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Nigel Farage: Gets Silenced!

Updated on January 31, 2020

Nigel Farage.

Brexit day will be here tomorrow, it will be a day of celebration for the leavers, but the reverse for remainers. Will Big Ben bong? Will Nigel Farage hold his party in Hyde Park? Will remainers hold any form of protest or mark the day somehow? Tomorrow will answer these questions!

Boris is obviously triumphant in the fact that his Brexit deal was approved by the British parliament last week. It received royal assent by the Queen and is now law in the UK.

The European Union signed the leave documents and have ratified Boris' deal. This means as of tomorrow being 31st January, the UK officially leaves the EU.

Nigel Farage was in full flow in the European Parliament, speaking about the UK leaving the EU. Nigel reminisced about how when he arrived in the European Parliament as an MEP, people laughed at him. Obviously, with the goal of achieving Brexit now done, no one in the EU appeared to be laughing at him yesterday.

Farage waxed lyrical about the fact the UK was leaving the EU and "never coming back". As he continued speaking, Mr Farage and other pro-Brexit MEPs waved Union Jacks. Deputy EU President Mairead McGuinness cut Farage's microphone off as he was speaking. She said waving flags were not allowed in the chamber and if you disobeyed this, your microphone would be switched off.

Mr Farage retorted "That's it, its all over, it is finished" referring to the UK leaving the EU. Ms McGuinness retorted, "Please sit down, put you're flags away, you're leaving - and take them with you".

Meanwhile, British pro-remain MEPs sang 'Auld Lang Syne', obviously sad that very shortly they along with their leave compatriots, will no longer be there, as British Members of the European Parliament, very shortly.

Tomorrow, as it dawns, 31st January will be a new day for a brighter future for the UK, for leavers. Obviously, for remainers it will be like plunging into hell and the unknown.

Meanwhile, although the UK has or will leave the EU tomorrow, we will still be under many EU laws.

There is an 11 month transition period from being under EU direction to making our own laws as a nation in the world, on its own. In that time, it is expected the UK will make trade deals with China, Australia, Canada, USA, etc. Eventually, there will be negotiations for the UK to make trade deals with the European Union.

It is important for the European Union and the UK to be trade partners and not trade rivals. After all, the EU will still be the UK's biggest trading partner, though we won't be a member of the trading bloc any more.

Celebrations for Brexit.

Nigel Farage will not be holding any party in Hyde Park at all, it would appear. Instead, he will be holding it in Parliament Square, everyone is invited for free, and there will be bands and other entertainments.

Boris, meanwhile, will be addressing the nation, in a predicted triumphal speech to the nation. Black bricks will be illuminated too, to celebrate Brexit, outside 10, Downing Street.

Meanwhile, the pub chain, Wetherspoons, will be slashing prices on drinks, as the owner of the pub chain, is obviously, very much a Brexiteer.

Big Ben, however, will not be bonging, also, projected outside No 10, will be a virtual clock starting at 10 pm. The UK leaves the EU, at 11 pm, and this clock will be counting down to this time.

Will leavers stage any kind of protest or counterparty, this remains to be seen.

Boris: To Address Nation Over Brexit.


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