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Need for Family Planning and Birth Control Methods

Updated on August 26, 2011
Happy Family
Happy Family

Family planning is the planning used for a couple to determine when to have children. This can be done by means of natural and artificial birth control methods. Birth control means following some contraception methods in order to prevent or reduce the chances of pregnancy. Birth control is commonly used as a part of Family Planning. Considering the population explosion, family planning is the need of the time. Family planning also saves women from the risk of abortion.

Why Family Planning is Important

Raising a child requires significant amount of resources like time and money. Family planning can help ensure that these resources are available. If you have only one or two children, then you can give them a better education, a better life, can fulfill their needs and wants easily, and can give them a healthy lifestyle as compared to more number of children.

‘A Small Family is a Happy Family’

Family planning is being given a great emphasis in the most populous countries like China and India. In China, the government has made family planning compulsory for all the couples in order to control the increasing population. In India, family planning is not really followed. Very few people understand the need of family planning. In rural areas, couples still have more number of children.

The main reason behind the increasing population of the country is the lack of education. Government should lay emphasis on education in the rural areas so that the people can contribute in solving this problem. Putting some campaign to provide knowledge about family planning in the rural areas could be beneficial. Opening schools in rural areas is also very important to provide education and knowledge not only about family planning, but about the various aspects of the society.

Birth Control Methods

Birth control effectiveness is an issue that is fast gaining importance nowadays. There are various types of birth control methods available which have large differences in effectiveness. You can choose among various methods available. These include the following:

1. Barrier Methods – Barrier methods place a physical barrier to block the movement of sperm into the female reproductive tract. The most popular barrier method is the use of male condom.

2. Hormonal Methods – Hormonal methods prevent pregnancy by interfering with various female reproductive processes that leads to the fertilization of egg. The best method is the use of OralContraceptive Pills (Combined pill). This pill contains two hormones – 'estrogen' and 'progestin'. The pill is taken daily for a period of 21 days after which there is a washout period of 7 days. Then you can continue taking the pill in the same way. There are various types of contraceptive pills available. Talk to your doctor about the best suited pill for you.

3. Intrauterine Methods or Devices – These are the contraception methods where an intrauterine device is placed in the uterus. The device is usually of ‘T’ shape so that its arms can hold the device properly. One such device is Copper-T.

No method is perfect; every method has its pros and cons. You can choose any method that best suits you after consulting your doctor.


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    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 3 years ago

      Great hub, and your reply is very wise. Some times we should not bite more then we can chew, it can cause many problems if not careful with what we do with our productive powers. Large families are beautiful also but if planned can be more easy to care for financially and mentally. Yes people have had sex out of passion and then a young is on his way. Many to suffer because some one lack self control. Also absence of sex period is a good choice too! A old saying by the Tv Starr Barretta , do not do the crime ,if you do not want to do the time. We can say it is no crime to have sex in the proper way it was meant, but you will do the time in years to care for another human being, Until he or she is old enough to care for themself. count the cost before you act is food for thought.

    • anujagarwal profile image

      Anuj Agarwal 6 years ago from Noida

      You have rightly said that kids receive more parental attention in small families. Though, I do not feel children from large families are not happy but definitely they would have received more if it was a small family.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To anujagarwal: At last, I have found an intelligent and kindred spirit. I totally agree with you a milnillion percent. I was a Sociology major in college and study the sociology of the family. I concur with you that small families live better and are happier families.

      Children in small families are likely to be more affluent as there are more monies allocated per child. They also receive more parental attention which translates into having more advanced vocabularies and other positive variables. Children from small families are less likely to be impoverished than children from large families. Children from small families have more monies allotted for medical and dental care, more nutritious food, and better education.

      I applaud you. You are telling the truth. Birth control should be mandatory. The large family is pathological and has a lot of social ills which I will not detail at this point. Let us say, that children from large families receive less of everything and exhibit more pathological behavior.

      I am from a small family(only child). I had many advantages that children from large families do not have. Of course, there are many people from large families who will protest your hub because they were secretly unhappy with the information you have presented. You see the truth hurts. In fact, subconsciously, many people from large families had unhappy childhoods and are envious of the better life that people from small families had.

      Keep writing and preaching your truth regarding family planning. I, too, am an adherent and advocate of family planning. The large family is atavistic and is on its way to becoming extinct. I have voted you up.

    • anujagarwal profile image

      Anuj Agarwal 6 years ago from Noida

      I agree with you that large family is not bad and they can absolutely live happily. It is just to urge that family planning is very essential and is the need of today as the population is increasing at a very high rate. If someone has a small family, it becomes a lot easier to fulfill the needs of the child as day-to-day expenses and inflation is quite high.

    • ibbarkingmad profile image

      Brian 6 years ago from Utah

      I disagree that a smaller family is happier. I grew up with 6 siblings. My parents chose that. Family planning is a good idea, but the assumption that a large family is bad is false. Parents should be wise in how they create a family, but a large family can be just as happy if not happier than a small family.