosom of the Lord, Obasanjo has the moral muscle and all the constitutional powers to attend to this ugly but rewarding task which he had already started. It is either he disgraces hoodlums out of the corridors of power or they disgrace him out of office into his grave. This fact is his next door neighbour and is very clear to him. To this effect, Obasanjo can put his dictatorial ability to a personal, national and international advantage before handing over in 2007. For this particular case only, I think Nigerians can be better off with a benevolent dictator for a year and half than with a benevolent Lucifer for decades. With the latter, a more dangerous Saddam Hussein is born in poor Africa.

Here in RiversState, we acknowledge with deep gratitude, the sincere generosity of our Christian brothers and sisters in government. Despite the stubborn fact of human weakness, they have demonstrated their unalloyed commitment to faith and love for Christ and His Church. Today, we ask the Good Lord to bless them extravagantly. We implore our Blessed Lady, to whom they have been a friend in need and a friend in deed, to assist them and intercede on their behalf. We mark them for Promotions in the Christian assembly. However, it is important to note that our noble desire for vice presidential ticket should not blind us to the issues raised by Resource Control. There is also the other critical issue of the indivisibility of our great nation. consciences respectively. The sacrifice we make in consciousness of this double reality is the source of our honour. The honour we achieve in total disregard is the meaning of failure. For in dictatorship form of government, the post of a Vice President does not exist. What exists is the post of a Vice Partner in crime

On another note, the Igbos must resolve to become more resolute in the pursuit of the Biafran cause. The lot of the Igbo man since independence is an unacceptable one. I strongly believe in Ojukwu’s Biafra. I dream it I visualize it. And I work tirelessly everyday towards its realization. But this dream is only realizable today in the context of one Nigeria. Our liberation as a race, however, demands a certain shrewdness in the handling of national issues today. The discovery of our slavish condition in a land that is ours is a factor which demands the creation of a new awareness about our history and condition that must have the power to coordinate the chaotic diversity of our individual interests as a race. A correct awareness of, and a mature approach to the Igbo cause must resist a violent action that is not expedient at the constitutional and diplomatic table. Over and above all, it must have to begin to nurse an extra-ordinary caution for pretensions and commandeered sentimentalism. And so while the Igbos should be carried along by the revelations, vision and mission which have done much violence to Ojukwu’s imposing personality, we should also, all the more, continue to respect the wide horizon which has informed those who are committed to dialogue like Alex Ekwueme.

Furthermore, sincerely committed and respectable Igbos must acquire the courage to rebuke and rebuff the antics of a notable political acrobat. Such Orjian antics have been discovered to possesses a bilateral character whose expediency lies in a flamboyant display of flagrant betrayal and blackmail even though it wears a coveted messianic disposition. This is a wrong pedestal for a man to stand on and no race can afford to count the prospects for her success and liberation on this alone. It is a device craftly but intelligently and attractively designed by the devil himself to return us to the Evil Genius through the back door should in case we escape from his direct political control. Let the Igbos and other well-meaning Nigerians be warned that the young man in AbiaState is a strong member and financier of the world’s most dangerous terrorist network: the Al Qaeda. He is also the mystical first cousin of the Lucifer. There is nothing genuine about the Igbo blood running in his veins. There is everything satanic in and around him.

Generally speaking, we must stand on the side of the truth, even with the last drop of our blood.

The truth about Nigeria is Resource Control

The truth about Nigeria is Biafra

The truth about Nigeria is Religious Freedom

The truth about Nigeria is Anti-corruption

Any National Assembly that ignores these weighty items in its agenda to pursue shadows is only an assembly of rich fools and a gathering of nincompoops. For the Church in Nigeria to remain true to her mission and maintain a modicum of relevance for the future generation, She must stand on this truth .She must proclaim it from her pulpit everywhere in Nigeria. She must live this truth. This is the cross we have to carry as Christians in the present day Nigeria. Divine Absolute Mystery is far more higher and deeper than any mystery instituted by Satan and his cronies .The Church has all the mystical powers it takes to solve the satanic riddle that has insulted the electronic intelligence of Nigerian political actors .The addition of the Mystery of Light to the other Mysteries in 2002 by John Paul II indicates that no matter how mysterious the world becomes, there are divine powers to respond to it. At least, the Eucharist is there - uncensored and uncut power. Karl Rahner says “there is grace everywhere --- extravagant grace.” Zech. 4:6 says “this mountain must be removed, not by power nor by might, not even by a helpless relapse to fundamentalism, pentecostalism and much sentiments about miracles but by a resolute action engineered by the spirit. At this point, Nigeria is in an urgent need of such men of substance and strong character. Has the Church nothing to offer? Have the Christians nothing to boast of? Have Muslims accepted the fact that religion is just “an opium”? Have traditional religionists identified themselves wholly and entirely with Satanism? When it became urgent for the Church to deal decisively and finally with the critical issue of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT she had to forfeit everything, including powerful Vatican connections and allowing Vatican Bank financier ---the AmericanChurch –to declare bankrupt. Christian leaders in Nigeria must emulate John Paul II because the 007 factor is a major offshoot of the New Age Movement. The holiness of life of John Paul II and his commitment to the gospel ideals, not American dollars and Vatican connections, was the factor that brought the world to her knees as he bowed out of the world stage in 2004. With him, the Church under the German born Ratzinger, has a clear view of her mission in the world today.

