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Nationality of Terrorism

Updated on February 18, 2012


National Colors
National Colors | Source


This week when some Iranians blew themselves up, in a supposed attempt to kill Israeli diplomats, the Israelis, the USA and others have been quick to blame Iran, accusing it of terrorism tactics.

Let us look at this more logically for a moment.

The reason why they accuse Iran is because they feel it may be a reciprocal attack, after Israel murdered some Iranian scientists. Now that was an act of terrorism.

An Iranian man studied hard at school and became a specialist in a particular field. Just as any American would do, he then sought to get employment for his efforts. Being a patriot, he was quite content to work for his government in the field for which he had become proficient and working in order to receive, a decent wage with which to maintain his family.

One day an Israeli, for whom he may never have known, from a country he may or may not have had views about, kills him.


So even if the Thai police did ascertain that the attempted assassin of the Israeli diplomats was from Iran. What does that mean?

Out of the 19 terrorists that supposedly took part in 9/11: 15 were Saudis, 2 were from The United Arab Emirates, one was from Lebanon and one was from Egypt.

I did not see the US immediately blame one of these countries for the actions of any of their citizens. They instead blamed Iraq and Afghanistan. What is the difference here?

War on Terror

Just an Excuse?
Just an Excuse? | Source


To apportion blame and execute the Iranian scientists for the Iranian government’s nuclear program is like executing the pilot of the aircraft involved in the Hiroshima bombing. To say that the action of any one of its citizens abroad is automatically by order of that persons government, would mean that the marines flying the SS flag were doing so under orders. The truth is we know that the marines were in their government’s employ: that has yet to be determined of the Iranians.

If Israel wants to come to its own conclusions, then that is their business and they should keep it to themselves. Especially when they know that all actions create a reaction.

The US government should not interfere or comment in any way. It is between those two countries only and Israel was the initiator. It should not be allowed to be used as a tool of the American elite to foster talk of war or conflict.

To fight a war on terror means to fight acts of terrorism from whichever quarter they may arise. Not to do so would mean that you are using the term “war on terror” as an excuse to fight personal battles and these battles, when undertaken by a government, should be with the blessing of their people, having first informed them of the facts.

For politicians to promote a war for their own and a few friends personal gain is in itself, an act of terror, against their own citizens.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 6 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      The actual series was called "Champions of Liberty" and the individuals chosen to be featured on those stamps are still worthy of study.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 6 years ago from USA

      I agree with you 1000%. So far American Jews (their names were not Anglo-Saxon) were caught in Iran spying. Israelis started the hostilities, it would be logic that at a point t that there would be retaliation. In that case, it is illogical, why would Iran fuel the antagonism? They would rather have a low profile!

      It is in the Israeli interest to push the conflict to direct confrontation. This is the "weapon of mass destruction" trick for the world to rally the Israeli cause! And my answer would be, WE ARE NOT GULLIBLE ANYMORE!

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 6 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Good commentary. I am reminded of the old admonition, that "it depends on whose ox is being gored." All too often we take on the attributes of our adversaries along the lines of "They did, so now we do." I am afraid that war is reverting to its ancient roots (if it could ever get any worse!) "An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth."

      Where are there modern "Champions of Peace"? Come to think of it, I think that years ago the United States put out a series of stamps entitled something like that. Maybe we need to go back and see who was featured on them and understand better just why.