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New Coalition Formed By Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

Updated on December 15, 2015

Map of Saudi Arabia And The Regions Within The Kingdom.


Coming Together Of New Coalition.

The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia ruled by King Salman which has seen women elected to high office for the first time has formed a new grouping to combat what it sees as terrorist threats. A Saudi statement says that the new group combining 34 Islamic nations said Islamic State will be just one of the threats it will be having in its sights.

Nations that have signed up for the Saudi led coalition are:



UAE (United Arab Emirates).



Several other Gulf States and African countries are also included. Iran is the notable absentee from this new grouping being a Shia nation and KSA's (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) regional rival. Yemen is another country where Saudi has formed a coalition to fight Shia Houthi rebels there and this has become a bone of contention between Iran and the Saudis, the Saudis being Sunni.

The US has been trying to encourage Muslim nations to take a leading role in conflicts and this announcement by the Saudi Arabians must be music to Obama's ears.

A joint operations command for the new grouping will be based in Riyadh in the kingdom itself.

It seems Saudi Arabia is becoming more assertive in its own region which may or may not be a good sign of the times.

Islamic State Jihadi.


Horror As New 'Jihadi John' Emerges.

It seems in the aftermath of the apparent death of Mohammed Emwazi taken out by an RAF Reaper drone in Raqqa, the de - facto capital of Islamic State, a new video released by the Jihadi group shows what appears to be a new 'Jihadi John' dressed in military uniform complete with balaclava hiding the man's face spewing out Islamic State's bile and propaganda.

The video shows this figure with a British accent speaking perfect English and saying Islamic State had two more western hostages being held in a building that has been turned into a prison by the Jihadi group. It appears to show the wannabe 'Jihadi John' threatening the western hostages if Islamic State do not hear from governments like the French one soon.

Mean while back in the UK MI5 and the police have mosques up and down the land in places like Birmingham in their sights for any sign of Islamic State sympathy and there is good evidence to suggest that an Islamic State sleeper cell known as the 'London Boys' are at large and known to have communicated with the original 'Jihadi John' Mohammed Emwazi.

The sight of a new 'Jihadi John' will like a nightmare for the families of the victims of the original Islamic State executioner Mohammed Emwazi just as perhaps their lives were getting back to something like normality.


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