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Napoleon II (Emmanuel Macron) and the Clown (Boris Johnson): Brexit Talks.

Updated on August 23, 2019
British Prime Minister:  Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister: Boris Johnson | Source
French President:  Emmanuel Macron
French President: Emmanuel Macron | Source

Macron Drives a Hard Bargain.

Prime Minister Johnson, has been on a whistle-stop tour of the two most important capitals in Europe when it comes to the EU. The body language between Mr Johnson and Frau Merkle seemed quite positive. It seemed as they stood at their podiums, the two leaders, seemed to be enjoying each others company.

It seems, Angela Merkle, was enticed by Johnson's knockabout humour and easy personality. She appeared to give Boris, an easy time over amendments to the current Brexit deal on the table. This deal is the deal hammered out by then Prime Minister, Theresa May and the European Union. However, this deal was rejected three times, by Parliament. Nevertheless, as far as the EU is concerned, it remains the only deal in town.

Merkle gave Boris, 30 days to come up with amendments, to the current Brexit deal. When Boris arrived in Paris, to see Emmanuel Macron, the French President, was in no mood to mess around or be won over by Boris's comedic demeanour.

Mr Macron when giving a press conference with Mr Johnson said it was hard to see what could replace the 'Backstop'. The backstop in place or not is the difference between having a hard or soft border, between Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and the Republic of Ireland (part of the EU). Boris, wants the backstop replaced, but it appears on this one, Mr Macron, is not for turning.

Mr Macron, told Boris straight, that the original deal, is the only viable plan. However, Mr Macron did say, the deal could be looked at again and amended in places if needs be. Macron did go along with Merkle's 30-day plan for the original Brexit deal, but, remains sceptical.

When Boris arrived home, he could be seen punching the air, apparently, at the leeway Merkle and Macron, have given him over the existing Brexit deal. Various news media outlets reported last night, that Boris, has instructed his cabinet, to come up with amendment plans, for the original deal.

Of course, Boris, punching the air or not, will still face the uphill struggle, Mrs May faced. If the EU, through its negotiator, Michel Barnier, accepts any amended Brexit deal, the deal will ultimately, have to be passed, by parliament.

It is doubtful, the opposition parties, even some of his own MPs, will want to give Boris, an easy time, over this. The Remainer MPs will be out in force, to vote down, any deal Boris brings back, from the EU. So Boris could find himself, facing what his predecessor faced, the absolute deadlock over any amended Brexit deal. If Boris, cannot get any amended Brexit deal through parliament, will he call a general election or will he keep trying to get it through as May did? Cynics say, however, Boris's travels to Berlin and Paris, are just bluster. In other words, he and his Brexiteer cabinet, want the UK to leave the EU, with no deal. The reason being, that Boris can say to the public, "Well I tried to get us a deal and the EU rejected it", so it won't look like he was the cause of the UK leaving the EU, without a deal.

When parliament reconvenes in September, it will become a battleground, for sure. Not only over Brexit, but Mr Corbyn, Labour leader, intends to put a vote of 'no confidence' before the parliament, over Mr Johnson's premiership.

Let us hope, all MPs, regardless of party or whether they be Brexiteers or Remainers, are fully recharged, after their summer break. For they will need, gusto, toleration and much more, when the UK parliament starts again, for the reasons explained in this article.

General Election in the Offing?

Boris Johnson's government, still propped up, by the Northern Irish, DUP, has a majority of one, in parliament. You may recall, in the 2017 general election, Theresa May lost her majority and was left hanging on to power, by a thread.

She entered a coalition agreement with the DUP, to keep her in power. Of course, she had to bribe them with a billion Pounds, for them to take up her offer. Theresa May used to say, there was no magic money tree, for the UK's problems. However, she suddenly discovered it (no doubt at the bottom of the 10 Downing Street garden) to keep the DUP, in alliance with her!

A recent Welsh by-election, which saw the Lib-Dems, gain a new MP, has reduced the Tories, as said above, to a majority of one. Not only because of this but, with forces ranged him, Boris must know his premiership and government, are in a precarious predicament. Nevertheless, Boris carries on, in his own unconventional style, promising, come hell or high water, to deliver Brexit, by 31st October.

Maybe, looking back to his hero, Winston Churchill, who faced WWII, makes Boris Stoic. He will certainly, need the 'Churchill Factor', (Boris published a book of the same name, a while ago) if he is to get through and face down his enemies, both at home and abroad.

With a majority of one and a vote of no confidence facing him (orchestrated by Jeremy Corbyn) Boris maybe considering a general election. If indeed, a general election is called, it will be, the third one in four years. Obviously, some voters will hate this, preferring Johnson, to stick it out and deliver, by 31st October, Brexit. Others will no doubt welcome this, most probably, remainers and those, suffering under this government's, mean, austerity policies.

It would appear holiday leave has been cancelled, so the Tory party in Westminister can put all hands on deck to present and win a general election. This may occur before 31st or after 31st October, so it would appear we may be in for an autumn/winter, general election.

If evidence were needed of a possible near future general election, Boris has been putting out policies. Namely, more money for the police, (whose numbers were cut by 20% by the Tories, in the first place) and more money, for the NHS?

Let us hope, if there is an election, this government are severely weakened and have to go into opposition with a kinder, more caring party or are soundly thrashed and driven from office.

After nearly 10 years of cuts and austerity, the country is ground down and its foundations are shaking and ready to collapse. This country needs a change of direction, hopefully for the better, the sooner, the better.


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