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Narco-Terrorism In India and Its Best Solution

Updated on December 23, 2014

Drug trafficking is at the peak in Indian subcontinent. Countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan are big producers of narcotics. They not only produce narcotics but also supply drugs via border. The line of control plays an important role in narco-terrorism in India. Bordering areas of Indian Punjab state receive narcotics from across the border. Due to this the youths of Punjab have become addicted to drugs. Many news channels have also highlighted the situation of youngsters in Punjab who are in badly suffering from intoxication.

Pakistani Drug Mafia

Tribal border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan are highly dependent on the production of narcotics to earn income. By doing this practice they make lots of money that some terrorist organizations also use in buying weapons, giving training to terrorists and spreading terror in their own and neighboring nations. This is the reason why many drug mafias have evolved in Pakistan and doing illegal practice without any fear.

Everyone knows that the government of Pakistan provides hidden support to drug mafias. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and other intelligence agencies of Pakistan are well aware of the farmlands where narcotics are grown. But they do not take any action against it because such activities are helping them earn money as well as making the youths of India get addicted to drugs.

Drug Menace in Punjab

Pakistani drug mafia mainly uses the bordering areas to transmit narcotics. Alas, Indian state of Punjab is sharing 550 kilometers of border with Pakistan. So drug trafficking generally happens from Punjab to other parts of India. Indian army often finds a lot of amount of drug packets in the bordering areas of Punjab. Youths of Punjab have been destroying because of this. They get a big amount of money to just transmit drug packet(s) from one place to another. Drug mafia lures youngsters by showing the dream world of high society with bank balance of millions of rupees. However, they also consume drugs and become addicted to it. And the drug trafficking process never ends until they are caught by cops or army.

Relation Between Drug Trafficking and Terrorism:

A huge amount of fund is generated to support terrorist activities. Mostly terrorist organizations are banned by national and international bodies. Those who are involved in terrorism need to look for shortcuts that can quickly help them get millions of dollars. Narcotics just do that for them. Here is a list of some facts that prove a close relation between drug trafficking and terrorism.

  1. Countries like Afghanistan are involved in poppy cultivation of its most of the fertile lands. Terrorist organizations like Taliban control such areas and cultivate the land to produce narcotics.
  2. Drug trafficking is a quick way to earn lots of money without doing any legal paper work. The money transaction happens in cash that does not leave behind any evidence.
  3. Terrorism requires loads of money to perform its several inhuman operations. Though it’s hard to collect that much of fund though legal practices, they prefer illegal ways like narcotics production to make money.
  4. Criminals and smugglers hold their hands and befriend to open new ways to generate money through drug terrorism.

Solutions to Narco-Terrorism in India

Officers of intelligence bureau say that the main loophole in narco-terrorism is with the government itself. If all strict rules are enforced and followed in a right way, it won’t take much time to eliminate drug trafficking in India. The government of India is taking drug trafficking and terrorism as separate issues. In fact, both of them are correlated to each other. If the government will be able to stop drug trafficking in India from across the border, it would certainly help them tackle terrorism comprehensively.


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    • praveengosain profile image

      Praveen Gosain 2 years ago

      Drug trafficking starts from one place and then spreads throughout the world. If the roots of narcotics production are stopped, it would help in eliminating drug trafficking everywhere.

    • handymanbill profile image

      Bill 2 years ago from western pennsylvania

      We have been fighting Drugs in U.S. For many years and it has done no good. Actually I think it the drug problem is worse. So how would India believe that they could do it better. Good luck.