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Nazi-like Tactics Used at Trump's Rally

Updated on June 21, 2020
Under arrest
Under arrest
The crime?
The crime?

The Case of Sheila Buck

Hitler's Gestapo were his secret police. The Brown Shirts (identified by a brown uniform) were his devout followers, and I mean, a blind kind of faith. All political rallies have their security staff but Trump's is more like the brown shirts being right wing.

Trump's mega rally at Tulsa, OK., surely was a disappointed for Trump who claimed over 20,000 would attend and more would be outside the stadium. Only 6200 were actually in the stadium listening to his nonsense, like, they should stop coronavirus testing because the more you test, the more you find it. Idiot statement from a U.S. President. Of course, with the rising numbers, it makes Trump look bad when it comes to not listening to official CDC advice.

Nonetheless, Sheila Buck (62), an art teacher in Tulsa, bought tickets to go see Trump. Like many Americans, she was furious about the recent police killings of black men when there was clearly excessive force and other intent is clear. So, she decided to wear a , "I can't breathe" T-shirt to the rally to express her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and all the horrible murders of black men at the hands of the police.

Sheila got in line and entered the area where the others were. Apparently, she meandered off into an area reserved for ticket holders with a "private" pass, according to police. She was told that she could not enter by plainclothes police but no reason, at that time, was given. In protest, she sat down to resist, at which time, they picked her up. As police carried her away, one of the officers said that she was trespassing, which is an obvious lie. She had a ticket to enter the general area.

Tulsa police clearly state that none of it would have happened had not the Trump security force requested this action. Sheila had passed through a metal detector area to the most secure area of the event accessible only to ticket holders. She had a ticket. However, it is claimed she entered a ‘private’ area (although, it is unclear if it was clearly marked so) and Trump's security requested the police remove her.

So, was this really the case, or was it really more about the t-shirt she wore that clearly agitated many Trumpers there and campaign staff? Tulsa police have indicated that this private event area is just that and they only acted when Trump's security requested her removal.

Other questions, if the area was for private event, yet clearly accessible to ticket holders like her, what is the problem? If the area is not clearly marked, were others removed? Were there extra ticket costs to enter this area? Was this area even used?

It seems the Trump staffers tried to cleanse the rally of any dissenters with a different POV and even though Trump welcomes them, you know he despises them and his followers act upon that. If there was a truly private area, why not just remove Sheila to the general area of the stadium where everyone else was? Why cuff her and charge her with "obstruction"? Obstruction of what? The rally? The entrance to the private area?

It is just bullshit. Trump's brown shirts did not want any dissenting opinions at the rally and made sure anyone there for that purpose were removed via real police at their request. A modern day-like gestapo tactic Hitler used to quell any opposition in the 1930's.


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