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Nationwide GOP Effort To Kill Unions Is Championed by Governor Scott Walker Of Wisconsin! Others To Follow His Lead!

Updated on July 21, 2021

It Is Time To Fight Back!

Budget Crisis In Wisconsin Created By New Governor!

The new Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has created a fake budget crisis in an effort to destroy his political enemies, the state's employees' unions. Walker skated into the governor's office with a budget surplus of $121.4 million dollars according to the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. He immediately spent that surplus and more, handing out tax cuts to businesses and the wealthiest Wisconsinites. So now, based on the unilateral actions of the GOP, tea-party leaning governor, state workers will be forced to pay for the fiscal irresponsibility of their newly elected King. And they will pay dearly.

The governor has presented a bill that would remove collective bargaining from the vocabulary of the state. He has blamed public employees and their unions for the budget crisis which did not exist until he created it and even though the right to collective bargaining has no budgetary effect, Walker has decreed that it must be eliminated. Collective bargaining costs nothing, but it protects the workers' rights to negotiate future benefits. If collective bargaining is gone, the only thing state workers will be allowed to negotiate is wages. Retirement benefits, health insurance, even sick and vacation days will be non-negotiable. The effects of this legislation will destroy unions in the state of Wisconsin.

To be fair, the firefighters, local police and state troopers' unions have been spared destruction in the state of Wisconsin. Is that because they are public safety employees? No. It is because they are the three unions in the state that supported Scott Walker's candidacy. Walker cannot get away with attacking the three unions that supported him, can he? Well, maybe not this year. But he will eventually forget that they helped him get elected, so sometime within the next four years, Scott Walker, if successful now, will attempt to destroy them, too. That is why the firefighters, state troopers and local police are supporting the other unions' right to exist. They have joined the protesters at the state capitol.

To be even fairer, this is not what Walker campaigned on. Killing labor unions in the state of Wisconsin was not one of the promises that Walker made during the election cycle. Walker's campaign promises focused on bringing 250,000 new jobs to the state and promising to bring 10,000 new businesses to the state. People ultimately get what they vote for. The voters in Wisconsin knew that Walker was a Republican and maybe even a Tea Party member. Knowing that both the GOP and the Tea Party hate unions should have been enough to make them consider their votes more cautiously, but that is now water under the bridge.

Kucinich Says Fight Back!

How Much Does The GOP Hate Labor Unions? Just Wait!

Most states in this country are in dire financial straits and the states that have Republican governors are blaming most of their financial problems on the state employees and their unions. Why? Because they know that unions do more than protect the employment interests of their members. Unions are currently two of the top ten special interest contributors to political elections (2010 elections) throughout the country and most, if not all unions, have historically supported Democratic candidates. If Republican governors can kill unions in their states, unions will no longer be able to wield any political clout. They will have zero influence in the outcome of any future elections. They will no longer be on the list. Reason enough to destroy the unions? If you are a Republican, yes! The destruction of unions will also be the death of the Democratic party.

Talk about a caliphate! This could very well be the beginning of the Great Republican Caliphate!

Who were the top ten spending Special Interest Groups in the 2010 Election Cycle and who did they spend their money supporting?


From the Center For Responsible Politics

The Citizens' United Decision Led To The Increase In Special Interest Spending!

Special interest groups became individuals with the Citizens' United decision. They will now decide all future elections in this country. They may not yet have the power to vote, but they have the power to spend whatever it takes to destroy their rivals. Thank you, Supreme Court! The $5.00 or $10.00 campaign donations made by even several million living, breathing individuals will never compare to or be able to compete with the corporate giant individuals birthed by the Supreme Court. Believe me, these corporate giant individuals have no birth certificates, but you won't see any birthers going after them. They have something better than a birth certificate, they have the permission of our government's judicial branch to buy elections. Added to the GOP union busting mission, this country could easily turn into a one party government.

Protest In Wisconsin May Determine The Fate Of This Nation!

It is ironic that this is happening in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin was the first state in the country to allow collective bargaining by local workers in 1959 and then again in 1967, became the first state to allow collective bargaining by state workers. 

Where it began may be where it ends...


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