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The Lazy Bug

Updated on December 20, 2016

As we all may have heard, the blame anything on the Millennials; simply due to the fact that they grew up in the age of technology - making them automatically lazy. But are they really lazy? Or have we all fallen victim to the Lazy Bug?

I can't imagine that the new generations feel great about all the claims made against them, especially since their contributions have helped pave the way to new technologies that help aid the world in many ways. In fact, they are a generation that is has completed college education; as well as has a vested interest in the future and how the government is handling it.


A few things things the Millennials are being blamed for

Well, let's point out some items that society has blamed the poor Millennials for; and the actual reasons why these are not their fault.

  1. The current state of the economy: Let's face it, the economy has been bad state since before they were even born; and it trickled downward since then. It is just recently that we have been experiencing some upward movement financially. Since the 80s, there have been international debt crisis's, the stock market crash in 1987; the European change of moneys to the Euro in 1999; as well as the mortgage crisis in early 2000s. All these were major factors to our decline, and the Millennials were minors when all these occurred.
  2. They are unemployed: The simple fact the companies pay horrible, is enough to drive even the Gen X'ers crazy; and if one has a college degree - they pay is still not enough to cover basic bills. This increase of low-paying jobs is in fact a growing problem, caused by globalization and computerization.
  3. Narcissism: Since the boom of cell phones and computers, coincidentally coinciding with the birth and growth of the Millennials. They don't know any other way of communication than that of the online world; so who can blame them. When the older generations had use of car's and camera's, we took advantage of that as well and our parents thought we were nuts as well.

Technology and Apps

It is no surprise that technology has made us extremely lazy - from Google, to automated computers and machinery, and cell phones. There was in fact a time, that we actually used books to research, humans actually built vehicles, devices and equipment with their bare hands. The original intention was to have these items help us with our daily lives, but as times passes - humans took them for granted.

My mom used to say, "Keep watching TV and your brain will turn into jelly!" Well, that is in fact what has happened to most of the human race. How have we, as a race, let ourselves go to the point of becoming so stupid and ignorant? Laziness.... Are people actually happier this way? Well, they think they are.

For example, they believe they are more social using apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Life is better with a TON of followers, right? Or the fact of knowing where everyone is and what they are eating. As if being glued to the cell phone or laptop, using Google and Youtube to search for junk is so much better than learning about the environment, or the animals that are becoming extinct. Yes, going online can have its benefits with these topics like these - but once you have the information, what will you do with it? Sit on your back side and post something on Facebook about it?

Those that have let technology control their lives, are missing out on so much! They are limiting themselves to a small screen, playing games, taking selfies, and posting a barrage of useless information online; and quite frankly - most get defensive when they are confronted about being online all day, as if their happiness depended on it; and what I mean about letting technology control their lives is when people do nothing else but watch television, look on their social media apps, watch YouTube videos or play videogames until the day slips away from them.

Get out of the Lazy Bug Syndrome!!!

Now, as hard as it may be to wrap ones head around it - there are other things that one can do to broaden their horizons. One can even use technology while doing so! Here are some healthy examples of using technology:

  • Hiking: GPS is a great device when hiking; can you imagine getting lost without it?!?!?!
  • Camping: Rent an RV, they are now loaded with tv's and electrical stove's
  • Go to a concert: Concert's are loaded with electronics, from light shows, large screen displays - and you can get your fill while listening to your favorite band
  • Exercising: Go jogging with your Ipod full of music

I am sure you can think of other things.... Let's get off our behinds!

Everyone is to blame......

Instead of blaming other generations for the lack of drive - we need to look within ourselves on what we do as well, or not.

There are in fact older generations that do sit and do absolutely nothing about social or political issues, and they are the most dangerous ones. Children look up to and learn from their elders - and when you teach them to be lax about everything, than you encourage laziness. It would be easier for the millennials to accuse the Baby Boomers for the terrible financial situation we were faced with during the recession; but there isn't much hoopla about that on the news. Well, I suppose there is - if you want to look at the political choices they made, simply based on the what the politicians say. All the presidents and politicians chosen since the 80s, have significantly changed the financial outlook of our world. No to mention the whole housing crisis - uhum... cough cough

Enough of the blame game,what are we going to do about it?

Are you up to the challenge of correcting the wrongs?

© 2016 Nilsa Fernandez


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