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Narendra Modi ,PM Of India ,Visits To Bhutan

Updated on June 19, 2014

PM Of India And PM Of Bhutan

Modi's Grand Welcome

After being sitted on Prime Minister’s chair , Narendra Damodar Das Modi gave emphasis on strengthening relations with the neighbourhoods.He has gone to Bhutan as his first foreign visit to establish his motto.On Sunday Modi reached here in Bhutan for a two-day visit to the neighbouring Land of Bhutan.The special airplane of airforce landed on Paro airport near Thimpu at 11.15 a.m. Red carpet was spread to welcome the Prime Minister of India.Tshering Tobgay ,the Prime Minister of Bhutan with officials were present at the Airport to welcome Narendra Damodar Das Modi ,the Indian Prime Minister.’Guard of Honour’ was given to Modi by Bhutan Force.Narendra Modi,the Indian Prime Minister was royally and cordially greeted and welcomed at Thimpu. People along with children lined up most of the road between Paro and Thimphu and waved Indian and Bhutanese flags. Big hoardings carrying Modi's photographs wre also seen in between Paro and Thimpu . A cutout saying "Welcome to our close friend, India's prime minister Narendra Modi." outside Taj Tashi hotel in Thimpu was set.Here in this hotel Modi stayed for Sunday and Monday in his two-day Bhutan trip.

Indian Prime Minister Accompanied By

Sushma Swaraj
Indian External Affairs Minister
Ajit Doval
National Security Advisor
Sujatha Singh
Foreign Secretary

Gaurd Of Honour To Modi

Why First Visit To Bhutan

The Prime Minister Of India said that the choice of Bhutan as his first foreign trip came in his mind naturally.The Prime Minister of India ,Mr Narendra Damodar Das Modi explained "Bound by common interests and shared prosperity, India and Bhutan enjoy a unique and special relationship which has been forged by ties of geography, history and culture. Therefore, Bhutan as the destination for my first visit abroad as Prime Minister is a natural choice".

Indian Prime Minister With The King Of Bhutan

Who is the King of Bhutan?

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Modi With PM and King of Bhutan

Meeting With The King Of Bhutan :- A warm cordial welcome and greeting was given to the Prime Minister of India in the palace of the King of Bhutan.Even the King welcome him showing their traditional dance, 'Chibdrel procession'.A meeting for one hour was taken place between Nrendra Modi and Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk ,the King of Bhutan whom Modi confided Bhutan as a special friend of India.So many bilateral issues were discussed.A photo of two was caught smiling. Zitsu Pema ,the wife of the King of Bhutan and Sushma Swaraj ,the foreign Minister of India caught a photo.Prime Minister of India said , ‘He is so happy to be here in Bhutan. Friendly relation and forwarding it is my only aim.‘

Meeting With the Prime Minister of Bhutan :-Modi met the Prime Minister of Bhutan.Shering Tobge ,the Prime Minister of Bhutan considered Modi as as one ‘friendly’ and ‘intelligent’ person.He thought this visit of Modi must effect the relationship between these two countries.Two countries must come closer.He said the relation of these countries was not unknown to the world.Now once again time gives opportunity to renovate relation between these countries.

Modi's Eyes Is On Major Issues

  • Strengthening bilateral relation
  • diplomatic
  • making free trade arrangement

  • Protecting from terror attack
  • Organizing annual sports competition
  • Doubling scholarships for Bhutanese students in India.
  • Setting up digital library
  • Emphasis on hydroelectric power
  • suggestion for tourism

Inaugaration Of Supreme Court

Purpose of This Visit :-

Diplomatic :-

There two purpose of this visit of Narendra Modi to Bhutan. Economical ,border security and political issues are in the fray in this visit.Last year the business deal of India and Bhutan was 7 thousand crore INR.India announced the exemption of Bhutan from any ban on export of milk powder, wheat, edible oil, pulses and non-basmati rice.Creating an environment for free trade zone The and expanding bilateral trade were geared up in this visit to strengthen the strong relation between Bharat(India) and Bhutan. Thus India is investing in sixteen projects likew hydroelectricity ,information and technology, cent etc in Bhutan.Bhutan keeps on extending profit by exporting and India in other way gets its profit by obtaining electricity in cheap rate.India, 11th five-year planning has announced four thousand five hundred crore INR financial assistance to Bhutan for the development of infrastructure,telecommunication,agriculture,health,human resource .India will advise how tourism can be enriched.Chukha,Tala,Korichu hydro electric stations have already been started by the assistance of India. 1416 Megawatt electric is being produced.

Terrorism :-

Narendra Modi,the Prime Minister of India simultaneously tried to reinforce the financial development as well as abolishment of terrorism from the northeastern part of India with the active help from the neighbor.He wants to eradicate the terror from the part.He wants to uproot K.L.O., ULFA .India along with Bhutan attacked the shelters of ULFA in past ,now India is thinking again to do the same.Modi is thinking to establish peace in the sub continent with the assistance of neighbours.

Education :-

million books and periodicals will be accessible to the youth Bhutanese students as India is going to launch a digital library.Scholarships given to the Bhutanese students in India will be doubled. Prime Minister Narendra Modi approached an idea of annual hill sports festival with India's northeastern states along with Bhutan and Nepal.

Inaugaration :-
Modi inaugurated the building of the Supreme Court of Bhutan where the Chief Justice of Bhutan Sonam Tobgye was present.Narendra Damodar Das Modi ,the Prime Minister of India laid foundation stone of the 600MW Kholongchu Hydro-electric power station, a joint project of India and Bhutan. So many dignitaries of the Bhutanese government, lawyers, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, and Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh were present at this inaugaration.


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