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NYC Downhill Spiral

Updated on January 26, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


I am a resident of NY State most of my life. I grew up in Queen NY and attended college in the upper East Side of Manhattan. Now I live in a suburb of NYC of Westchester County. I have seen what NYC have been in the 1970's and the ups and down since. Here is my latest experience on a recent day trip to watch the Marathon.

-November 2015


When Bill de Blasio was running for mayor of NYC in 2013, I predicted that the quality of life in the city will suffer if he is elected. The reason I know this is because I know what de Blasio's politics and his progressive world view is. Now in 2015, the predictions have come true. In specific, crime is up, vagrancy is up, cleanliness is down and the quality of life suffers. Elections have consequences.

On a recent excursion to NYC to watch the Marathon, I had the occasion to take the subway downtown. What I saw, in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, was a person sleeping on the train taking up four spaces as shown in the photo below. There were a few transit workers nearby who did nothing. Apparently, this is not an issue with them and "normal" practice.

A Person Sleeping on the A Train (11/3/2015)

More Images...

Some recent headlines in the local paper and the return of squeegee men. Two NYC policemen executed in cold blood sitting in their patrol car. NYC mayor snubbed by NYC Police at funeral of officers. Sometimes, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Days Gone By...

As I am writing this, my mind couldn't help drift away to the Simon and Garfunkel song. "Where have you gone Mayor Giuliani, Our city sends it's lonely eyes to you...woo woo woo..."

If NYC wants to go back to the "good old days", it is not hard at all. Bring back mayor Rudy Giuliani and he will get the job done. I am asking for a new campaign to draft Rudy Giuliani for Mayor. Save our great city please...


I grew up in NYC but I don't live there anymore. I do travel there on occasions and noticed the changes. I hope the citizens of NYC wake up. The current downward spiral is obvious to anyone that pays attention. We have been here before under Mayor Dinkins. History is repeating itself.

Update - Oct. 2017

It is election time in NYC again. The mayor is looking for four more years. His reign has been controversial to say the least. NYC has declined as I predicted four years ago. To be fair, the cime rate had gone down and that is a good thing. However, the quality of life has also gone down. From the MTA and the train derailments to the homeless to the statue fiasco to the congested roads constantly under construction...this mayor has not been a strong leader with sound policies. The personal scandal with election funding just added to the sleaziness.

By current polling, it appears he is on his way to an easy victory. God help NYC. It is said we get the government we deserve. In this case, I believe they are right. The people voted for this progressive and will have to live with the consequences.

© 2015 Jack Lee


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