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2012 Natural State gas tax drive - propaganda, triple digit heat & slick salesmanship.

Updated on February 17, 2014
LillyGrillzit profile image

Lori as a young girl was concerned with Civil Rights and Environmental Degradation, She still is, with verifiable experience environmentally

August 21, 2012. It is over. Once more the poorest State in the Nation gives the Utility/Power companies a free ride, while Arkansas residents foot the cost of lost resources. Way to go...This is over, and the proposal does not even make it on the ballot.

Arkansas State Capitol should be lined in Coal, Oil and Natural gas, as these are the only ones who get "in".
Arkansas State Capitol should be lined in Coal, Oil and Natural gas, as these are the only ones who get "in". | Source

Drive to collect needed signatures has hit a road block

Lilly found a newspaper article in last week's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette another interesting move in the David vs Goliath battles against big energy interests in Arkansas.

The title "Natural-gas-tax drive sputters" by Sarah D Wire, Printed July 25, 2012 is a catchy title. It may also be a bit of a yah yah, at those who would dare have these large energy concerns pay their fair share.

Lilly is positive that opponents of a tax increase on Natural Gas, which is extracted from the Fayetteville Shale, are laughing at the attempt by Sheffield Nelson and his group, to increase the tax from the 1.2% they are currently paying, to a whopping 7%.

Opponents to an increase in the Natural Gas Severance tax will rant and rave about how such an unfair increase will cause all those frackers, and other Natural state destroyers to leave.

Companies like Chesapeake, are financially able to put whole page ads in the local papers and magazines outlining how much good the natural gas extractors are doing for Arkansas economy. They purchase commercials showing happy families, smiling community members, and spread propaganda about the good natural gas extraction has done for Arkansas.

What is fair to those raking in millions of dollars per month, cannot come close to the unfairness suffered by the average working person in Arkansas.

See How Powerful Energy companies are...

All videos raising the severance tax for frackers and Natural Gas sellers have been pirated or removed. All links are invalid...maybe an offer was made and accepted, I don't know, but I do know a snow job when I see one...

The only live video links regarding Raising the Gas Severance Tax are those from the Gas & Energy companies...

Propaganda part 5 - they could pay Arkansas residents what they are owed for loss of resources, instead of Propaganda to keep all that $$

The triple digit heat in Arkansas has been part of the problem

In Arkansas, the Municipal League has endorsed the increase of Severance tax, but getting out a petition drive in triple degree weather is almost impossible.

Out of the 69,774 signatures needed to get this proposal on the ballot, the Municipal League has submitted just under 3,000 signatures.

The Municipal League in Arkansas are non-political, and are the best friends of cities, towns, and communities in Arkansas.

The Municipal League as well as all proponents of the increased Severance Tax know that the damage done to our State's Infrastructure is costly, and if the natural gas extractors do not pay their fair share; enough to fix their roads, it will of course fall on each individual tax payer in the State of Arkansas

Arkansans; Taxed to Death

In Arkansas, if you are a citizen of this great State, you are taxed on everything you own.

Not only does a citizen pay sales tax, and personal property tax on a new or used vehicle when they purchase it, they are required to pay personal property taxes on that vehicle each year they own it.

It does not matter if a utility is charged a franchise tax for doing business in Arkansas, because the citizens share in that cost.

If Arkansas Citizens travel abroad, buy stuff out of State, out of Country or on-line, they are required to claim this under their personal property and pay taxes on it, for the initial purchase as well as paying each year to own it.

It does not matter that Arkansans are paying taxes on their owned property year after year, Arkansas citizens earning -0- to $3,700.00 owe 1% of their income to taxes.

Arkansas citizens pay 6% on each dollar they spend, unless they are drinking hard liquor, and in that case it goes to 10%.

What person who is elected to Represent the State of Arkansas would treat their own people this way?

Could it be those who only represent large, and dirty energy concerns? It seem so.

Arkansans paid for the building and maintenance of the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant, and Arkansans continue to pay for all of their Representation.

Say Yes to an increase in the Natural-Gas severance Tax. If they want to leave, they will leave behind a Natural State that can maybe undo the horrible damage that has been done to our eco-system.

As Arkansans are like to say, " If unfair practices are what's keeping you here, don't let the door hit you on the way out"

Campus Crossfire - Natural Gas Tax


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    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 5 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      BobbiRant, thank you for the good words. It is good to be doing what comes naturally. All of these characters and their stories have been banging against my head, finally they are able to act and speak. Thank you again!

    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 5 years ago from New York

      I've been watching the TV show, The Pitch and it amazes me how those slick salesmen can sell just about anything. Great hub, I learned a lot from this. So happy to see you writing here more, I have missed your great hubs.