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New American Political Party Due NOW

Updated on December 8, 2016
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Author/Writer has served his communities with distinction and honor. He is a published author of short stories. He served in the US Navy.

Party of the Middle-class people of U.S.A.

We the people of the American Middle Class population have for too long been ignored, while we are the largest voting block that exists in our beloved county. If I may, I'd like to remind some of my loyal readers (and all you new readers as well) of a song phrase that has been on my mind of late. It goes something like this (summed up for brevity)... Our land of the Pilgrim's pride, Our land where our Fathers died, from all the mountain sides, everywhere...let freedom RING!

This is a song "we" used to sing in the schools we attended. It was a song that made me feel so proud to be a Citizen of the Greatest Country in the world. This song does not ring from the mountains anymore. It does not ring in our schools anymore. Most young people now, in this twenty-first century we find ourselves in, who have so much information at their fingertips in or on the Internet (or the "World Wide Web"), do not know this song! Most people below the age of approximately thirty-five do not know the words of our National Anthem. Most people now days cannot quote the "Pledge of Allegiance" any longer, and most schools don't even "allow" it to be quoted. Bibles can not be brought to schools, but the Koran is often not only present in schools, but also taught to our children, most of whom where raised with Judeo-Christian teachings in their homes and churches.

So many of our "so-called leaders" tread so lightly now on the Muslim religion, being most careful not to offend the great 'religion" of Mohammed. But no one speaks up when a Christian is killed or hurt by a Muslim (or by an atheist or agnostic). No one cries out for justice when a Christian Monument that bearing a Cross is "required" to be removed due to one complaint. In point of fact, most people of our country don't even know about the Bible and its teachings any longer. Our great country became great on the backs of our grandparents and parents who fought terrible wars so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms that true liberty brings with it. So many brave Americans have given their lives, their health, or their limbs for our freedom to practice our religion, our freedom of speech, and all our other Constitutional rights (not to mention our God-given rights -- or "Human Rights as the world denotes them) . The freedom to speak our minds in public without fear of physical injury, public ridicule or the N.S.A. spying on our every movement and word spoken, are long gone away from us

Now we are under constant scrutiny by our government that says it is only trying to "protect us and keep us safe! ( the use of hidden, and not-so-hidden cameras posted in our streets, our public buildings, and even semi-private (once private) places in public where we could safely talk with a friend, a neighbor, without fear of a government agency overhearing our private conversations.) Those freedoms are supposed to be protected by the Great American Constitution signed into force of law across this great land in 1789. What has been done to, and what has been allowed to happen to our laws as given in the Constitution? Why have we, the American People allowed out government to slowly eat away at our freedom? Do we lack a spine? Do we not care for the freedoms that we enjoy, but which our children and grandchildren will not even know of, let alone have true access or use of?

The point of all of my words written above is to demonstrate how far we have fallen from the country of freedom our forefathers fought for and died. How many of you currently know any facts about the First World War? How many of you remember any facts about the Second World War? Are our schools, to which we pay large sums of tax money, teaching anything American any longer? We have teachers who teach Marxism and Leninism, and Socialism, and Communism. Nevertheless, how many teachers are telling our children of the Great American System of Justice that, once upon a time, was the Beacon of Justice for the entire world? Is our system of justice really providing real justice any longer? Alternatively, do only the wealthy get to enjoy freedom and justice? What of the pride of being an American Citizen? Does such pride exist in our country any longer? How many "foreign" languages do the people of the United States speak now? Ten languages? Fifteen languages? Twenty languages? Do any of you know, or even care, that we once spoke only English in our homes and in our schools not too long ago? How many of you have traveled to Mexico to try to Immigrate to that country speaking only English? How many Americans speak English exclusively in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, China, Japan, the Baltic States, Holland? How many of you have done that? Do you know that in order to become of citizen of Germany one is forced to learn fluent German language skills before being allowed to stay in that great country? Sweden is the same way, too. Try to move to Spain and see how many there will speak your language of English! And forget even attempting to live in France without knowing French! The French have pride in their beautiful language! However, what do we have in the United States of America? We have a government that prints all of its public documents in any (and every) language that an "applicant" may ask for in order to apply for citizenship to live and pay taxes in our country (if they even intend to work, as apposed to living on welfare money for the remainder of their natural lives) in our land of “golden opportunity!"

However, I digress just a bit above this place in my "rant."