The cross is the only source of freedom. To carry the cross is to be on the road to freedom’s own abode. Fathers and Mothers, Husbands and Wives, Men and Women must be committed to their Christian responsibility in the state, in the church, in the family, in the office, in the office, in the market place – everywhere. They must stand on the side of freedom, and must do this at all costs – even at the cost of crucifixion. Many have become ashamed of the cross of Jesus Christ, and have compromised our great and higher callings in other to be friends of the world, partners in crime against justice and equity, helpless victims of drunkenness, immorality and irresponsibility. This is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Therefore take up your cross and follow me says Jesus to us all in the present Nigeria - to where ! To freedom ! And if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.

How many of those children who lost their lives in the Sosoliso crash belong to poor parents? As one author puts it, the fact that you own a good job or a thriving business, or work in an oil company, earn fat salaries and drive big air –conditioned cars along streets ravaged by poverty, does not mean you are safe. Until the basic demands of safety are addressed, nobody is safe. Thus, inasmuch as I am not rejoicing at anybody’s misfortune, I cease this opportunity to call on everyone to be committed to the cause of freedom. For no one can pretend to be unaffected and therefore feign unconcerned in the struggle for freedom.To do so  is to dig a grave for oneself and for the future generations. The gospel of peace and freedom is the theme that formed the heart and life of Jesus. When the whole humanity had grown deaf and dumb to listen to and respond to this gospel from the synagogue pulpit and on the streets of Palestine, God himself fashioned a very strange pulpit at the mountainous border between life and death. Consumed by the zeal for freedom, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, mounted the pulpit of Calvary – the CROSS. There, unprotected and unsupported, and under the scorching heat of the unfriendly sun, he preached the gospel of peace and freedom. That gospel is the power that radically conditioned history, and forced humanity to come to terms with the reality of life and death, freedom and slavery, truth and falsehood. The power of that gospel working in the hearts of individual men and women, institutions and societies is the only effective instrument against the structures of deaf and dumb satanic figures and empires. That power has come to Nigeria this year. He who fights on the side of freedom can never be a looser. Even in death, he is a winner – forever.

This piece signifies the demand of the pool of blood of those innocent children that has refused to dry up at the tarmac of the Port HarcourtInternationalAirport, P. H. It is the verbalization of the collective wish of those beautiful children as they bid their final goodbye to their beloved fatherland that holds no promise and security for their future.

It is indeed,

The shame of a nation

The sorrow of a people,

And the ugly history of a yesterday

Whose today and tomorrow do not seem

To hold any plans for something different.

It is the shame of the so-called rich parents whose fat accounts in local and foreign banks is, paradoxically, a proof of the fact that they are very poor to the extent that they could not afford a pack of pure water for their innocent children thirsting for safety in a land surrounded by an endless stretch of waters. Poverty and wealth are of the heart, not of the head. The former president of the Loyola Jesuit Col lege is correct. In the homily he preached at Corpus Christi Cathedral Port Harcourt few days back, he said and I quote; “Misused and unused powers led those children to their death”. It is the strong desire of Our Lady that we make positive use of the powers we possess, and dispose the unused powers that abound to lead the rest of Nigerians who have survived these hellish years to a Better Life in the year 2000 and beyond.

Providence has made it of us. Charity demands it of us. Need compels us to it. Our future challenges us to it. Therefore if you bible does not contain it, throw it away and get a copy of the Revised Standard Catholic Edition. If your Faith does not imply it ,throw away that faith and come to the true Faith in the Eucharistic Jesus.If it is not your responsibility, make it your sole responsibility. If you have no sword to fight on its behalf, sell your sword and buy one for it is a battle for freedom.


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