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New Government, Same Old Tories?

Updated on July 29, 2019

Boris Johnson: New Prime Minister.

Okay, so we have a new government, under the command of, one Alexander Boris De Pfeffle Johnson. This man has always wanted to be the Prime Minister, from a small boy. When young, he announced he wanted to be king of the world, well now he may not be a king, but he is the British Prime Minister, for better or worse!

Hoping to ape his hero, Winston Churchill, who came to power when the UK was facing invasion. So the UK is facing a continental problem this time, however, it is not like we are facing a military threat as we did with the Nazis. Now it's leaving the EU as many people want us to do on 31st October.

Whether this will be achieved, in the time, Boris has got, will remain to be seen. Boris since succeeding Theresa May has assembled, in many peoples opinions, the most hard-right cabinet, ever. Hard right because of their attitude to leaving the European Union, many of them favouring a no-deal Brexit. Hard right because of some opinions, these ministers have expressed, for example, Home Secretary, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, and Jacob Rees-Mogg from the ERG group.

It was reported in one leading newspaper, according to polls, there is a 'Boris bounce'. In other words, the apparent 'can do' attitude of Boris has gone down well, with some voters. Will it be enough though, to see Boris, bring about the exit of the UK from the EU, will it keep the UK together and will it see Johnson beat Corbyn, in a general election?

Carrie Symonds, Johnson's girlfriend, will be taking up residence in 10 Downing Street. Sajid Javid, the new Chancellor, will be taking up residence, in No 11, next door.

Johnson faces challenges from the Brexit party who have a similar right-wing stance on many issues, notably, Brexit. Remainers who were defeated in the 2016 vote to leave the European Union, have not gone away. They have found a home in the Liberal Democrats and one cannot deny, they still represent a clear and present danger, both in the Westminister Parliament and in the EU Parliament, to Johnson.

If Johnson cannot get his plan through parliament to leave the EU, with or without a deal, he will be in Theresa May territory.

Many Tories and non-Tories alike, seem to be hoping good things will come from the Johnson regime. Maybe they might, however, right now, I am going to be an awful party pooper.

I once supported the Tories, David Cameron, seemed to offer an alternative to the glumness of Gordon Brown. However, once he became Prime Minister, along with his chum, Chancellor George Osborne, they set about a policy of austerity.

There were massive cutbacks in welfare, in the police, in the councils, etc, this hit the poorest hardest. Then there has been Universal Credit, which has replaced all other benefits. Although at the time of its roll-out, it seemed a good idea, it has left, the disabled, even those in work, worse off. Poverty has grown exponentially under the Tories as has homelessness.

First Cameron and then May, continued with these awful policies, which is disgraceful. So tell me, how will Boris for all of his clowning around be any different?

I remain to be convinced, but somehow, I don't think I will be. For me, at the end of the day, we need a general election and the clear out of this evil regime.

Return of The Eton Rifles.

The Jam, in the 1980s, had a song called 'Eton Rifles', attacking the privileged class. The 1 per cent who had enough money and the right connections, to attend Oxford University.

David Cameron, when attending university, thought this song was a merry tune, speaking about the virtues of being an Etonian. Boy, did he get this wrong, when Paul Weller, a working-class lad (originally) from the band, couldn't believe, how Cameron misinterpreted the meaning of the song? Weller was even shocked that such a man like Cameron, with his upper-class upbringing, would even follow 'The Jam'.

So it would appear with the dawn of the Conservative government from 2010, until this present day, the toff is back.

Theresa May, by contrast, did come from a less well off background, but now with Boris, we have another Etonian. So do this mean, it is harder, these days, for ordinary people, to attain high office?

There are many Tories from ordinary backgrounds of course, and of course, in Bo Jo's cabinet. However, many of them come from the highest echelons of our society. The question has to be posed, do such people despise ordinary people? Do many of them like Jacob Rees-Mogg, believe the masses that elected them to parliament, are still the great unwashed?

No doubt, many MP's from whatever party and from whatever background, are well-meaning, but how (unless they have risen from nothing) can they understand the struggles of their constituents, in this day and age?


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