Let me start in again with the real topic of this article which I am hoping some ay read and give serious consideration to its proposition. It is well past time for our country to be truly free in the manner in which we vote and run our elections here. It is common in many counties and states of our so-called "Union" to have registered dead persons casting voting ballots - we all know this to be a fact, but who does anything to correct the problem? We have many (too many) illegal Aliens living in our country who vote without even being true, country-loving citizens of our homeland we so dearly love. Our Veterans of wars that our government of "old men" have sent into combat don't get proper medical care in a timely fashion to save them from the tortures they face on return home from those battles we force them to fight for us. What is wrong with us all? Where has the dignity of our country gone? Do we have any remaining decency and concern for the REAL citizens in our country? How many of our church leaders are getting away from their comfortable pulpits, and away from their desktops of hardwood, to go out and help the needy, the starving, the homeless, counsel the sick and the dying? How many of we God-fearing Americans are attending church and helping those "stuck" people (in the church pews behind and in front of us) to get out and DO something along with us? How many of you have a family member who is suffering from P.T.S. (D.) (Post-Traumatic Stress-- disorder) and show concern enough to drive to and visit that person, talk to him/her and offer to help them in some way, (if they need the help and/or ask for help)? Even if a veteran with P.T.S. (D.) will not ask for help, will you simply allow him/her to end up being one of the 22 citizen veterans who commit suicide each and every day?

We, as a nation, will bend over backward to help someone coming from Central America or Mexico to the USA due to extreme poverty, lack of medical care and their country's political strife to come here and reside and find real work for real pay (not to mention the many free, government-supplied financial benefits they receive once they arrive). We even give them free housing, financial supplements and free medical care. But what do we do for our citizens right here, who only need someone to talk to about what they're options are under our system of government and its services to those in real need? What benefits they may receive? What jobs are open for a Military veteran returning from fighting for us? Where can he/she go to get real treatment for their P.T.S.D.? Not just talk, but real therapy that actually helps? Or medical care that includes more than just a regimen of pills popped into the mail every twenty-eight days from a VA pharmacy?

The main point I am attempting poorly at making is: We United States Citizens are allowing our government to rule us, rather than to serve us. What does the Majority want the Government to do to serve, protect and defend us? Don't most of us feel that all, or most, of the official "representatives" we elect get appointed based on their looks and personality, rather than on where they will, or are, taking us? The many "lawyers" who run for elected office become elected; they then immediately set to writing and passing more laws to "govern" us. However, in "governing" us, isn't what they are really doing is removing and restricting our freedom? Each and every law that Congress passes takes away--chips away--more of our freedom and liberty. Where will we be in twenty years from 2016? What will our nation look like in forty years from 2016? Will my Great-grand-children have any freedom and liberty left to them? I don't see it coming from our current elected representatives. Then, who am I? I am a Citizen of the United States of America!

I would call all Citizens of out country to stand up and make their voices heard in the Congress we have elected. Get those people to do the work of The People! Cause some noise to be heard in the Hallowed Halls of Freedom inside Washington, D.C. (the other Washington--I'm from Washington State--THE Washington!) Let us vote for those who've served in Private Industry and mad good on promises. Let us elect those people of proven track records who know for certain that they CAN make changes that are absolutely needed in D.C. because they've a track record that shows they've done it before! I won't speak of any particular persons here, but you will know them by their works! They will be seen as "doers" and not only as "talkers." We, the Middle-class, are not lower than others are. We are the backbone of our country. We have the power that no one else has better. We can make America GREAT again with our voices and our votes. We can write letters and travel to D.C, and be heard in the capitol of our country. We must do it now, before it is much too late. Look at the $18 Trillion debt we owe...are we going to become another "Greece?" I say that America must be the shining example for the remaining world to look up to as its "Big Brother" because, even though we are not the "World's Police," we are the world's brothers and sisters! We owe our relatives all over the world their right to dignity and hope and it is up to us (apparently) to ensure they get those rights. We must give of ourselves and we must not allow Evil people of the world to get a foothold on the world we love and care for.

The current Administration has an agenda that goes against the grain of civility. It is moving without the consent of the people by executive fiat! This cannot be allowed to stand. This is the United States of America where people of the entire world come and look for hope and freedom. What will we tell our grandchildren when we are all bankrupt because we allowed it by standing by and watching as some few men/women took away our freedoms and our liberties? Whatever happened to "Give me liberty or give me death," as stated by our great liberty loving founding fathers?

I cry out to you all, my fellow Americans, to stand up and make your voices heard at the ballot boxes, in the halls of Congress and through Hand-written letters that show you care enough about our country to spend the time it takes to write or type a letter, sign it, and then pay the postage to mail it in the "old fashioned way" of making your voices heard. A "hand-written" letter carries much more weight than a quick little email note which "they" only tally to see how the voters think. Let them physically read, count, and write replies to one million letters (or more) and then "they" will see that we, the people they serve, mean real business! Let's just do it now! Right now!

Thank you for reading this post. "Peace and blessings to the United States of America!"


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