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Benefits That Come With the Nigerian President as Champion of West African Response Against Covid-19

Updated on April 27, 2020
Awolesi Abiodun Adedola profile image

Abiodun is a Health Laboratory Assistant with a first degree in Microbiology and has written political related articles.

Benefits That Come With The Nigerian President As Champion of West African Response Against Covid-19 Pandemic

Nigeria is a country in West Africa and belongs to the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS. Apart from her big brotherly role within the African continent and West African region, Nigeria has effectively combated deadly infectious diseases in the past.

One of such deadly diseases that comes to mind is the Ebola epidemic that was stopped in its track when an infected Liberian diplomat, Patrick Sawyer entered the Nigeria on a diplomatic mission.

Thanks to the sacrifice of one doctor Ameyo Stella Adadevoh who kept Mr Patrick in quarantine and prevented him from further spreading the Ebola virus within the country despite pressures from the Liberian government. This was in 2014.

Although Dr Stella, three of her colleagues and the Liberian diplomat eventually died from Ebola complications, the Nigerian health authorities were able to trace all 20 Ebola cases within the country to a single path of transmission thus, putting an end to the ebola virus in Nigeria.

With the advent of covid-19, the health systems in certain developed countries of Western Europe and the United States have no doubt been initially overwhelmed before they worked to contain the situation to some extent.

West African nations with their rather fragile health systems need to form a united front in order to increase their chances of overcoming covid-19.

WHO And The United Nations Also Confirmed The Need For Nations To Work Together

Even the World Health Organization, WHO and the United Nations realized that without adequate collective efforts among nations of the world, the coronavirus invasion would undermine individual country efforts at containing the pandemic.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the WHO has called for nations not to politicize the covid-19 pandemic crisis but rather work together for our collective good.

On his part the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Manuel Guterres has asked for donations from wealthy countries to support poorer ones against the impact of the pandemic.

West African countries recognized this need and appointed the Nigerian leader to lead the fight against covid-19. As these nations join forces against the pandemic, more progress would be recorded and the end of the plague should come sooner than if individual countries go it alone.

European Union Was Slow To Work As A Team Against Covid-19

If we take a look at the European Union for example, the bloc was slow in responding to the needs of Italy whose covid-19 casualties first surpassed that of China before the United States figures sadly overtook it.

The European Union had to apologise for its slow response to the European Country and the moment Europe formed a United front against the pandemic, better progress has been made. I think I heard news of a trillion Euros economic buffer announced by the European Union to help member countries against covid-19 negative economic impact.

Although economic activities have been negatively impacted in West African countries as a result of the pandemic, coming together with resources in this moment of crisis will help member states get out of the woods and after the storm is over, they can likewise help one another to speedily recover huge losses.

The post-pandemic necessity to revive the West African economy reminds me of the newly introduced Eco currency. The currency which would be a common means of exchange and a legal tender in all West African States will help revamp the region's economy once the covid-19 crisis is over.

The Eco currency will be strong and will rub shoulders with the Euros, dollars and Pounds Sterlings of this world.

We should have noticed several benefits of the Champion role of President Muhammadu Buhari in the write up so far but, they are better grabbed when outlined numerically.

Below Are A Number Of Benefits Of Having The Nigerian President Spear Heading Covid-19 Response In West Africa

With the appointment of President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria as Champion of the covid-19 response, ECOWAS member countries will benefit in these ways:

1. The template used by Nigeria in combating the covid-19 pandemic can be readily available to other countries willing to adopt that method.

2. Some of the huge financial resources of Nigeria can be made available to poorer countries who could use such financial help.

3. The knowledge of health expertise of the various West African States can be shared to effectively combat the pandemic.

4. As Champion of the West African covid-19 response, President Buhari could offer useful advice and better coordinate fund raising among member states to combat covid-19, and more strategically make funds available from such a common purse to each country according to her need with the poorer nations getting the much support they need at this moment of crisis.

5. The coherence of working together will certainly closely bond the West African neighbours together as they will see more need to work together in united fronts in the area of economy, anti-terrorism and other challenges they have been faced with before the covid-19 invasion.

Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire and Guinea have the highest number of covid-19 cases in West Africa.

Currently Nigeria has official figures standing at 1,273 cases with 40 deaths and 239 recoveries as at 27th of April, 9:25 GMT.

Ghana is on top of the list in West Africa with 1550 cases, Cote d'Ivoire has 1,150 cases while Guinea has recorded 1,094 cases according to WHO, John Hopkins University and nCoV data.

Here Is A Full List Of West African Countries Who Are Members Of ECOWAS.

1. Benin

2. Burkina Faso

3. Cabo Verde

4. Cote d'Ivoire

5. Gambia

6. Ghana

7. Guinea

8. Guinea Bissau

9. Liberia

10. Mali

11. Niger

12. Nigeria

13. Senegal

14. Sierra Leone

15. Togo

It may interest you to know that the entire African continent has recorded 31,977 covid-19 infection cases, 9577 recoveries and 1,425 deaths as at the time of the last update on the 27th of April, 2020, 9:25 GMT to be precise.


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