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NRA: Non Reasonable Actions

Updated on December 26, 2012
Just a few configuration of the AR-15
Just a few configuration of the AR-15
A replica of the Russian made AK-47
A replica of the Russian made AK-47
H&K MP-5K is a tactical weapons used by Police S.W.A.T. Team & Special Forces Soldiers
H&K MP-5K is a tactical weapons used by Police S.W.A.T. Team & Special Forces Soldiers
A standard MAC-10 with potential high capacity Magazine (clip)
A standard MAC-10 with potential high capacity Magazine (clip)
A few of the many looks of the M-16 Rifle.
A few of the many looks of the M-16 Rifle.

The Assault On Sensibility

With the latest rhetoric from the NRA, it is just plain stupid and pig-headed in light of the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. Now don't get this twisted, I fully support the 2nd Amendment to our US Constitution. But as a veteran of military service there is no need for members of American society to have the military grade firepower of assault weapons such as AR-15's, AK-47's, Mac-10's, MP-5, or M-16's. I'm pretty sure that if the framers of the US Constitution had had the foresight to know that the kind of firepower of the aforementioned guns would be created, they wouldn't be included under the 2nd Amendment plain and simple.

There's no way NRA Leader Wayne LaPierre could truthfully tell me or anyone else, that the guns pictured here would have ever been included under the 2nd Amendment rights by the authors of the constitution. For these weapons are meant to be in the hands of soldiers in the field of battle engaged in combat operations. The average sportsman doesn't need this kind of firepower to hunt any kind of prey known to mankind, anything else would a boldface lie and an insult to anyone of average mental competency.

Under that logic even big game hunters have guns designed for that specific purpose say a Mossberg 30 30 for example. I am sure that in it's original form the Gatling gun is or wasn't included under the 2nd Amendment. So why is it so difficult to get the NRA to go along with the ban of the aforementioned weapons, this really would be the rhetorical $64,000 dollar question. To get a reasonable and logical answer from the NRA, be prepared for a trip to crazy-town. They'll blame everything on everybody else like politicians, video games, movies, music videos and even the mainstream media but not the gun manufacturers.

Heaven forbid the gun makers should actually be shouldering the brunt of the responsibility for their weapons, but that would affect their bottom-line financially speaking. So that's what they've got the NRA for, so that they don't have to hurt their bottom-lines. With a hint of common sense they NRA just MIGHT see that banning the likes of the semi-automatic assault weapon is actually in the best interests of the country as a whole. Considering the fact that nobody really needs this type of firepower for home, personal protection or hunting, it's not an infringement upon anybody's 2nd Amendment Right if they don't need the kinds of guns in question to begin with in the first place.

Their deranged sense of loyalty to the gun manufacturers and/or the 2nd Amendment is admirable but totally displaced when it comes to a question of public safety. And as far as the high capacity magazines (clips), in the hands of a proficient or skilled shooter no more than 3 shots are needed to take down any particular target. Thereby diminishing the odds of a stray bullet hitting an unintended target (innocent bystander) astronomically.

In conclusion the NRA's only logical argument is over monetary issues and not any potential infringements of anyone's 2nd Amendment Rights. Therefore I suspect it's about the money and political clout for gun manufacturers as their powerful gun lobbyist in Washington, otherwise it's only a matter of proper perspective (common sense) to ban assault weapons from the general public's use. A bit of advice to the NRA & Wayne LaPierre, get over yourself and think about the victims at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary and the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado. That Ban on Assault weapons in imminent so deal with it!


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    • Salvienation profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks AntonOfThe North, I'm glad you liked the article! I try to make them interesting and relevant to what's happening in the world around me! Feel free to read my other hubs and comment on them as well if you like.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Salvienation

      A good article. Thanks for writing. Totally agree that it was impossible for the framers of the constitution to include something that didn't exist yet, and was probably only conceivable in the minds of a very few. NRA is a power / money driven lobby above all else.

      @ zenpropix

      "The use of existent weapons by the deranged, the suicidal, the deeply depressed, and the copycats . . ."

      It is not just those. Organized crime, gangs, desperate, or just plain stupid belong there too. Not to mention the potential which exists for someone with the best of intentions to commit a crime because they believe they are acting in a moral fashion.


    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great analysis, Salvienation. The NRA certainly have mighty monetary reasons for supporting the sale of assault weapons and large magazines. LaPierre is also a megalomaniac who is hooked on his own power and will give no quarter on these issues. He is a dinosaur that does not give a hoot for public safety.

    • Salvienation profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      I didn't mean to imply that the ban on assault weapons is right around the corner, but eventually they'll re-instate the Clinton-era ban that expired in 2004 if memory serves me right. There maybe another voluntary exchange program involved like that last time, but this one should be more permanent ban on assault weapons.

      Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, there should be stricter regulations in place to prevent criminals and the mentally ill as well as those suffering from depression, suicidal or homicidal tendencies. Nonetheless I'm glad you liked the hub! Thank You

    • zenpropix profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for providing a well-informed veteran's perspective, along with a good mix of photos of some very powerful assault weapons. I am personally in favor of an assault weapons ban, but I am disturbed that even liberal politicians only seem to take up the issue AFTER each tragedy that is more horrific than the one before.

      Your hub suggests that an assault weapons ban is coming soon. If so, it is still only one part of the solution. Coalition-building across conservative and liberal lines is vital to addressing the issue in a comprehensive way. Our starting point is a nation with literally hundreds of millions of firearms already in private hands. The use of existent weapons by the deranged, the suicidal, the deeply depressed, and the copycats must be curbed as well, and that will take much more than an assault weapons ban.

      Nonetheless, thank you again for an excellent contribution on this vital topic.


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