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New York State Loves Bernie Sanders

Updated on March 26, 2016
Virginia Allain profile image

Politics affects all our lives. I made thousands of phone calls in the 2016 elections and now lead a group of women activists, all retirees.

Comparing Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on Experience


Hillary VS Bernie in New York State

Pundits expect Hillary Clinton to carry the state of New York. She was a senator for 8 years for them. Residents say it isn't that simple and that they love Bernie Sanders. See why that is.

I'd thought a lot about this topic, since I'm seriously addicted to Bernie Sanders. Recently in a Bernie Facebook group, this topic came up. The New York primary is in mid-April.

Scott M. started it by saying, "I find it interesting that CNN and others keep talking about how New York is Hillary's home state. I could be wrong, but I think Bernie might have lived in New York more years than she has. He was born and raised there and obviously has a strong New York accent and his very essence reminds me so much of what I imagine someone from New York to be.

In short, he is a straight shooter; what you see is what you get.

She simply moved there after finishing her stint as First Lady because New York has easy residency rules in terms of running for US Senator. He is the real New Yorker; New York is just another thing she has used in her ascension to power."

To get Bernie Sanders on the primary ballot in NY, volunteers collected 85,000 signatures. Only 5,000 were required.

January 2016 NY March Supporting Bernie Sanders

Pundits Say Hillary Has the Advantage in New York

She's a New York resident and former senator from New York. Bernie Sanders was born in New York, growing up in Brooklyn. Which will carry the most weight with voters?

New York Residents Share Their Feelings about Hillary Clinton

Michael G. - I lived there for 21 years. When Clinton came into NY she promised 200,000 new jobs, by the time she had left the state had lost 38,000 jobs. (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Unemployment in the state was one of the worst in the country (14/50 I believe) but thankfully she was able to find meaningful work to fill her pockets by giving paid speeches to Wall Street which she still refuses to release.

NYS Taxes are some of the highest in the country and the cities are being overrun by meth labs and heroin addicts. The once beautiful countryside is deteriorating thanks to her stance on fracking and her relationships with the fossil fuel industry and Monsanto. Lord help us if she "fixes" America the way she "fixed" NYS.

Jennifer N. - Her unfavorability was very high when she was in office. Meaning most New Yorkers hated her.

Mimi M. of Brooklyn -The media is sort of right and I must admit I don't want them to be. Bernie is Brooklyn raised, but please do not underestimate Hillary's support. I know many Hillary supporters and I know many Bernie supporters. I feel like different areas of NY love her while many find her repulsive. In

I know many Hillary supporters and I know many Bernie supporters. I feel like different areas of NY love her while many find her repulsive. In my area, they happen to support her, but by my fiance's area, they love Bernie. Friends, colleagues and acquaintances of mine are for Bernie, however my mother's company is for Hllary.

We NEED to phonebank hard for NY. I truly fear that my state will swing for Hillary, and I want to do anything to stop that.

Erin K C. of Utica - I'm from NY. This is not her home state. She only picked NY to run for the senate because Wall Street is here. We couldn't wait to get rid of her!

Scarlet M - The one and only time I voted Republican was when I lived in NY and she was running for senate. Nuff said.

Dave M. - Bernie is a Brooklyn boy. Hillary is an upper-class wealthy WASP from the midwest...she is about as New York as George Wallace.

Hillary is considered a carpetbagger in New York which means "a political candidate who runs for office in a place where he or she has lived only for a short time."

— Barbara S.

Advantages for Sanders VS Clinton

Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
Born & raised in Brooklyn
Moved there to run for the senate
Has NY accent and moxie
Has pals on Wall Street
Upstate NY similar to VT & NH in values
Lots of 1% voters in NYC

Bernie Sanders Has A Brooklyn Accent

She moved here for political reasons she is NOT a New Yorker but Bernie is born and raised in Brooklyn. Don't listen to BS from CNN

He is the New Yorker, you can hear it in his accent and feel it in his attitude!

— Lois E. of New York City

Bernie Sanders' Brooklyn Roots

Who Has the Home Town Advantage in New York State?

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© 2016 Virginia Allain

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    • Scott Mercer profile image

      Scott Mercer 22 months ago

      The page looks great!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 22 months ago from Central Florida

      As you can see, Jackie Lynnley, I'm a huge fan of Bernie. The big money in politics is ruining this country and our middle class has declined greatly because of it. Bernie Sanders has plans that could turn this around.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 22 months ago from The Beautiful South

      What a year of candidates! I used to vote Democrat but just can't see things their way anymore. How on earth Hillary is able to run for president with all the crimes she has committed and still under investigation for is beyond me. Then the republicans will just cut off their nose to spite their face but I will have to pick one to counter Hillary for sure.

      I know one thing, Sanders would be a fool to give up cause surely they will get Hillary before elections and it will just be his unless they bump Hillary in time to get Biden in! Whew!